Tuesday, January 05, 2010

What Might be Exciting

As in what might be so exciting that they jab me in the nuts at the same time. It was all about the tortilas I regularly make, and that it seems that yesterday's oven cleaner and metal scrubbing pad application to remove the recalcitrant scuzz from the frypan was just too much to leave alone. Using the frypan since it was cleaned when making lunch today, I got the jab in the nuts when transferring the cooked tortilla, (note, brown colored sprouted grain kind), from said frypan to the plastic cutting board. And they kept up the nut jabbing while I was yelling at them to stop, at least for a minute. No doubt further nut jabbing will persist at the right moments for the rest of the day, e.g. upcoming haircut, when making donations of wrecked (pilled shirts) garments, taking my tan-through shirts in to get re-serged, and likely, follow-on supermarket shopping. All too exciting for some assholes, but all I want is to be left alone. No such luck, being Prime Victim in the targetted abuse train so-called my life, aka, life rape.

Other provocations while making lunch kept me vocalizing; faked touches, olive oil flicking, garlic skins that floated in from nowhere, grated cheese that flew laterally despite the usual precautions, some blackish goo that arrived overnight next to the knob on the stover burner (after having cleaned all of the stove surfaces two days ago with oven cleaner as it was somehow resistant to dishes detergent), and the extra noises that accompanied my feet movement, placing object down or picking them up and the self moving kitchen utensils, tortilla in the frypan without me touching it or otherwise imparting any causal movement etc.

The perps like to be all over me after a haircut, and today was no exception; an amazing number of freaks and fuckwits gangstalking me in the grocery store, and at least four of them reprised the gangstalking in two locations each. I haven't had that degree of obvious coverage, but there is always a first time. The freakshow included the fuckwits with the earflap toques, dayglo red colored hat with mid-grey long coat, one negro (but only once), one beer gut and a few others doing one time duty. One shit came to stand in the way of me when headed for freezer case and then exited as I got closer with her back to me,- not even pretend shopping for crissakes. And I see they are now putting dudes on as cashiers for the first time at this local supermarket, no doubt needing some kind of dude "glow" for whatever reason. Packing dudes around me at the checkout line isn't enough now.

Other excitement before the haircut was as above, a clothing donation and then dropping off shirts with de-threaded hems for re-sewing. Another common TI complaint is clothing sabotage, and lifting threads out of my garments is just another office prank for the sickos. Making clothes prematurely pill is another sabotage stunt they like to pull.  At the alterations shop a disgusting looking fat dude was standing there while the proprietor was fixing his jacket. This little "wait game" played out for a few minutes before I got served. I don't think there is a time when they don't hold me up at stores, getting in or out of vehicles or otherwise delay all normal activities. Back in my working days in the last job, I cannot think of a single meeting where I was either the first or the last person to show, often a minute before the meeting start time.

I couldn't help but notice on my way back from the hair stylist's, and after shopping at the supermarket on the way back to my apartment that a pipe inspection service truck was putting a 1.5" flexible rubber tube down the manhole at the only intersection I would cross. What was more interesting was that the truck was a light brown color, what I call "puke brown", and I have been getting quite a few set ups in this color (above plastic bag on the bus). They had the service vehicle parked in the intersection and had a day glow dressed flag person doing the road traffic re-direction. Nothing too unusual in all that, but if one adopts the notion that nothing that happens around me is a coincidence, then perhaps these pipe service vehicles that are more frequent of later have a bigger role than what it seems.

There was some other weird side action going on at the hair stylists; a new UK accented male was putzing about, and they already have one there. Then a granny came to visit for some strange reason and sat down near the door. The UK male came by after a few minutes, sitting directly in front of her, blocking nearly all of her for me to see his back some 12' away. I am beginning to suspect these granny stalkers might be my mother in morphed form, but of course it is unprovable. Yesterday's city bus trip had a granny stalker who sat with her back to me when the jumpseat back was facing 90 degrees different. In other words, it was more important for the granny's back be pointed at me for the bus trip rather than she be comfortable. And it was my mother who dropped me off at the bus stop so she could go to the bank, so who knows. Though it did take some 8 minutes for the bus to arrive, and I wonder how much morphing they can do in that time, but the granny had a kerchief covering her hair. She inserted herself between the pale brown plastic bag that had while plastic coat hangers spilling out of it. Not the usual shopping, and it was on the bus when I got on at the first shopping center on its route.

Other excitement for the sickos might have been that I paid cash, a rarity as I use my debit card, for my haircut. Having two green colored $20's exit my wallet is also an exciting moment for them, and it would seem they wish to detect the difference in my "greeness" or whatever else it is that they are looking for in their nonstop obsession over the contents of my wallet. Some dozen wallet thefts/missings over the past three decades isn't enough. And always this dumbshit game of keeping in the closet, when they could out themselves and get this bullshit done in no time with cooperation. But this isn't going to change; hounding me for 7.5 years of this insane abuse over my wallet content color change post-purchase is worth it in their warped perspective.

Time to call this one done, and hope that there will be some relief from the rain that has been so prevalent this week. I see they have my next potential garden laboring time at the First Feral Family home of Monday (Jan. 11) to be wet again, so no extra money earning then.

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