Monday, January 25, 2010

No Sabbath for TI's

A later start for today's reportage, but it is a Sunday, and a First Feral Family visit. As one might discern, I am not staying the First Feral Family home tonight as I wanted more study time for my Oracle DBA course, feeling hoplessly behind after two classes, albeit one being an all day (yesterday) class. But it is quite clear to me that my attentiveness is getting manipulated and strange things come to mind that shouldn't. At any rate, they wil only allow me an hour maximum to study, and then jerk me around for much of the day. A two study session day was planned, with only one and a half achieved, hence this blog posting.

The assholes got me riled up in the morning with a number of gratuitous jerkarounds; flipping a coin out of my cupped hand, moving items like my dinner plate that should not be moving as there was no applied pressure on it in any direction, wobbling a 12" diam. dinner plate with a flat base on a flat table (now an almost every meal time event), flicking coffee so that a drop magically lands nearby on the stove top, having s liquid drop of jam some be created and then arrive on the plate adjacent to the bread slice (when the jam is entirely in a stiff jelly form, so where did the liquid component come from?), and among other things, arranging for the gluten bread slice to be over 1/2" thick when it is normally 3/8" or less. Their fucking around with bread slices has been going on every day for at least two months; sometimes the slice is inordinantly thin, say 1/8", thick like today, and even partially wedge shaped with a variable thickness. I have seen bread slicer machines work, and they don't make any mistakes, the cutting blades are all set the same distance apart. This same brand of gluten free bread has been used for some 6 years now, and it is only recently that this variable slice thickness bullshit started up.

Anyhow, at least 12 screaming rage-ifications this morning, and at least twice as many other stunts which didn't get the same "response". It is fucking tiresome that one isn't allowed to even turn a page, type a single alphabetic letter on this keyboard or any other trivial event without being subjected to this remotely applied and capricious dithering fuckery. And it get worse for the rest of the day.

I will likely roll this into a Monday blog posting, as the gory details have been somehow "forgotten" and are written up in my handwritten journal. I save the blow by blow jerkarounds and abuse to be journaled on paper and collate stories of the day for this blog posting, lest it get too pedantic, more than it is already, though no one has told me this.

Other bullshit this morning was doing the laundry, always a big Fuckover scene. It was bedsheets and towels today, and it went reasonably well, no major hassles, save having sufficient planted adversity to scream at them at least once when they somehow arranged me to be standing on the end of the sheet I wanted to move, and "somehow" I didn't know that I was standing on it. I am acutely aware of everything I stand on and near my feet on account of this unrelenting insane abuse, but somehow, the corner of the sheet got under my foot (telportation IMHO) and I did not feel it there (remotely applied specific neural dithering IMHO).

So much for attempting to get more study time on a Monday and staying back at this apartment. A work colleague phoned and asked if I wanted to go hiking up Mt. Douglas, and so I acquiesced. I had already studied some, but not to the level that I wanted, but it was obvious that I was getting cognitively dithered, so what can a TI do? Go to somewhere remote, like for a hike where there are lesser numbers of gangstalkers out.

The sickos had already enraged me plenty at breakfast as they kept interfering with my vision; these sudden vision degradation atttacks cannot be resolved by shaking my head like they used to, so the next escalation of screaming at the assholes still works. At breakfast they forced a piss after getting the cereal prepared to eat, and attacked my vision while taking a piss in the bathroom. Then when seated, they attacked my vision again as I was about  to eat my cereal, and then again when the first mouthful of the brown cereal and the white milk and the off-white hemp seed that I add. Ergo, more screaming at the assholes, and almost invariably there is other outside vehicle noises readied for the next round of screaming at them. Other coincident noises when being rage-ified are the sound of water running in the pipes, clunking from the faux neighbors or when I am running water in the sink. This is like getting to the "bad old days" of 2003 to 08-2006 when they would pull this shit and made it up that the neighbors complained. That there were no neighbors as far as I could tell was never recalled when dealing with the management. So far, knock on wood, no complaints from faux neighbors, but one never knows when they are going to change up the game to force me on to some harassment/abuse conducive location. And I never seem to be able to be allowed to get the subsidized housing rate of only one third of one's income as the rent maximum; it would be nice if they allowed me to save a hundred or so each month instead of going $200 to $400 in the hole and then righting the finances with summer jobs.

