Monday, January 18, 2010

Semi Beserk Monday

Mondays are always the worst perp Fuckover days when I have stayed at the First Feral Family home Sunday night and have breakfast there. Not only the city bus freakshow when commuting back to downtown, but the litany of gangstalking weirds once I get off the bus and tailing me the three blocks back to my apartment.

But today is a special Fuckover Day, as I recieved my training grant from Service Canada, the dispensary of financial support on behalf of Her Majesty as the agreement reads. Anytime I sign documents is always a big deal, as is when I engage in a financial transaction,- so combined, even a bigger deal. So much so, that they allowed me to go shopping next door at the outdoor sports center, which I had been planning to do in advance of Christmas, but somehow, it never happened. And they even put on the most loathed noise/object of all, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, to drive by for the one minute street time between the grant office and the sports retailer. I had a very specific item to get for my daughter, and was finally allowed to purchase it today. Amazing the insane bullshit that goes down over the smallest of things, this being a delayed Christmas shopping item of less than $10.

And a big wind storm last night, having me go outside and put the plastic tarp over the compost heap to save leaves blowing about. Regular readers will know that composting is a huge deal for the perps, so much so that my operative girlfriend of the 1999 to 2002 days got her Master Composters training. The only consistency I can extract from all of this seems to be that as live cells decompose, or are digested, there seems to be some kind of energetic signature that the sickos are looking for. Why they cannot figure this out from playing with cells in Petri dishes I have no idea, and why they need my involvement is another.

The cessation of cellular life might also be consistent with their morbid preoccupation of the past of arranging circumstances where I thought I was going to meet my maker; street attacks, gunshots in close proximity, stalked with gun toting operatives and poisoned once with tingling feet and hands which was "causing" me to loose feeling there. About ten Percieved Near Death Experiences from 04-2002 to 06-2003; and all realistic at the time, aided by mind-fuck games and preventing rationale analysis.

Other bullshit today has been holding up the Firefox browser for some five minutes, even forcing a reboot as it was so slow. And here I have an Intel Core i7 920 D0 CPU and all the trimmings in the PC, and it has become slower than the PC I got rid of. (Most of the components went into the PC for my mother, and lo, if it didn't run much faster somehow). So while yelling at the assholes to start the browser, why, they did just that, three times today. Plus, they like extra dialog boxes coming up in mid rage as well, having pre-disposed me to this bullshit for the past six months of extra popup and dialog boxes appearing for no need.

The maser and plasma games are also ramped up; as I write this a yellow-pink beam sits under this line, and a whistle sound gets trhough my earmuffs that I am wearing. The forced typos are also significantly more frequent, along with visual perturbances of seeing double momentarily, without the usual excuse of moving my head as if to simulate an image being seen through the edge of my glasses.

I got my fill of TV news last night at the First Feral Family home; almost without saying the earthquake in Haiti and the relief efforts dominated the news. It didn't seem much of a surprise that many other negro stories and images were on the TV as well, and I suppose this fits the perps interest in exposing me to certain racial groups. Also, a half hour on the "Trouble With Africa" author was interesting, though the interviewer avoided the more darker topic of the behaviors that make it such a cesspool for progress. One will have to read the book, as the author has been rebuked by the Politically Correct for writing the things that he has, but those who know Africa, and even Africans, have commended him for being forthright. An interesting aside I suppose, and for some reason this pre-empted 60 Minutes and the published TV schedule, as it came on afterward. As far as I know, this was the first time in over 30 years, save maybe Superbowl and other sports timing conflicts, that 60 Minutes wasn't shown locally at 1900h (7:00 pm). Funny how these things happen, or "happen" if you subscribe to my thesis that every moment of my life is scripted, right down to every dust speck. (Dust specks have been doing strange acrobatics of late; flying upwards, circling in front of me, made of strange threads, and other situational oddities). Bring on the fruit flies.

Another Monday event was to have me "forget" to take the mealtime entre out of the freezer yesterday, which meant that it wasn't thawed in time for lunch. Ergo, emergency rations of sardines on toast, the latter toasted in the frypan in olive oil. Then, perversely (it seems), melted cheese on top when grilling it under the burner in the oven. And to dispense with the lingering aftertaste of the sardines, why, there was coconut for dessert, pared into slices with the cheese slicer that is now rarely used, though it was my mainstay for some 7 months when I lived at the prior residence before finding the grater again when I moved here. As the perps are rabid about which knife or steel edge (e.g. grater) I use to apply to food, or even if I use one at all, (tearing salad leaves instead of cutting them), one can surmise that they are sampling/testing/assaying me having eaten grated cheese from the grater, and then sliced coconut from the cheese slicer in the same meal. It seems that they want to be able to detect the energetic difference by whatever remote methods that they have while I putz here on this interweb for the remainder of the afternoon, save a tea break. (And while they create chirps and chirping siren noise while I type these very words.) This is only one example of the detail that they go into over what and how I prepare and consume my foods, let alone anything else. And we are closing in on eight years of this overt abuse, after 47 years of covert life orchestration. Persistent and patient would be the immediate terms to characterize their style as I have come to know it.

