Thursday, January 07, 2010

One Thorny Question

I have an appointment with my employment case manager in 30 minutes when I thought I had finished up the training grant application with her yesterday. But in this "do-it-again' world I have imposed upon me, lo, if she didn't phone me back late yesterday to say there was a further application form I had to fill out. So...., I get to visit her again, and as it is Thursday, I had my yoga earlier and feel limber. But as the sickos devote so much effort to gangstalking me after yoga, I am sure they have a plan for the timing of these post-yoga events. All that spine stretching and twisting is a big payday for them it seems, as plenty of public gangstalkers are also doing stretching and spine twisting in the street; e.g. bend-overs, looking over their shoulders at nothing, pointing their arms as if giving directions to someone, and other absurd set ups.

But the thorniest question of the application form is: "how does this physical or mental impairment restrict your ability to perform daily tasks?"

Last time I wrote:
"Constant adversity in doing normal things; snagging, slipping, and sticking of clothing, papers, fingers etc. as if extra-conventional gravitic abuse was applied by remote means in real-time and by the aid of total and abidding surveillance. A huge increase of forced typos in excess of normal since this disability began, and it still continues 7.5 years later. Also, being jabbed, pinched, struck and hit by objects that were, at best, proximate and were not causal as no contact was observed."
I wonder what I should put this time, as I am stumped (har, har), and it seems that I am getting dithered in putting a reasonable reply together. I will need to get the employment counsellor's help on this one, as she said not to put anything too "out there" (freaky, as in reality perturbing) in the application. Onto to the case manager meeting.

But, a sudden intervening phone call for me to deal with before I could log off; a survey from the Disabilities Resource center which I had to put off until tomorrow. Maybe I should of asked them; how does one describe the condtion of being "disabled" by forced and constant imposition with real-time extra-conventional gravitic forces applied from a distance without freaking out the reader?

I saw the employment counsellor, and she suggested that I borrow something from the last application to put into my reply as to how these impairments affect my daily activities.
"has constant adversity in doing normal things and experiences persecution".
Tame enough, and accurate too, just no finger pointing as who in the fuck is doing this to me.

After I finished up at the employment counsellor I set off for a chocolate run, to acquire more as three 100g bars just disappeared somehow. Normally they can now screw me into not noticing, ever since 2007 I reckon, but today they decided to let me in on their theft, and have me work through if it went missing in fact. So... purchased eight on Tuesday, ate three Wednesday and maybe one Tuesday night, so that makes four that were known to be consumed, leaving four that were likely stolen. None left today, a Thursday, and so the planted notions will go on for probably a week about this apparent theft. I don't really give a shit, but the perps just love to have me obsessing over stolen objects. Usually ones they stole, or like me to think they were stolen when they might have been displaced.

One recent example was in mid-December when I had my prior appointment with the employment counsellor, and afterwards I "discovered" that at least six pages were missing. And I am a total nit about paper and where to place them, keep them in order and where they belong. But as papers and a number of things were stolen from my briefcase (for sure, going back to a time when "for sure" could not be planted in mind), the sickos drew my attention to prior likely events. So for a month I figured they were in fact stolen. Yesterday at my appointment, I find out that my employment counsellor had them after all, so they weren't in fact stolen, but misplaced. All resolved, and for the good. What the perps got from this exercise I don't know, but they like to pull it. And they were aided by the fact that they can now dither me while normally being hypervigilant over where the papers go, and collecting them all up which I would of done if not being fucked with, (being a nit again). So, to set that up they defeated my normal cognitive abilities as to which paper went there, but also any recollection of what actually happened. Normally I can retrospectively walk through the events to determine if I had left the paper behind, but somehow, even that ability was defeated as well.

