Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kissing Fat Girls

Yesterday's blog remarked on fat girls arriving among a clutch of dudes, and there were plenty on the city bus today in both directions. But in what seems to be some kind of amelioration of their Unfavored status, why, a fat girl, not unlike the seen yesterday, was in my dream just before getting up, and was leaning over to kiss me. Her hair seemed very authentic and was draped in my face, but I wasn't minding, even reacting positively. With the ex excepted, this is the first time someone from the gangstalking crowd has ever featured in my dreams before. Anyhow, it was most odd in being so vivid and real, as well as referencing a real gangstalker person who I wouldn't know, and am not even attracted to. That's five anomalies in one short dream sequence, and more than enough to tell me that the dream invasion fuckery is getting out of hand.

And it is not that they relented on fat girls today when out at my all day Oracle DBA class, as there were more on the city bus freakshow today in both directions. Not many, perhaps three in total, deferring to the prominent dude show the sickos feel compelled to keep around me.

At the all day computer class it was the encroachment from each side that was more obvious; putting bicycle helmets, red bicycle jackets and other flotsam closer to me as if I were some kind of exotic sampling device.

And the most dedicated motorcycle noisestalking to date this morning. I was wallking W. bound on 700 Fort St. and a large motorcycle with a very resonant muffler was passing by, though by itself it wasn't a big deal, save being odd for 0820h in the morning. I walk 50' S. to the bus shelter, and lo if the motorcycle hadn't circled the block and made another pass, this time in a different cardinal direction, N. bound. Strange that anyone would be lost on a motorcycle as that time in the morning. And within about three minutes, the fucker was coming by again, having circled the block again. Someone must know better than me that I loathe the sound of large Harley Davidson motorcycles, but why are they so persistent with this bullshit? It is exceedingly rare to see large cruising motorcycles at this time of year, January, in the first place. I haven't quite seen anything so blatantly obvious as this before on the vehicular gangstalking side, but some of the ambulatory gangstalking is getting absurd.

The pit lamping crew of two nights ago when I took the city bus to my first class was back again this morning, sitting in the bus lane which they aren't supposed to do, and pretending they were working by sitting in their vehicle on a Saturday morning at 0820h or so. Eventually they moved their oversized service vehicle off, but not before a senseless twit drove their black SUV along the bus stalls when the lane was marked or buses only. The vehicular curb crawl might be known to other TI's, though possibly in different forms, maybe in a solicitation guise.

And just for me it seems in this eco-conscious town, the assholes had at least one third of all the outdoor night time lights on. All manner of buildings kept their mercury vapor or sodium lights on. At the college where I had my all day class, some 16 sodium arc lamps were on at the entrance way all day. It boggles the mind as to how much effort they devote to this insane harassment bullshit, but they are persistent if nothing else.

Just like old times; an overhead ceiling floor whacking with a simultaneous zapping that sent me into a screaming rage. Someone did this right over top of me, and I had been formerly in the kitchen 8' away, cracking the rest of the hazelnuts that is going to become my dinner in a few days once the refried beans get used up. And while in the kitchen I was getting overhead rumbling and thundering, but not a the sudden shock and fry level that got me so enraged. Funny how they know where I am, and funny that they pulled these noises/attacks that they haven't used much in the past year. And all over spending an hour cracking the hazelnuts that were purchased 09-2009, and in fact were a 2008 harvest.

The perps are still having me soak the hazelnuts for a week before eating them, as this seems to be a big deal for them. What it does is change the internal composition of the nut and makes the sugars more availible and lessens the toxins, not unlike malting barley. (Except that they stop the germination and then cook the grain to crystallize the sugars. Anyhow, you can read all about soaking nuts from the raw food folks at this link

Why is it that the font on this Blogspot edit window keep changing? Anyhow, another forced "forget" over turning on the burner with a just-filled kettle of water intended for tea making. I was screamingly infuriated with this stunt as it has been happening about 30% of the time for the past three weeks and I am sick fed up of playing this dumbshit disruption game. They have their "issues" with the red lights on the stove that denote a burner is on, as they do with a similar red light on the power bar for this here PC. The converse is also true, having me "forget" and leave them on, and in the case of the stove, I scream at them if this "happens". Is this some kind of run up to burn the place down, or is it the rambo sickies out of control?

