Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Copy, Backup and Like Vexation

All kinds of uncharacteristic PC behavior, especially around manually backing up. I am not allowed to do Copy and Paste in the Windows File Manager, as it converts it to a bookmark instead of a copy. The fucking Mozy backup was ran all night last night and didn't complete for some reason. This PC is running slower and doing CHKDSK (Check Disk) on start up, twice today and once yesterday, which I am told, may mean something is wrong with the hard drive. Which wouldn't be too surprising as they took out the hard drives (two at once) three years ago, and only three months afterward in January 2007. So here we are exactly three years later, both system builds timed within a week of each other 2006 and 2009, and now this hard drive is acting flakey on the same schedule. Even system experts ask me how two hard drives of dissimilar make and vintage failed both at once, and I tell them I don't know. Even the redundant arrays, RAIDs for short, don't provide for this unlikely possibility.

And as part of the show, the outside noises have ramped up while I am putzing around manually backing up. The metal bashing (parking lot gate installation below), tapping (no discernable cause), chirping (no discernable cause), back up beepers, loud mufflers, air pressure release noise all from the outside, and the ongoing nonstop elevator groaning from the inside.

The timing is also interesting compared to the November PC build; the Oracle SQL course had started three weeks before the PC build, a week's PC hiatus. In two days time, the Oracle DBA course starts and I get a flakey system. Not identical timing though they like to work me over from one PC to another, and there will be a full Jan. 23 Saturday course as well.

Don't be surprised if this doesn't get posted for a while is what I am saying.

I am back from a brief appointment with the employment counsellor; I had to give her the reciept for the Oracle course tuition for faxing, which starts the money granting for reinbursement. I had my posse of weirds around me, as well as a motorized wheelchair tailing me, then passing me, then slowing up so I pass him, and then lo, if he didn't tail me again, this time keeping back for some strange reason. Then more swarm games with Fuckwits wearing brown before getting in the building, and upstairs to my appointment, this time without the crowd. All was arranged, and I signed the documents to say that I would adhere to the "Job Action Plan", and then I set off for the local supermarket. One sidewalk was shutdown due to construction, and two waddling male workers made sure to get in front of me for 50' of remaining sidewalk, and lo, if the one good sidewalk wasn't also ripped up further ahead, with a concrete truck parked broadside. So.., I was prepared to cross the one way three lane street that was constricted to one lane, when the flagman spotted me to indicate that I should walk to where he pointed, as there was a small opening in front of the concrete redi-mix truck. So I did, as would everyone else in the same circumstances, knowing that the perps are totally beserk over having me exposed to concrete in all its forms; soft, newly hardened and all ages to very old. The fact that it contains limestone, as does our bones, must make it an interesting task to remotely assay, which is what the insane abuse agenda seems to be about, among other things. Mere 100% mind control is not enough.

Another screaming match in response to the provocations like not allowing me to turn the bathroom light off and having my hand miss the lightswitch altogether. And for annoyance as the assholes fuck with this PC to have the dumbshit desktop get more face time while Firefox goes off to Never-Never land. Another one finger salute to Microsoft, the off button, and then turn it on. Where would we be without that? Which makes me wonder if the sickos didn't pollute Windows so it is more fuckable by remote means. The whole Windows success and marketshare capture always befuddled me as to how something so clunky and unintuitive could sell as many licences as they have.

Going back to 1991 and starting work with the Ministry of Forests always made me wonder the embraced the PC/Windows platform prematurely. The IT people wouldn't let us "power users" get the then fast UNIX boxes, but instead foisted Windows 3.1 on us even if it couldn't run what was needed. They just blindly kept pushing Windows when it was totally inadequate back then, and didn't offer any research or analysis as to why. I had just finished up at BCIT using the very fast Sun UNIX machines, and so it was the most infuriating of times, and in hindsight maybe they knew something I didn't; that the Fuckover Force told them, and not to entertain more appropriate architectures as Windows was going to be IT in the coming years. A number of the IT people were filling their boots with Microsoft shares at the time, and must of cleaned up if they didn't sell too early. Interestiing to speculate if nothing else; who knew what when, and how much did the Fuckover Force divulge their longer term plans, assuming this was the case?

More laundry sabotage today; the remaining white shirt of the three I purchased in October got trashed with lint from the navy blue bath towel that never, ever linted. Then suddenly it does and pastes small blue pills all over it. It was washed again, the usual ameliorative "treatment", but the pilling stayed. Now, all three of those shirts have been fucked with and pilled beyond acceptable limits. For now, the only shirt colors they want me in are navy blue and black. And it is minor hell trying to find a low cost decent stretch cotton shirt, one that won't pill. Needless to say I am totally pissed as it cost over $40 by the time I got them delivered here. Web ordering is a total crapshoot for clothes, and the sickos make sure I don't come out on top.

Some very strange (and planted, IMHO) dreams last night that were highly technical, the hallmark of a planted experience as this never occured before the life rape began in 04-2002. I was being electrified, but as trained person and supposedly in an overseen training environment. There were various formal stages too, and one would graduate from one to the next, as some kind of badge of honor as one could take on more advanced work at a higher electrification (energization) state. It was all too bizarre, and the perps have been able to keep me in these dreams now, (since ~2007), when I had some kind of self "bail out" circuit breaker and wake up to remove myself from it. Not any more, they can keep me in any bizarre scenario they want for as long as they want. Not a good thing to have that power over someone.

