Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doldrums Day Then Gardening Day + 01-17-2010 Update

Jan 15-2010
A shut-in day, where the deal is to go online and web surf, including launching into pointless searches that have already been done some months ago and not be allowed to recall that until most of the way through. An internet radio as an 5.25" bay insert on a PC was the latest product to look for, but wasn't to be found, just like last time. An Antec Multimedia Elite player comes with a remote control, and looks to be the same as a Soundgraph/iMON bay insert. Not quite an internet radio, though the assholes tell me that it could be converted to one in addition to its other features. Whatever. The number of things that are planted in mind and yet don't come to fruition probably number some 100 to 1. All manner of excuses "come to mind" (are planted), and not to mention the newer capabilities of not recalling at all. And even with having a list, somehow my vision just skips over the item I wanted to find.

Jan 16-2010
A resounding rage-ified breakfast time, as I was using the peanut butter from the fridge for the first time in some six weeks, returning to my long standing staple at breakfast for the past 7 years. Yesterday I opened the peanut butter jar as it had been stored in the cupboard with the coconut butter that ran out two days ago. (Coconut butter gets stored at room temperature as it is hard, and therefore there is no point in putting it in the fridge, unlike peanut butter). The six week run with coconut butter was nice, as it is sweet and has pleasant mouth feel and flavors. Now, back to peanut butter at breakfast, the affordable protein source that so interests the sickos, especially this morning. And when putting the deep red jam on top, why even more jerking around with the knife to piss me off all the more. As the perps just love to arrange the food in my mouth for their color games, getting back to the usual breakfast diet was interesting for them. For me; just leave me the fuck alone, I don't need to be anyone's slave or subject. Nor do I care for the extra noise whenever I take in a mouthful of peanut butter and jam on my gluten free bread. Go rape your own stooges and feed them every fucking permutation and combination of nut butters, jam and bread.

Another major Fuck up the perps tell me about is that they don't have any other subjects that lived in the same places and times that I did. That goes back to being born in Victoria in 1954, then visiting the UK in 1956, living in Montreal for a year, then back across Canada to Victoria for a year, then back to Montreal for a year, then back to Victoria on a permanent basis. And as one's bone mineralization changes according to the local water supply in their formative years, why, I have a unique combination (apparently) that no end of Montreal born individuals don't have (entirely), and nor that of Victoria born and raised individuals. Hence, getting Montreal born and raised gangstalkers (one woman at yoga for sure), and then those long term residents of this city, Victoria.

One of my former next door neighbors was born within five days of me in the same hospital in this city, and she was a hair stylist who ran her business from her house. She cut my hair for all the 8 years we lived at the house, so I suppose this must of been arranged as well. Anyhow, I have fond memories of the neighbor, and it was long before this harassment came to bear.

I was at my in-town brother's place today, a break in the weather encouraged me to get outside and continue the garden maintenance tasks that he seems to be so disinterested in. On with plum tree pruning today, and using the telescopic pruner to get at the high branches. And lo, if I didn't have some back luck such that it got hung up in the tree, and the telescopic feature came loose and it could not be pulled down. So, up the tree to get it down, and while up there, take on the pruning with secateurs, and getting it done a whole lot faster than a pole pruner. Given the sicko's interest in me when engaging in plant cutting and pruning, I am sure that being up in the tree and standing on the branches was doubly interesting. And it was at that point my brother took on pruning/removing large branches from his oversized pine tree that is pushing out the retaining walls that contain its root system. Call it "dual pruning", both brothers up in trees at the same time undertaking branch loping activities. I suppose this was all in the cause of whatever they are after by way of hounding my ass all the time. Concurrently, there was plenty of dog barking noise, hot rod noise, overhead aircraft noise, neighbor door closing noise, seagull noise and a few others that I missed at the time.

More web surfing of the Antec Veris Multimedia Station Elite/Premier home theater 5.25" bay insert devices. I even emailed the Soundgraph OEM people to see if they will also add an internet radio station feed. Why the perps have me send emails to busineses all to get some standardized blow-off response is beyond me, but it won't be the first time, as this "habit" goes back decades. Related to this, is having those whom I converse with do the same thing; I raise a legitimate concern/issue/arguement and I get blown off. I don't get it.

Enough for a posting as the sirens start up.

Jan. 17, 2010
An add-on update; another rousing rage-ification arranged before, during and after the breakfast time event, Day 2 of Eating Peanut Butter After a Six Week Hiatus of Coconut Butter Substitution. They started with a forced "forget" of turning on the burner after the filled kettle was put on, something I do everytime, 3x per day, and any other time I need to boil water, and somehow I "forgot". That was a piss-off enough, but they had to follow it with faked touches, crumb inundation, pulling the bread from my fingers while reaching in the plastic bag, flicking boiled water around and on the stove top, pissing with the knife to thwart me cleaning it off before putting it in the jam after it being used in the peanut butter (something they fuck with nearly every time), and extra noises to get me further annoyed.

Then more games in the bathroom; extra noise, bloody lesions from no ostensible cause while shaving (not nicks, but ovoid skin removals), faked touches, extra noise and extra water splattering mess.

And for a third round, they went and disrupted the internet connection, forced a pee in mid diagnosis, and then with a new window up, I get a phone call from my mother about today's plans around visiting the First Feral Family. Still no resolution with the router power being pulled temporarily to force a reset, and finally I give up and shut the PC down and have an early lunch.

And as you can tell, the internet connection is working again, just another of the myriad of "glitches" that continues to plague me on a orchestrated and coordinated basis.

As before, the significance of the phone calls seems to be that a live person talking on a EMF device (microphone and earpiece) next to one's head offers great remote mind control research opportunity for the the perps, as they also keep me in a densified magnetic field, measured at 1600 Gauss in 2009, as well as the constant swirling of masers and plasma beam flashes to remind me, should I "forget".


Anonymous said...

You may enjoy this link

it explains a bit about how they use sound waves radio waves scalar tech to harass us

AJH said...

Answer to: You may enjoy this link...

Interesting; I haven't read it all, but the UK connection to this nonconsensual human experimentation and abuse has some connection to me, as my parents are both from the UK, and I was born in Canada. Thanks for the comments.