Getting me pissed off was the precursor to reminding me that I needed to head out to the grocery store after tea and chocolate. A crowd of 20 Fuckwit Yobos was hollaring outside, heard through tea time, and lo, if there weren't there on the street when headed to the local supermarket. They were gathered outside a restaurant for whatever reason, presumably in the service of the Fuckwits, as this bullshit has happened before, and been just as obviously staged. In 2002 they pulled this bullshit below my apartment window and it was on private property, and "happened" to be staged when I had a Gaussmeter in hand for the first time, haven just arrived. Later the Fuckwit Herd moved up the street to partially trace my outbound steps, and loiter within 10' of me taking the alternate route to avoid said Herd.

And for once the assholes had only a small crew in the supermarket; a brown skinned native Indian male was hounding me, "showing up" in advance of where I was to be at least twice, as was another male Fuckwit. One has to laugh though, as it would be about the last grocery store a native Indian would shop at, given that it is more high end, and the dearth of them in this neighborhood. Not to indulge in stereotyping too much, but he did look ridiculous while pretend shopping, putting his hand to his chin as if in study mode. I was full of brown chocolate, and that just might have been the reason for the brown skinned gangstalker, but who knows. Me, least of all.

Enough purging my vexations on today's Fuckover Force reportage, and off to post this.

An interesting link (a book, titled Nieper - Conversion of Gravity Field Energy - Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society (1985)), for those that follow the unconventional energy concepts. Illuminating to learn that these inventors and leading thinkers were also hounded by kooks to the point of murder (Moray), suicided before divulging their secrets (Hendershot), and cancered (Bruce de Palma, - not in this book). One interesting aside in this book was Wilheim Reich, who personally contacted Einstein and showed him a 4C degree difference between inside his orgone (free energy) accumulator and outside of it got shafted by Einstein who never talked to him again. As far as I know, Tesla and TT Brown lived to old age, one of the few in what I suspect is a highly managed physics field. More of the conspiracy stuff...

But what I find interesting is that the neutrino bath we live in, is also called the Tachyon Field, and it is assigned gravitational properties. I haven't finished reading the book yet, but it is readable and not theory fraught, where I usually check out, or more like, my tormentors make sure I don't learn theory.


Anonymous said...

You're lucky. In my dream, I was teaching a class. I was sitting down helping the girl to the left of me, an Asian female with a beard like Bruce Springsteen, and some manly features. I found myself wondering why I was sexually attracted to this woman at all, but in my dream, she had me aroused. She had tiny, weak-looking fingers (unfavored on females), which I couldn't help by touching with my left hand a lot. (She had her hand over the book, and I was moving her hand to see the text.) Both she and I seemed to get some sort of enjoyment out of this interaction.

I'm not sure if perps had anything to do with this dream, but I have to wonder how something that would normally gross me out had me all excited. Also, there was something scary later on in that dream, and I woke to find out the perps were fucking with involuntary muscle movements, which registered even in my dreams. I was scared of my bedroom environment upon wakening, and I had to wonder why the perps would want to make me scared of my bedroom? Probably because I was sleeping at night, which is a rarity for me these days, and the perps wanted to make me "afraid of the dark".

My hypothesis is that when I was younger, and many years before they became overt, I had a sexual dream about a hirsute girl, a girl who used to be mean to me in junior high. I suppose the perps "knew about" this dream in the past, and wanted to re-visit that trauma with this dream.

Anonymous said...

In the afternoon following that "hirsute girl" dream, the perps sent in a young girl with short hair, braces, a "girl mustache", glasses, and she was excitedly slurring her words. Her dad was like some weird older guy with a mustache like the guy from OC Choppers, and a big belly, and very unclean looking. He was kind of weird to say the least. He made sure I heard the words "weird" that came out of his mouth, but he was kind of doing that speaking teachnique like other perps do, where they say one thing, and make it sound like another word. I suppose the purpose is:

1.) To be covert, to cover the perps' asses, so they can say oh they really didn't say that. Disguising harassing words inside "innocent words" is a common tactic.