Another screaming session with the assholes as they wouldn't let me create a folder in the Bookmarks, having cognitively fucked me into thinking it was folder when I had (they did in fact) selected a bookmark. They screw you to rile you up, and then screw you again in being allowed to know the cognitive fuckery they engaged to create the rage-ified scenario  in the first place, inciting more rage. It is fucking outrageous that I am not allowed to access my own (hard won, learning disabilities) cognitive abilities, even basic recall of what I selected for a Windows Copy for example.

Another round of fucking this Blogspot Paste function, spawning yet more irritibility. Not allowed to spell either it looks like.

A new-to-me TI, Whatsyrproblemtelecom Weblog. No posting since November 2009 though, hard to say what is going on, but the perps like to cycle gangstalkers and other shills down south, and have them later arranged in my proximity once they return. The fucking doctor criminal did this after he illegally incarcerated me in 2003, no doubt his month long trip to New Zealand was paid for by another party. He was the clinical king pin in kicking off this abusive depravity, and surely he must of taken something from the assholes. He also got a new job two years later, but he did say that I was "persecuted", no doubt arranged as well. Its not like he rescinded my disability status or anything vital.

The typos are getting extreme; time to post this and forget about any more blogging for now.

I cannot resist; a link to the work of Dr. Ruth Drown who developed Radionics microscopes of such a resolution that can only be attained by higly specialized instruments today, some 80 years later. She came to understand from her mentors that there were etheric life energies, and with her highly capable photographic and mechanical skills, she took microphotographs with her radionics equipment that were astounding, even now. That she was pilloried and decried for decades by the medical status quo, most of whom never met her or studied her equipment or papers, is both unforgivable, and draws a bleak picture even now.

More fascinating reading; Bioelectromagnetic Healing by Thomas Valone. Reading about Rife, Frederik Strong, Ruth Down and others that Valone mentions seems to make it fundamentally clear that efficacy of treatment is not the first clinical priority. The electromagnetic healing research of over 120 years ago would of meant that cancer could of been beaten long ago, and not an money pit of tedious research that it is today. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler is another researcher whose successful methods didn't meet the prescribed orthodoxical constraints of the day.

One more time; posting this now.


Anonymous said...

Microsoft had a few shills of their own, as did IBM. Supposedly MS paid shills to post in various forums, touting Windows NT's alleged superiority to UNIX and unix variants (such as Linux). MS had a good marketing campaign; they were claiming NT was a better UNIX than UNIX, as NT was POSIX compliant. Big deal for MS there.

I tend to shy away from Microsoft-produced products, such as Internet Explorer, which I would not trust, even as MS has said they made the thing very secure recently. Now as for MS-developed technologies, such as C# and .NET, I don't really have any beefs with those, other than they seem to copy Java a little too much. And perhaps the deal with .NET is they want to eradicate Java on Windows. The obvious tactic MS used was to ship an extremely outdated version of OpenGL on the latest Windows, hoping to encourage programmers to use DirectX instead of something actually OPEN and cross-platform such as OpenGL. MS is very good at Vendor-locking their tech. C#/.NET is an open-standard, and is portable to other platforms, which is why I'm open to it. Visual Studio and Microsoft Office seems to have far too much bloat. When I use MS Office, I think of information overload, as the interface is far too craptastic with bells and whistles, and it's difficult to find anything. It's also significantly overpriced, as is a lot of the MS products, and after a while, I came to the conclusion that I'd rather use LaTeX for doing even simple stuff. Try to do equations in MS Office: it really sucks for stuff like that (IMO). I tried to write up Math assignments in Office, but didn't like the results. Office just blows, IMO.

AJH said...

Answer to: Microsoft had a few shills of their own...

I seem to run into usability problems with Microsoft products more. One of my former systems analysts said that no one works harder than Microsoft to ensure "client capture" by way of exclusive technologies. I tend to agree, and that supports your contention too. I have never used LaTex, but it seems to have been built from the ground up, and isn't "shoehorning" capabilities to make it fit. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I use Open Office a lot, too, when I need to submit something in a "standard" Office 2007 format. To me, MS Office has a very bizarre layout; it seems the menu/toolbar with all the tabs and icons is plain overkill. Word 2.0a was very good, as was the equation editor. But starting with Word 6.0, I've noticed Word was transforming into the bloated pile of steaming dog poop we know it as today. I try to use alternatives to Open Office whenever possible, but at least O-O is free. Word is plain overpriced and is not very usable. The only thing Word/office has going for it is Vendor Lock with the Word format that a lot of recruiters/hr dept. managers want resumes submitted in.

AJH said...

Answer to: Actually, I use Open Office...

I do too, but end up with variants that don't exactly convert as I want them, the source of all manner of perp interest and fuckery as I convert bullet points to tabs etc. Excel is excellent, and might remain the one leveraging application that keeps MS in the corporate desktop space. It is all rather unpredictable; who would of thought that Linux would be so popular for corporate servers, the O/S that is free? Thanks for the comments.