And did I not predict a major gangstalking after the appointment with the employment counsellor? When walking the two blocks from the appointment to the LD store, they were all over me with redi-mix concrete trucks, a double decker bus not on its route, a later double decker bus being towed with its front wheels off the ground, another towed deep grey vehicle, three stopped vehicles in the intersection I was to cross, two police vehicles offet by 90 degree at the same intersection headed different directions, more dudes in white who could walk at my usual breakneck pace (rare), a red dressed wheelchair act posted at the entrance to the LD store and who did not move from her sentry position the whole 10 minutes I was there, four gangstalkers posted over the mouthwash (Stop #1) and then two gangstalkers posted over the chocolate (Stop #2), a female Asian who lead me into a a cluster of four Asian males at the end of the aisle where I turned 90 degrees toward the checkout, and then extra dudes loitering at the checkout with a case lot of pineapple juice. That was the yellow moment it seemed, as there were at least six props/gangstalkers with prominent displays of yellow for the next 150' once I got out of the LD store. Then a pair of them in the apartment lobby door, conveniently opening it just as I had unlocked and was going to grasp it. But they leave me alone to take the elevator up, as normally they keep me "engaged" with a Fuckwit almost to my door.

And after exiting and getting more white panted gangstalkers ahead of me, and more coming at me, they also tagged me with a patch of silvery greyish plasma that kept pace with me. It was a 4 sq. in. irregular patch that sat some 6' in front of me, and stayed in the same vision location the entire time, although flashing and not constantly on. These things perturb me as they would anyone else as they are brighter than anything around, and interfere with one's focus. (The definition of focus is the brightest image). And also, they didn't bother with a putative cause like a "stray" reflection from a vehicle mirror that first  dazzles me and serves as the excuse to be a faux retina burn for the next five minutes.

And no end of sirens today; from breakfast, though all mealtimes, and especially while washing the dishes, and even now as I type this, hammering the noise through my earmuffs. Obviously a major excitement day today, and it still isn't over.

At least 25 siren cascades today and we still aren't done. I thought that over five in a day is getting silly, but as mentioned before, the putative cause constraint the sickos normally work under is no longer applied.

More putzing with the TI World Consolidated Link List, tweaking a few and adding new ones. Nothing too dramatic or revelatory.

Still more sirens tonight, again through the earmuffs. And even louder ear ringing of late, even as I type this, like a mistuned shortwave radio. Time to post this and hope for some mellow time Friday. Somehow, I don't think it will happen that way, but one never knows.


Anonymous said...

They love to scare me with sirens. When I was out walking about a week ago, a guy driving a snow plow "bleeped" his siren (short burst), but it was very loud and scared the daylights out of me.

Also, interesting that there are two employers wanting to interview me, out-of-state even. I'm wondering if this is one of those jobs the perps "approve" of. I'm starting to wonder if I move out of state and start working those jobs, will I lose them in short order? They are full-time with benefits (supposedly), so I'm wondering why the perps, so bent on keeping me insolvent, would "allow" this. I'm starting to wonder if it's just a ploy to get me to travel out of state just for the sake of experiencing a job interview. This could be part of their "script" they have prepared for me... to have me obtain that job in another state, and some other things will be pre-arranged, no doubt. But I'm willing to accept whatever they 'give' me. Otherwise, I'll be buying a fair amount of books on programming, such as 2d/3d graphics (opengl), as well as the plethora of e-commerce programming types such as Java Servlets, Ruby On Rails, etc. One has to be prepared well in advance as a TI. That's why when I'm making a fair amount of money, I don't dare spend any of it, preparing for that day when the perps possibly screw me out of a job.

I see [mind blanking is occurring here] Sun is offering Java certification courses in Java programming, but they are out of my area and fairly expensive.

AJH said...

Answer to: They love to scare me with sirens...

I don't get too many siren scares, just the steady (4/hour) noise, plus some strange variations of chirps and sudden siren termination, most often in the neighborhood.

Hard to say what the perp motivation is over your job interviews. They like TI's to move around, and re-locate near a new job site. My "warm up" interviews (3 in all) of 1999 to 2000 took me to Kansas City and Seattle, eventually getting a job in nearby Everett, N. of Seattle by 25 mi.

If they let you study programming languages then go for whatever is appropriate and affordable. The ongoing Oracle courses they finally let me take (Oct. to Dec., 2009) are a vexation as they won't let me study more of it home, only some very brief one hour per week. It is a huge source of vexation for me to say the least, though the parent/shill hint is that no Oracle job will surface for me until late 2010. Thanks for the comments.