Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chatting Asians Outside My Door

I don't know what the excitement is about, but within a minute the Asian chat group started up outside my door (R> side), the clicking earmuffs were removed by me, and the outside street hollaring started up (L. side). Maybe it was the web page I was reading that brought on these confluences of noise and activity.

Other perp excitement today was having me attend a meeting for 1hr. 40min. to get my training  funding application initiated, this being the final work meeting. At about 1hr. 30min. I had to leave the office of the employment counsellor to take a pee, and within five minutes she did too, and it was arranged that I sit in her chair in her absence and read her online document that was apurtenant to the application. Pee testing immediately after or before sitting in her chair it would seem to me. Anyhow, she is going to support the application, unlike the last employment counsellor who lacked the jam to back me. Mind you, the doctor also contributed his approval letter this time, unlike the last, and so I might be fated to get the training monies.

The usual litany of suspects/gangstalker acts on the way to my appointment this morning; breadstalking on there way there, more redi-mix concrete delivery trucks were rolling into place within10' and swarms of Fuckwits were out at 0850h, so it must of been a big deal this meeting. I get the tip off with the number of gangstalkers on me when I step outside.

And another (similar to yesterday) manhole job at the corner adjacent to the building I entered, and still there when I got out after my meeting, this time with additional three MIO (Men In Orange (overalls)) standing around. The same deal as yesterday, sending an flexible orange pipe down the manhole from a large spool. One cannot know where the pipe is going of course, but I wouldn't doubt if it was underfoot. Thankfully no puke brown service vehicle supplying the hoseline. They cannot get gangstalkers over or crossing my tracks soon enough, either in vehicular or ambulatory form, so I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't placing objects underneath me when out in public.

Other perp excitement might be over the fact that I used a new razor blade insert to shave my face and a full frontal body shave as well. Yesterday's approximately 25 bloody hackings were nominally from the razor blade, even if none of them were nicks or of apparent causal by me, and so I play the game and put a new razor in. But I wasn't allowed to escape blood free as one ovoid lesion (missing skin) erupted from no apparent cause. These hackings, which are rarely associated with actual razor blade usage, often erupt on days when I am headed out. The sickos were heavy on the enragement provocations while shaving this morning, so I would not doubt that there was some kind of interest due to using a new razor blade insert.

Yesterday it was getting my haircut and the gangstalker swarms on my way back, and today's swarms my have been related to the new razor blade insert usage. This was a mid-grey colored one, and there was a surfeit (at least four) mid-grey parked vehicles outside my apartment building.

Another screaming rage show over my internet connection being down. Resetting the modem didn't work, and only when I phoned the ISP was I then reminded that the router should also be reset by pulling the power cord on it. The sickos pulled this stunt twice in a week when at my mother's place last month, so I should know how to fix these imposed glitches, but somehow "forgot".

Exotic weapons that actually exist.   Though I think the perps have ones that we cannot concieve of because they use technology that hasn't made it into the physics books yet, and won't. They drilled me with head pains for the first 8 months of overt abuse, and I could always block it or run from it at first, and then they tightened up the pursuit, and were also able to deliver it past my blocking arms. In hindsight, they probably knew exactly how much pain was being delivered as they could sense it in the brain.

But how they could target me so accurately was a mystery and still is. My supposed dementia addled father back in 2003, said "maybe the magnets are in your head" when I complained to him about the magnetic field around me, as measured then. Not bad for a duffer, giving me a clue like that, and then he clammed up and went back into dementia land.

One interesting factoid I learned today was that the CPP Disability that I am on is difficult to get. And I also learned from my employment counsellor this morning that if I write them and say I am not disabled and that it is all a huge mistake, they would likely cut me off. Better that I not contact them, though I am sure it will come to pass in 2010 that they will be contacting me, as I likely earned too much to be considered disabled. We shall see what the scam is going down on this one, and whether I will be launched into working in similar jobs that I had when they went overt/beserk in 04-2002. For now at least, it seems important for the assholes that I sit around and do web surfing. As mentioned before, it seems that the color of the insulators on the wires to my PC, both AC and network, are of interest to them, and with this new (as of 11-2009) motherboard in my PC, that may need more research on their part.

From my clean up of my saved bookmarks, and for those with a scientific bent as to how they are gettiing harassed, and why they might be "pit-lamped", (placed in a light beam, e.g. headlights aimed at them), here is a link to a paper that describes nanoparticle electromagnetism and light interactions.

It isn't enough to have a massacre it seems, the Virgina Tech event that was so tragic. Not enough for the sickos, so they arrange a beheading as well. Freaking bizarre.

A substantial list on papers on mind control and like technologies is at this link. It would take some effort to acquire all these papers, as this is not a linked list.

Enough random acts for the cause and time to post this one.

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