Friday, January 08, 2010

Major Dinginess Today

And why is it so dingey in my apartment today? I should be having the lights on all day, though I don't. I suspect that they want to increase the contrast level between this here LCD panel and the rest of the apartment, as it is consistent with other light and plasmic games.

And a major jerkaround in getting up this morning, at 1020h, a 11.5 hour sleep, totally unheard of in the pre-overt harassment days before 04-2002. This too I suspect is to delay my activities and to have me eating breakfast so late, and then consequent meals along with the above mentioned dingey light games.

And a vacuum cleaner noise stalking since before getting up, covering me into breakfast and suddenly stopping as the last gulp of coffee from the first mug went down. It restarted to cover me shaving, starting exactly when the chest area was completed. And then they put on the vacuum noise louder when I booted up the PC, the EMF kick moment is the source of endless noisestalking as well as plasmic and other abberational phenomenon. All of that vacuum cleaner coverage was over 1.5 hours, and the hallway could of been done inside of 10 minutes. Obviously a big event day, even if shut-in (so far), even if nothing much has happened save the dinge, protracted vacuum cleaner activity and the usual plasmic activity that is now an full time complement to the rest of the imposed goings on.

 A brutal dream last night; I was flying in an aircraft as a passenger and they had the aircraft crash with some passengers, me included, lying in a field. I was even awakened at the end of it, though I don't know if it was me or my dream controllerd responsible for that. Such dreams never happened before 2007, as I had my own "dream bailout" switch that couldn't be overidden by imposed neural control. Since then, the imposed dreams are getting more lurid, detailed and disrupting with no means to excape them.

Plenty of faint vacuum cleaner like noise all afternoon, a seeming auditory extension of the real vacuum cleaner posted in the hallway this morning for over 1.5 hours.

And what is with the bookmarks fuckery-  they won't let subdirectory folders be accessible with the +/- navigator box clicking, but no subdirectories are revealed. This forces an extra step in going to the Bookmark Manager in Firefox and then relocating the bookmark to the folder intended. Such is the grist of the Fuckwits. (They put on clunking, a striated plasma flash and a vision perturbance while typing up the prior sentence).

Some more pointless web surfing over similar web pages from some five or more weeks ago. All the while I was getting pinched in the feet and this infernal restlessnes for no substantive reason. Then they cause momentary vison impairments just to add into the total harassment/abuse scene.

This one is done for today, an exceedingly dull one at that.


Anonymous said...

"I suspect that they want to increase the contrast level between this here LCD panel and the rest of the apartment, as it is consistent with other light and plasmic games.

Classic Gas Lighting??? can,t be any more blatant than that.

AJH said...

Answer to: "I suspect that they want to..."

According to the link, gaslighting is defined as:

"ruthlessly manipulating an individual, for nefarious reasons, into believing something other than the truth"

No one was attempting that, (just me in the apartment all day), but the perps like to render the Unfavoreds in dim lighting conditions to have me only see the minimum of features to then (presumably) simplify just what constitutes the Unfavored; profile, hair color, etc. And also to mix up the rendition of Caucasian skin tones to make them look much darker, even negro skin toned. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Reply from: "I suspect that they want to..."

To me it seems they are manipulating the light level of your display to simulate "gaslighting" you, as in the movie they gaslighted the woman in the movie. just noting.
Good Day to you!

AJH said...

Answer to: Reply from: "I suspect that they want to..."

The light/dark and backlit games have been going on for years, as well as the extra harassment around dusk onset. I find it to be a technical exercise as it would seem they are attempting to separate the percieved color under varying light conditions, especially when an object is backlit, having plenty of light behind it so the actual percieved light (by ones' eyes) is different than the object. They esepecially like to do this in low light conditions at this (winter) time of year, as they can then arrange objects to be seen while facing into the low sun angles. Anything backlit is a big deal for the perps, as the color will be percieved darker than it truly is until it gets closer, and away from the backlit source. I suspect this has to do with the rods and cones in our eyes, and how one is better for brighter conditions, and the other for darker situations, and somehow the brain must swap between the two perception types more actively for a backlit object in daylight conditions. Thanks for the comments.