Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dreams Polluted

Major ugly dreams with forced sleeplessness last night. They wouldn't let me sleep, and kept me listening to the noise cacaphony; nonstop elevator use noise, nonstop noise of someone wallowing in a bathtub, nonstop gurgling noise. It was when they added the dripping noise and timed it to the clock noise (electric and should be quiet but makes noise like a windup clock) that I got up, checked the faucets (no dripping) and closed the bathroom door and pulled the battery out of the clock to stop it to quell the noise idiocy. I got some relief, but not from the supposed external noises which kept up.

The dreams were fugly as they replicated being sleepless among other strange things that I cannot recall. I have no idea what got into the perp's minds to pull this shit off as they had let me sleep most nights for some months now. Yet another test of some kind no doubt, and who knows what their research priorities were.

Laundry earlier, but before that the accumulated soil on my shoes from yesterday's rough trail hiking had to be knocked off, and this is always a big deal. I got sucked into using my city walking shoes for rough trails by dint of yesterday's mindfuck games, and these shoe cleanings seem to be a big deal for them, and even flicking their soil clumps into the toilet, having them somehow fly backward from me. That inglorious mess had to be cleaned up first, and I am sick fucking fed up of being screwed into making messes for a party that lacks the gumption to present their nonconsensual human experimentation agenda in person. Instead, I get fucked out of my life long habits just because they need to change it up for whatever reason. I have mentioned past footwear fetishes of the sickos, and this seems to fit the pattern. They cannot get enough gangstalkers around me whenever I change my footwear and clothes, but why does this beserk issue of theirs have anything to do with me that they couldn't expedite without cooperation?

More screaming at the assholes because Quicken got sandbagged with a noncontrollable dialog box that wouldn't go away. All my applications are starting up slower, especially Firefox. It is a great excuse to visually interleave pieces of an application juxtaposed with the succeeding one. They seem to need a longer transition time and hold up the Windows displays, especially with bits of pieces of the old and the new.

A short trip to LD to get toilet paper and chocolate, and they were all over me at the latter section. All Fuckwits stayed still, at least seven of them, while the yellow coated E. Indian walked toward me before I scooped up 9 Milk bars. And lo, if not another yellow jacket at the end of the aisle, a vacated motorized wheel chair too, and time to get out of there, just getting ahead of an avocado green dressed cyclist Fuckwit. That I had avocado with my tortilla at lunch might of been the reason for the avocado coated gangstalker, but it isn' always the case. They do like to use that color judiciously, so it is a curiousity as to the wherefores of when they need me to see avocado green.

Another screaming rage show over the perps sabotaging Partition Magic install. I was all set to create a partition for my Linux misadventures, and the software doesn't display the working GUI. This from a CD install that worked fine going back some years, though the same operating system. This is how it goes; a total dumbshit Oracle class tonight, and the only way I am going to learn is to set up my own environment, and so to do the first thing is to create a partition for Linux to work in. NOT ALLOWED it would seem, as the first task gets sabotaged straight out of the gate.

Then I install Partition Magic again, and the blow-off dialog box disappears and I get the functional GUI I expected. Two attempts later, and the partition that I had requested doesn't appear, so I am snookered as far as partitioning goes. Off to the interwebs to find out if there is something out there that can do the job.

Now I find that the Google preferences have been wiped out, and there is no access to the Settings until I start screwing around, and lo, they come up finally, and I get to reset them. Before the overt harassment started my keyboard settings in Excel and Word would sometimes go awry, and I could never figure out how it happened. Another life long mystery solved; it was these fuckers on my PC then, just as they are now.

So much for loading Oracle and Linux on tonight, and time to call this sucker done. I am so fed up not being allowed to do ordinary things that would take no time at all.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe try SysRescCD.


Once you've booted the CD, then you could use GParted to do the partitioning.