Friday, January 29, 2010

Coffee Blowout

A total rage-ification event earlier, after the 11 hour sleep and the 1000h get-up, absurdly late, and today, crimping my availible time so to disrupt my normal routine of a full frontal shave, and only my face. No big deal, but as this "happens" so rarely, it must be a big deal as they pulled off the same bullshit yesterday. Off to yoga, and lo, if they didn't start the negro stalkers again. A brown down coated Caucasian dude crosses my path some 15' away walking toward the incoming bus, and as I continued, a negro woman with a child in the stroller was coming toward me, and "happening" to pass by exactly where  the dude just walked which was also at a pinch point of the sidewalk and over top of some rectangular steel manhole covers, possibly a transformer below. Another big brown moment for the fuckers it would seem.

Then at the next block, the negro woman who sometime attends the yoga class was there, stopping in mid sidewalk for me to pass her by while she was lighting up a cigarette. Then some games at the facility as the usual room was locked, and having the staff open it up when it has been faithfully opened in advance each week for two years now. I suppose it was so to have other yoga class members congregate away from the room. One of the irregular dudes came with this affected beret for crissakes, putting on the military aspect to a minor degree. Seeing that I was gangstalked by military Fuckwits every Thursday after yoga for eight months without let up, seeing the military garb in association with yoga isn't entirely welcome, but that is part of the TI traumatization re-enactment games mainly. The negro woman managed to stay for the whole class rather than being pulled (or leaving) early. Also, they kept her under dim lighting the last time, but somehow managed to increase the lighting when she was in the same place as last time. It is common for the sickos to place the Unfavored demographic group members in dim lit conditions to limit the total look of the Fuckwit, seeming to be visually parsing as to how much of an Unfavored I get to see at one time.

Then the usual street strangeness when I get out of yoga and walk the three blocks back to my place; the readcoat dudes were on show with red vehicles behind them, and culminating at the apartment entrance where they parked a truck in front of the door that was propped open by a red plastic bucket with white ceramic dinner plates in it. Not to mention that the customized box of the pickup truck was also in red steel and white plywood.  Like I say, the biggest gangstalker event is when I go in and out of buildings, so it makes sense that they go all out and park a vehicle after driving it up on the sidewalk and curb and parking 4' in front of the entrance doors. Just another color combination to replicate the endless vehicles that I see which are backing up in my proximity; that is, red and white lights facing me.

And a screaming rage show over coffee making this morning. The assholes had coffee "erupt" from the Bodum coffe press, somehow bypassing the lid and blowing out over the pot, stovetop, stove front, stove oven handle and onto the floor. There was no causal event as they were playing their usual game of having the plunger be resistant, and taking extra effort and time to press down all of 1/4" or less by the time of the blowout. So no plunger action caused this coffee "eruption" and how did it get pass the lid in any event? Having had this done to me once before, it is plain gratuitous mess making by telporting some of the coffee and feigning an eruption on the side of the vessel. A fucking mess to clean up, and I am sure that the blue sponge to clean the mess up was as much as having me totally incensed over this insane and arbitrary abuse.

And I still haven't solved the mystery of the coffee ground crumbs that "arrive" in my cupboards, and on my dish drain mate and stove top as they are all bigger by far than the find powdered grind of the coffee that I use. The planted coffee ground mess in all its manifestations is made of a size of ground that I don't have, and never had, and yet this bullshit goes on for years. Likely to be related to the crumb games and the all important size parameter for them. I noticed that this morning's chocolate crumbs, which should never happen and never did, were separated with the light powdery flakey crumbs on the right side of the plate, and the larger rounded ones were on the left side of the plate. And of course, with the usual ones just "arriving" from nowhere, as they don't fall from the piece I have in hand, but appear from behind my hand, on the dinner plate. This insane abuse has gone on for over 7.5 years, and here they are fucking with crumbs, crumb sizes and crumb delivery, teleported or otherwise. I that doesn't epitomize the depth of the perp insanity and depravity, then nothing does.

And I see more organized fuckups are stil in progress; my employment counsellor whom I met last week and whom I gave my reciept to so she could make a copy and then fax it to the grant payout people "somehow" forgot (or didn't do it) because I get an email from the grant authority that he didn't get the fax one week later. So I leave a message with the employment counsellor and then don't hear back, which is totally unlike any of the past communications. I send her an email, and she still hasn't replied, again, totally out of character. So I will have to send the fax myself via another fax service. Talk about a totally insane jerkaround for no fucking reason, and then poisoning my experiences with the employment counsellor as to how reliable she is. What is all that bullshit about? Maybe I will find out once I head out to get the fax sent.

