Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cue Brake Squeal While I Scratch My Nose

The title reads like so many entries in my written journal, the details of what transpires as the imposed "normal" as I am writing. Most TI's will know that itches aren't the random events they once were (or seemed), and arranging screeching tire moments at the instant of my finger applied to the itch isn't by anyone's standard of normalcy. And the fact the noise made it through my earmuffs with astonishing volume and clarity is another of those extra-conventional realities I deal with all day, and every day.

Only some 30 screamings at the assholes by the time I was done the morning routine, from get-up, breakfast and the showering, shaving and dental hygeine in the bathroom. They are a little heavy on the abuse today, setting me off by not allowing me to wipe the peanut butter on the edge of the bread from the knife before putting it in the jam. [Cue overhead poundingx3 as I write this up]. And if I don't like peanut butter mess in my jam, or any other kind of mess, why does this become an unconventional gravitic Fuckover moment every morning and a "consequent" (per, mind-fuck games) extreme rage-ification event? I never had peanut butter not be removable from a knife before, and yet this insane shit of theirs goes down every morning I am here. That was the second rage-ification event of the morning, and then they kept it on trhough out breakfast with their crumb teleportation games, stripping objects from my hands, and other arranged adversities. They are also hammering me with more adverse stunts while shaving to get more rage-ification in parallel.

One of the Fuckover events in the bathroom was arranging a spontaneous bleeding event about one inch below my right eye, just inside my peripherial vision. I had to staunch it twice with a stepic pencil before it would stop bleeding. For the record, there was nothing close, or in contact that would of caused the spontaneous bleeding while I was towelling my legs after the morning's shower. Later, while doing the full frontal shave, they hacked me in at least six places for more bleeding, always an abdominal location for some reason. They are not shaving nicks as there wasn't any causal action, and these bleed sites are ovoid in shape with the skin missing altogether.

Back in 2005-06 they also pulled a spontaneous bleed on the right side of my nose in the evening; it was so horrendous that the steptic pencil wouldn't work (likely sabotage in fact), and I had to pressure it wilth a towel for 15 minutes. Again, the red bloody spot was in my right side peripherial vision. And need I say how often the assholes like to arrange red in my vision?

I don't know what the reason might be; getting me "ready" for going out to my first class of the year maybe. Or did they go beserk because the extra thin last slice of bread in the loaf was consumed. One never knows what sets them off, but I predict a heavy gangstalker flush when on the bus tonight, headed for the class. And if I was to wear my cynic's hat, I would suggest the assholes are "ready" in their perverse way of getting a blood sample, and then some, by way of this strange vehicular accident which happens to be on the bus route to class this evening. Someone drove into a wall without applying their brakes even. Imagine, and no less, bringing the termination abuse into the very city they have so much citizen cooperation from. Talk about soiling your own nest.

Cause of crash that killed Saanich man Wednesday still a mystery
January 21, 2010 1:20 PM
Saanich police auto-crash specialists were on site yesterday trying to recreate the scene of a mysterious single-car accident that killed a 50-year-old man.

Sgt. Julie Fast, Saanich Police spokeswoman, said the accident was first reported shortly before 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday after a car hit a retaining all on Interurban Road near the intersection of Quayle Road.

Fast said witnesses, in a car travelling behind, reported the northbound Toyota left the roadway moved on to the shoulder and without braking or dropping speed simply drove straight into a retaining wall. Prior to the collision the witnesses said the Toyota was simply motoring north without speeding.

Fast said the man driving the car was not wearing a seat belt and that may have been a contributing factor in his death. The man’s name was withheld.

Saanich Firefighter and paramedics were on scene within minutes and cut the man free from the upholstery of the car seat and took him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The investigation continues.
© Copyright (c) The Victoria Times Colonist

And extra noise overhead and tapping noise from outside while selecting/copying/pasting the above in. I would give the link to the newspaper, though I cannot be sure it will work;

And it happened at the very time I will be starting my class tonight; the "coincidence factor" again. So yes, the sickos are totally hyped over me going to my evening class tonight is my educated guess. Lets see if I am correct, as the first class in October, same bus route, had the bus totally packed and it was never that busy for the 2.5 months following.

The overhead pounding, all 12" of floor/ceiling concrete, is still going as I read this interesting article about a lawsuit brought by former military members against the CIA for nonconsensual mind control experiementation. Given the predispositon for atrocities in any given war, I sometimes wonder if isn't a cover for mind control experimentation, and all the abusive scenarios that occur as well. Hmm... the conspiracy notions again. Thanks to the Wise TI for bringing this to my attention.

The tea and chocolate break is over in more than one way; they fractured the chocolate bar into some 30 pieces, many being crumbs. But somehow it all stayed together until the package was opened. Another hint that the sickos are on a rabid streak today.

The tapping noise of no ostensible cause was going on the entire time I was eating chocolate and drinking tea; all those new facets of the extra broken pieces was just too fascinating for them I suppose. They kept up the tapping bullshit while attempting to boot up this PC afterward, as the Window Start box didn't come up and that forced a one finger salute, that is, turning it off an on again. No CHKDSK problems this time, though that stunt may get some extra mileage as they cannot resist putting a two tone blue display in front of me, and all the better with the white text.

Back from my Oracle DBA class, and I was totally ambushed by not even "thinking" about preparing by studying Linux commands. I knew the course was on Linux, and yet the concept of preparedness never was allowed to be entertained. Not even a recall/"forget" fuckaround sequence which is how it usually goes.

I didn't have my expected super flush of gangstalkers on the bus tonight when outbound, as referenced above. They were more into the high rotation games, having the Fuckwits going three stops and getting off and then the boarding passengers sitting in the just-vacated seat with unerring precision. Still the male vagrant show downtown though, with a female vagrant trying to hit me up for change at the bus stop. A powerline repair van came into the bus bay area and proceeded to pit-lamp me with its headlights on. At no time did the van occupants make a move to look like it was streetworks, which would of been absurd at 1750h as it was. Just sit in the van, headlights on, and watch the show unfold in front of me, the numerous Fuckwits that took pains to cross and recross in front of the headlights.

The sickos did rile me up into another screaming rage-ification show before heading out the door, which is par for the course as one's auric energies are much more definite when one is annoyed, so say the folks that can see auras. I had my babe posse ahead of me on the last block when walking to the bus stop. Once in between the two ranks, walking faster, the first rank pulls to the left and then backtracks to then force me off my path to pass by, another adroit piece of timing to be sure. It is fucking absurd to have so many hundreds on the downtown shopping area street at 1750h in this town.

A day of gardening tomorrow, I will shut this one down and post it.

Not over until its over; another screaming rage-ification over the DVD unit somehow "getting stuck", and unable to read the disk that was in it, normally placed in the tray. Obviously pissing me off is paying off in some way and I wish I had a choice in my "reaction".

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