Monday, January 04, 2010

TI Gets Parade

A return from the First Feral Family home to downtown on the city bus freakshow begat an even bigger exposition once I got off the bus. There were hundreds of military, police and firemen arranged alongside Johnson, Vancouver and Yates streets, the first and the last being blocked off. The police and the firemen had their vehicles arranged in midstreet with emergency lights flashing. At the Yates St. crosswalk there were four police vehicle parked side by side, facing the wrong direction on this one way street, and they bounded my right side on the crosswalk. On the left side, S. bound, were at least 40 police in uniform lined up. And they were lined up next to 20 firemen in their yellow jackets. The yellow firetrucks were lined up behind the police vehicles to make a bigger show of flashing strobe lights. And of course this wasn't for me, but was the funeral procession route of a local Canadian soldier, Lt Andrew Nuttall, who died in Afganistan last week. The funeral was arranged for today, though I didn't know that, but had read the story and seen plenty of prior coverage of the ramp ceremony on the TV news at the First Feral Family home abuse center when staying there over a week at Christmas time. (Cannot get the map to paste in). Here is the story on the parade I "blundered" into, save that it hadn't begun, though the streets had been blocked off, and I didn't see the band forming either. I am quite sure everyone who knows this harassment fuckery is going on didn't want to engage in any further harassment plans at the funeral.

It seems to be a big deal for the sickos to put these events together, and while I won't go as far to say how conspiratorial all these coincidences are on this blog, but this is likely yet another aspect of the perps' ongoing and insane obsession with war, strife and armed conflict. (As in having me view it, or more often, aspects of it). Not forgetting when the assholes had me illegally incarcerated for five months in 2003, the war in Iraq started and was on the news with substantial gangstalking by the supposed patients who circulated around me to no end. It is all very interesting as to how these themes keep coming up, and all the better if I am bathed in a magnetic field, both directly targeted from them and from the CRT TV's. (I haven't tested an LCD TV with a gaussmeter to know how much EMF they emit). It is suddenly getting dim at 1438h as I type this, and the sirens have started up, so it is time to give this one a rest, and ponder if the sickos have any more such coincidences to put in my face.

One event that I "forgot" to mention in the 2009 wrap-up in the last posting is that the sickos applied some kind of reverse time domain energies to me (quoting Bearden's terms), and have me looking younger, something like about 35 years old. I am 55, and looked 40 to 45 since late 2003 or early 2004 when they first applied this age regression. (I even pressed the doctor for an affirmation). They seemed to have kept me at this age until mid-2009 when I was finally allowed to notice that some of the lines that formed at age 33 were coming out, disappearing. And of course this Blogspot editor suffered another feature depletion, including buttons for uploading of photos, so I don't know how to get them posted now. Funny how that happens. Just when I might have some convincing photographic evidence, lo, if I cannot get the photos posted. I especially notice the age difference the odd time I get to see my former work colleagues, or those I know who are younger than me. As always, nobody says anything.

Nor did they say anything about my 20lb weight loss in 2009, though I am not totally sure it was that much as the scales could be spoofed too. But I have weighed myself on three scales, and they all have me at 175lb, down from 195lb at the beginning of 2009. And I now fit a 34 waist instead of 36, the first time in at least 15 year. As always, there is no particular event or diet change that could of caused this, as my food intake has been the same since I moved into this apartment in 05-2007. (I started to eat half portions of what I was eating, and to no detriment and no weight loss until now). It still feels that I have a gut, and the perps like to constantly remind me of that by forcing me to look there much more than usual. Anyhow, whatever the weight loss is, I will take it, but I never thought I would be seeking more weight loss at 175ib. Which will incurr a significant clothes alteration bill whenever the day comes when they want to get me out of jeans, standard fare ever since they went beserk and overt in 04-2002.

More excerpts from TI blogs, doing my regular news troll tonight. This one from the founder of FFHCS who is more tapped into the TI community that I will ever be;
SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 2010 - A veteran TI in this struggle who the perps have tortured for many years has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer which has spread to his liver.  He is receiving hospice care at home.  He is soon to pass away from this life.  Some TI's get cancer from the constant radiating with microwaves.  This has happened to several.  One recently in early November.  There were two deaths in November.   One who had been receiving death threats was found dead on November 15.  He was found near some train tracks and according to the newspaper, he had committed suicide.  We in the community know that he had been threatened and had even signed a statement before this incident should he be discovered dead. 

Many are dying at an accelerated pace in our community.   This will make 3 over the past couple of months.  4 total for 2009.   That's a record number that I know of. 
I haven't figured out how the perps decide who to screw, and who to bait, and how they enforce the differences among all the TI victims. There maybe more than one malevolent outfit who has access to this technology and who is highly organized and can contain their members from spilling the beans. One of the connected of the long past, a brilliant researcher named Thomas Townsend Brown, had a bodyguard and it was his job to shoot Brown if it looked to be kidnapping and he was unable to defend him. I have never had that kind of "support", and it does make me wonder how effective that would be if one can be teleported at the will of the sickos, which seems very possible. Perhaps that was the rationale for having a gangstalker in the guise of "security". Seen that before of course, and I still do with these security types loitering around the nearby shopping area. And when Christmas time comes, why, they are gone. Bizarre.

I see the assholes have been meddling again, stripping out one link that I had put in. Their way of forcing a re-visit to do the same story over again. And over and over; I must have over 50,000 bookmarks made over the past five years, and still the assholes keep whacking them, deleting the dates off their date of bookmarking as one example. The most important piece of ancillary data about a bookmark, the initial date of capture, and was removed from all my bookmarks about four weeks ago.

And a forced two 100g chocolate bars to go with the eveningtime tea break tonight. And they make sure I feel bloated over it even if I didn't want to do it, I am mysteriously compelled. And to make it all the more grim, they denature my sense of taste and won't allow me to taste it in full. I suspect my sense of taste has been long attenuated by their meddling, as I experienced no end of difficulty when working with the local wine club, as I couldn't detect all the flavors the wine judges could. I was the supporting sommelier for wine competitions, so I wasn't responsible for the tasting determination, but it was interesting the wine judges could pick out so many flavors, and I couldn't. (They would let me try the wine to confirm their judgement, but I suppose this too was a fix of a kind at the time).

End of the day, no more excitement to convey, and time to post this.


Anonymous said...

I figured the whole business of torturing a TI using their usual ritual means is very profitable to certain parties involved. If a TI isn't useful to the perps, and hence isn't getting them any money, I'd guess that it would be wise for them to get rid of the body as well as the evidence. Hence the TI is done away with. My perps tell me they aren't planning on doing away with me, though I'd hate to think how my situation could be if they DO decide to do away with me some day.

AJH said...

Answer to: I figured the whole business of torturing a TI...

Interesting that the perps would tell you that much about their future for you (as in not doing away with you). I don't get the same degree of cooperative statement of intention from them as to future prospects, either way.

I don't ever get the sense that there is money tied to the harassment; they portray their need for harassment and abuse as a vital and neccessary (for them) scientific quest. Or, at least, that is the version I get, and as much as I can tell, that seems to be the case. Thanks for the comments.