2.) To make me question my sanity.

I'm not sure why they pound me with Unfavored like this, but I started to wonder if it had something to do with Trauma-based Mind Control. I've heard TBMC victims get pounded with more harassment than "regular" gangstalking victims. That seems to be the case. Another reason for the Unfavoreds is so they can harass us mentally so that outsiders whom aren't conditioned to these types won't notice. But to us, it's very clear we are being tormented with these freaks.

Anonymous said...

I was getting stalked by police earlier this afternoon, also. This one cop kept following me all over town. I saw him at the intersection of these two streets, and I could see him intently staring me down. He made sure to notice his face looked really white and pale. Young man, pale face. I'm sure the "connection" is that I am a "paleface", not Native American as I have put on my job apps. Also, I was thinking about the time the perps had this one girl take off her shoe, and make sure I see her pale, weak-looking foot. The perps must know I detest pale, weak-looking feet on women that have no veins, as compared to the "stronger" feet some women have.

Anonymous said...

It appears the science as well as entertainment fields are highly managed by the perps. Obviously the perps want the guys with all the science knowledge working in "their" favor. Same with composers, songwriters, artists, and others connected with arts and entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Of course the a**holes would want to insert themselves into our dreams.

AJH said...

Answer to: You're lucky...

Too funny! I would reckon that they did plant that dream on you, for the reasons you suggested; attempting to re-invoke past traumatizations, and one that they likely spawned/inserted in the first place. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: In the afternoon following...

The perps certainly like to use the same word in widely different contexts. And they do like to pose circumstances that one has to make a decision as to not bringing up the harassment topic even if the words are plainly dropped but in a different context. The sanity check is something that I don't buy, as my education at the hands of the sickos strongly suggests that they could make any TI into a blubbering wreck and make them believe it is an organic conditon. Related to that though, they do like to pose WTF scenarios; where one questions the sanity of the players/operatives in some stunt.

I might have asked this before; have you had any childhood time that you cannot account for, possibly in years long? This is when they like to apply their recall deletion fuckery, thinking at the time it was eliminated from any kind of cognitive registration. (Or that it doesn't matter). Though in fact it hasn't escaped the subconscious, which is why they seem to be hounding me with the freakshow. They are big on white clothed gangstalkers these days, seeming to replicate a clinical situation. (Which they once did, putting a 1950's dressed nurse in front of me once). Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I was getting stalked by police...

I get the stares from the police sometimes, but not always. I don't know if they represent a traumatization personage/situation of the (conscious recall deleted) past or not as most TI's get extra police attention.

Removing shoes is a big deal for the perps as so much of our (Chinese traditional) energy flows out our heels. Which is why they like to take off footwear in public, hang shoes from the powerlines, walk in our tracks with minimal elapsed time difference or even pack gumboots on the bus. Just to think, the "shoe bomber" event now has everyone taking their shoes off at airport security, an unabashed research bonus for the perps IMHO.

I have been getting more strangely head adorned Fuckwits in white hats or white hoods, especially the hoods that conform to one's neck as well. The infernal Winter Olympics torch running uniform that is going on all across Canada in advance of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (nearby) is an example of the "whiteheads" that are on parade more than they usually are. Skin tones also seem to be a problematic research objective for the sickos, and they will alter them in differing tones, sometimes with a bandaid on the Fuckwit's face (or elsewhere) as an unchanging reference color. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: It appears the science...

Science for sure so us mortals find free energy and its destructive potential. I suspect that the entertainment is also highly perp managed to represent things that us humans might be exposed to if we get to know the perp's world. Even music too, as Rachael O's mother "reported" some young bands, as mentioned on a blog posting as I recall. The conspiracy world is a slippery slope for sure, as I have also suspicions about the music world, especially those that get these "glitches" in their recording efforts. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to:

Yes, it allows them to test the neural energetics without being in the conscious state. Testing the energetics of the topics that they are profoundly interested in: war, conflict and insurrection, work and jobs, any of the Unfavoreds that might have traumatization associations incurred with residual subconscious recall and many others.