I was out on the hike thanks to my work colleague, and he tells me that the worksite is getting whacked again with layoffs. As it "happened" he met a few mutual colleagues by chance in the street, and he tells me that one of them died. I don't believe this for a minute, as it was the same guy who was gangstalking me in 2003 when he was supposedly retired, and then again in likeness of body size and comportment but not facially the same. So it would appear this one has the best cover story of them all, that he met his maker. And the perps always like to noisestalk me or otherwise abuse me in the form of facial maser strikes, faux jabs to the hands, nipples or face or other imposed phenomenon like forced farts whenever the word "died", "death" and the rest that mean the same thing. What exactly is so potent about this concept that the assholes need to hound me over without having the gumption to present themselves in person? That is over 7.5 years of hounding now, and isn't the only topic of interest to them. Enough on this one as I supect I am feeding the beast.

I thought I was going to have an idle shut-in day today, but instead, I got taken out for a local hike. I got fucked into taking my city walking shoes "thinking" that we were going to hike the road to the top as it is usually closed in the winter. But lo, it was the 50% or more steep climb up from the forested area into rocky area with soil and rubble, and then onto the bald rock. Given the amount of detailed effort the perps apply to my footwear, and making sure I am wearing the wrong ones for me, and then packing the soles full of soil as I find out on my return, I am quite sure the footwear fuckery proceeded according to plan. The next round is to make sure the soil laden soles don't dump on my floor when I go out next, likely when the soil has dried. They have already dumped a few wet soil samples on the carpet, and might be holding off when it gets dried. Such are the concerns of TI's and this deluge of minutiae that we get stiffed with over the embedded habit of our tormentors who won't front for themselves. Fucking bizarre.

A zapping and then a significant single tapping sound that decayed as if I had no hearing protection earmuffs on. I was reading about "free" energy at the time; must be someone else interested too.

And I see that new games are afoot with  not showing the cursor location on this here display screen; blanking it out so it is nowhere, delaying its display so at least five seconds passes by before it re-appears after a direction control key is pressed and so it goes. It is not unlike the "Wish List" button on Amazon that is perennially missing, but if I move the cursor with the mouse over to where it should be, and wait for the little hand symbol, why, I can add another book onto the massive booklist that I already have. Most of the books were wish listed in studying the goings on with harassment, abuse and unusual energy theories. My sum total of the body of reading that one will need to get a handle on all this insane bullshit, and to further identify what else might be related to all of this. Anyhow, it is one of those "covet lists" that the sickos like me to keep along with the 50k of bookmarks that replicates this same unobtainable goal; to understand what the fuckers are doing to me and what their methods are. You can be sure I will be the last to know, wish list or not, even if a sugar daddy bought me all of them. It is clear to me that the sickos put a strong emphasis on what I know, and what I don't and arrange overheard or nearby discussion for me to be lapsing in and out of cognition as to what is being said. One of the acronyms at the first Oracle class last week got dropped at least a dozen times, and when I looked it up later it really didn't have anything to do with the class content. Another one of those "keep me stupid" games the assholes play.

Other games I noticed when I was out hiking that the assholes pulled recall purging, blipped me so I couldn't pronounce some familiar words like I ordinarily do, and had me extra chatty. I was lead into the conversation about whistleblowers, and then into .... name, who brings the issue of DU weapons being used in Iraq and Afganistan. I somehow recalled the word "pyroclastic" but got totally fucked out of knowing what DU meant; Depleted Uranium. And somehow I got fucked into "thinking" it was Deuterium something, which was totally wrong. And to the asshole who organized this little mindfuck and stuck it on me, I won't settle for anything less than taking a bat to your head and attempting a home run. Any fucker who messed or messes with my knowledge and cognition and any other hard won capabilities I might have, also deserves nothing less.

A new torture jerkaround last night, and is getting repeated in short doses today; disregulating my thermal control, making it seem that I am getting a flu virus, the usual cover story for this kind of bullshit. But no flu today, and a repeat when I got back in the afternoon. So... count this up for another trick in the methods bag, how to screw someone by faking flu onset symptoms. I once got killer flus that seemed to come from nowhere, sometimes two weeks apart. Then when all this insane abuse started up I was healthy, and haven't had one since 04-2002, knock on wood, an amazing streak of health which I suspect has more to do with the Fuckover agenda than it does with any kind of empathy from the Fuckover Force.

Enough reportage tonight, and on with another dream invasion. They have been more active on this front, back to back nights of recalled dreams, one blogged about last post. Doubtless this is a rich field that invites replaying this abusive bullshit (mostly) in the subconscious mind where they can compare the neural energetic response to that of real life. And don't ask me why the meat aerials "happen" all night, nearly every night, which is another topic of insane life sabotage that I won't get into.

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