A big long stream of orchestrated events, the explanation afterward. To give it a context, the grant giving organization asked for my tuition reciept which I supplied through my employment counsellor last week Jan. 21, 2010. It was faxed to the grantor representative then, and my employment counsellor said she would phone him to make sure he got it. Then I get an email Jan. 27 saying he hadn't got it, so I phone my employment counsellor and no answer to my message. So today, I send her an email, again, no reply. So I go to a public fax center and send it but it was not  fax number, so had to copy it and walk it there, a 10 minute exercise but no big deal. And the gangstalker nut showwas in full force so it was obvious that this was a set up, and they way it is meant to be. I get the negro woman act again, this time waiting on her in the office, but no big deal. When I get back to my apartment building last year's apartment manager is outside talking to the new manager, not a good sign. I get in the door and complain about this stunt, and my speech comes out garbled so I scream at the assholes for messing my speech. I start tea making by putting on the kettle, but while I am waiting I "happen" to see the Malteaser so I put a handful in my mouth. Then at that moment there is a knock on the door. It is the brown dressed UPS guy with the brown box, the assistant manager there too, and the latter explains that the UPS guy rang the bell, but it didn't work, but it worked for other apartments. (Not to forget the brown clown games; me with brown chocolate in my mouth, the UPS guy in dark brown, and the mid-brown cardboard box). He said to pull out the phone and then reconnect it to get it to work and he test it again from the front door intercom console. By this time, tea making has progressed and I have placed the full mug on the table and opening up the 100g chocolate bars and then the manager comes back just to say he tried to get me on the intercom, but a funny tone came on. As it so happens, the box that separates the intercom signals from the phone signals isn't working as the green flashing light has gone out. Which explains why all my parcels got hand delivered to my door, or that the post office gave me a notice that I wasn't home, where on one occasion I clearly was. Off to deal with the phone/cable outfit tomorrow.

Back to my Linux capers, and I am burning a DVD disc in my second attempt in five years and lo, if the software doesn't make it understandable this time. Then in mid burn, PC shuts down all by itself, presumably the disc is fucked as there is no persistent information as to what got copied and what didn't and how to recover. I start the PC again to burn the DVD and it finally works. Then I want to try to label it with the Lightscribe software, but nothing in the command set to execute it. It seems that either I need some special discs or the software is sabotaged. I download Lightscribe and the same thing; information all about it but no command to effect it. I pull the DVD out and give up on Lightscribe for good, another one of those fake-outs in my case, a promise by way of it being loaded but nothing there when attempting to use it. This has happened before, days before, as Partition Magic loaded the same way; various "niceties" but none of the display tools that I was familiar with that could effect partitioning. I loaded the CD again, and I got a new listing of Partition Magic that was dedicated for the very executable that I was looking for in the first place.

Then the disc checking of the past few days comes back on me as the DBA instructor mentioned tonight that the Partition Magic might be failing because of a bad sector on the disc, though I do tell him that the WD Software check found no errors. When back, I partition a different disc, and lo, if Partitition Magic works. Now, I am dealing with more ornery software to look at the disc surface, and it won't write to a log file. And it says it will take 134 hours to complete but I think it will be sooner than that. They also stopped me from downloading a different product before that, as it kept on coming back with the same display. Before that, I ran CHKDSK and there was no log file or summary of the result, and that was three hours of run time to find out nothing.

I other words, what is the fucking point of all this adversity over my hardware when it would of likely been fine in the first place if they hadn't fucked it? And then to load software up when the central executable is missing, and doing this twice (Partition Magic and Light Scribe), is fucking maddening. And I did scream at the assholes a few times for this extra obvious sabotage that is both protracted and replicated in a pattern.

Another pattern is having these long running diagnostic programs being launched in the late evening, serving as a reason to leave the PC and router and all the blinking lights on while I am sleeping. It must be too much fun for the sickos.

Enough dumbshit for today, and off to post this.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It seems like the perps don't take holidays. I was horribly ill this week with strep throat, yet still the games continued. The doctors office was a good example, these people have no heart! A mother daughter team in for a pre plastic surgery check up for her daughter (!!) took up my doctors time, while I lingered on deaths doorstep hacking up my lungs. Naturally I was seen AFTER them even though I arrived half an hour early for my appt. Before them! The nurse explained doc was running late. It always happens to me...

While waiting in the office, a teen walked in front of me, pausing inches in front of my face and turned around 3 times for no apparent reason, except as I later realized to show off her obviously new boots! She was alone,and not doing it for anyones benefit (?) except..mine

Cabbie turned UP the CB radio chatter to the sound of a man reading numbers to other cabbies in the vicinity faster than the speed of light, like at an auction. Sounded like an alien language.he even glanced around and when I rolled my eyes I caught him grinning in the rearview mirror. I actually stared for a minute in shock at how cruel someone could be. He cleary enjoyed imposing that chatter on his hapless rides!!

Perp tailgater walking on my heels to the doctors office. I decide to turn left and down a completely different path, tailgater follows...and even turns up walking in front of me several seconds after losing her down another street. When I stopped walking, in shock upon recognizing the back of her jacket, she turned and looked back!!

Its unbelieveable! Now I'm at the hair salon and in an empty salon I'm seated next to the only other customer in the place who can't stop fidgeting and hunming!

AJH said...

Answer to: Hang in there...

It seems that they are publically covering you with some intensity, even more than my own case. It all depends on how much they let you tolerate this and the degree of emotional resiliance they let you have.

For me, they ensure the assigned "reaction" to these examples of close in tailgating and crossing of paths is that I go near orbital, though not outwardly so. The odd time they will have me challenge a particular egregious stunt, but time without fail I will come off the worst in the verbal exchange, because the is how they manage it for me. Keeping me ill-tempered and ready to blow up seems to be their emotional prescription for me, and there is nothing I can do about it. Hence, the extra-conventional gravitic fuckery games like the coffee blowout to then send me into a screaming rage. Keeping me at a steady simmer is where they want me. Thanks for the comments.