Other Monday nonsense that erupted after lunch, and I wasn't aware that it would be such a big deal, but the reciept from the local college on my evening Oracle database classes came in the mail today, and I copied the dates and times of the classes into my daytimer. Not a big deal, but all manner of noisestalking started up with chirps, sirens, overhead thumps, bus noise, motorcycle noise (had been rare for the last two months until today), Vespa noise and the other culprits while engaging in the pedantic activity of making a notation in my appointment diary. This "happened" last time I did this in October, and somehow I "forgot". Normally, I never forget the games and the circumstances of their fuckery, and yet it has been happening more often of late. Anyone fucking with my memory or my knowlege scares the shit out of me, and I have to deal with this new (since mid-2006) aspect of my life all the more.

More provocations when making and eating dinner in the kitchen and then another round of it when having the usual evening tea time. In the latter, I had to open a new box of teabags, and lo, if they didn't fuck me over that, having the cardboard somehow split laterally to reveal more of the internal grey fibers in contrast to the black and red box coloring. Then the pieces wouldn't come off due to forced finger fumbling, and then when putting all the pieces in the garbage, some defied gravity and stuck to my fingers until I yelled at the assholes and flicked my hand, and I was finally relieved of the item. This same bullshit goes on every day for my dental floss use, and they have even resorted to having the floss "stick" to the side of the toilet in another conventional gravity defying spectacle. Just the usual unusual.

Thankfully most of the beserk intrusions have been elsewhere than online, so I have been relatively free of it apart from the above, save typo fuckery. Enough, and off to post this one.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that the perps seem to have this thing for tornados and flooding (the types that sweeps homes and everything else away with it). It seems there are a good bit of reality show type stories on TV that focus on stormchasers being caught in a tornado or in very close proximity to one. The perps seem big on natural disasters in general. An example is the History Channel and their "life without people" show.

AJH said...

Answer to: 've noticed that the perps seem

The perps do like disasters, if not to juxtapose various objects together that wouldn't ordinarily come into contact. And in the case of floods, they get to do a whole lot of brown water interaction study, given their propensity to test brown colors more than any other. And then the "vortex thing"; there does seem to some scientific study to suggest that the ether (if you believe in it), is a constant matrix of vortices, and having a tornado would add considerable vortices into their test/assay studies. I have seen small wind/dust vortices, only 2' to 4' wide originate in what I thought was a sheletered area, all to have some brown leaves circulating in my proximity.

Another aspect to disasters like tornados is the perps interest in building/outside interaction, evidenced by the intense gangstalking I get each time I egress a building. Busting a house open in a tornado might be an attempt to augment their knowledge of building/outside interaction by having the house blow apart. They have rebuilt extant houses around me, stripping them down to the bare boards and then resheathing and rebuilding the walls. Disasters are a big topic/event and there is likely a whole lot more to them than it seems. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I do seem to get "Dust Devils" (little mini-tornados at ground level) more often than usual. I could be walking down the street, and in the corner between two buildings, I'd see a pile of leaves swirling around in a mini-cyclone. I have seen dust devils long before they got overt on me, but since they became overt, I've noticed a lot more of these.

About the flooding: they love to show footage where people are climbing on top of their homes during a massive flood. It's like their house is a big boat, if I recall, and they make sure they include a frightened victim on the roof clinging on to life.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do seem to get...

All these incidental weather and environment events get extra play time when the assholes go overt on a victim/subject. I get the "mini-wind", one that blows in a 4' radius around me when all is calm elsewhere, no tree leaves fluttering even. And as the gangstalker comes toward me, they enter the mini-wind zone, and their hair flies up, encountering my customized wind zone.

The flooding tragedies are more in the news now, as there are so many all over the world, and ostensibly from climate warming. (Or "global burning" as it was called in one Camelot interview). What the perps get out of having us see these events isn't clear to me, but since they like to stage smaller events, like staging some gangstalker bumping his head on the low roofed bus immediately in front of me, I assume the larger flooding events will also incurr empathy, a emotional state they continue to noisestalk me over. Thanks for the comments.