Friday, January 01, 2010

Dullest New Years Eve Going

Very dull today, and I have been in a shut-in all day, not even laundry to do. I am getting the forced typos as I type this, and there has been plenty of noncausal noise erupting while swearing at the perps over provocations like pulling objects from my hands, touches from no cause, sending me to the wrong drawer in the kitchen and the rest of it. Fucking tiresome.

The shut-in days seem to follow the First Feral Family visitation days most of the time. Though today, the 31st, is the second full day after getting dropped off. I am getting ceiling/floor tapping noises regularly, and they even can get through the earmuffs that I am wearing. Yesterday, the created an overhead pounding noise that simultaneously came with a chair shaking and a vibration running down my spine with the earmuffs on. Clearly, wearing dark green earmuffs is very exciting for the assholes.

Noisestalking-wise, things got interesting when making tortillas from scratch for dinner tonight. The overhead tapping noise started up, and is continuing as I write this. It sounds as if the overhead ceiling/floor is getting a slow, 1x/second hammering on bare concrete floor. Never mind the fact that upstairs would be carpeted just like any other suite, or at least, theoretically.

The big excitement might have been me using the frypan the first time since I cleaned it with oven cleaner yesterday. I clean the frypan in the sink everytime I use it, but "somehow" gets a brown film of scuzz on it. The perps have me get pissed about it, enough to clean it off with oven cleaner as it always works. But not yesterday, the scuzz remained in full, even after two cleaning attempts. So there must be some big deal over oven cleaner causing some kind of energetic difference to the frypan, having that transfer to my food, and then into me after eating it. No doubt the effect will dissapate over time, especially during food digestion, so it remains to be seen what they will do. More dulldom, or some kind of excitement like a phone call or possible TI arranged visitor or outing? But they are starting up more noise now, so I assume that is mighty important for them.

The oven cleaner was also used to clean up the stove splashboard and controls, and it worked fine, never minding how the mess got there in the first place, as it wasn't from anything I had done.

Another exciting moment for the perps is when I clean and dry the frypan after each use. They cannot get enough of it, and even ramped up the above mentioned tapping noise while cleaning it. Past fuckery while dryiong the frypan was to impair my ability to hold it, a muscle strength sapping exercise where just the right amount is applied to make it almost seem that I am going to drop the frypan, but not quite.
It wasn't until mid-2009 that they let me dry the frypan's handle with a dishtowel, so there must be some significant Fuckover considerations for ths mundane task.

A slouch day yesterday, not even enough to post. And today isn't much better, though I might get the "need" for chocolate beamed into me and set off to the LD store for major gangstalking. I went to bed at 1150h PST, just before the year's end, and was treated to some 15 minutes of street hollaring noise when the New Year began. The church bells were also sounded, very unlike any church I know, and that includes the ones nearby, as they didn't ring for the last two years on New Year's Eve in this apartment residence. I also had some prior hallway noise, heard through the earmuffs I had on; female voice, then louder male voice, then overhead thumping, a right barrage just before setting off to bed. Exciting moments for sickos. Now the tapping noise has started, which emulates that of the faux construction noise outside, except that being New Year's Day, there shouldn't be any building project work. Never mind, sometimes the veil of plausibility is respected, and more often, it isn't. Or else a substitute will do.

One such is the chirping whistle noise from outside, though ostensibly "from" the construction projects, I cannot ever locate its source, and cannot think what it specifically could be. In Seattle where I lived 2000 to late 2002, they dug a 100' hole for nearly an entire block next to the building I worked in, itself a 50 storey tower. To secure the steep sides of the dig, they inserted boards with the ends fixed by vertical I-beams, and then injected a plastic concrete mix behind the board to fill in the space behind it. This pressureized method made for much chirping and whistling, but even after that job ended and the office tower was being erected, there was this ongoing chirping noise, slightly different. But it is the same one I hear most weekdays, as if it is tied to a construction job, which I doubt. Anyhow, the outside chirp noise is off today, coming from the right. But lo, if there wasn't a very similar chirp noise that came from the left, the hallway today. More excitement for the perps it would seem, this alternation of sound sources, with the same sound, and even less plausability.

I did have the compulsion for chocolate come over me, and off to the LD store, only to have a serious gangstalking contingent in place. The improbable dudes doing shopping together were already outside, plus an open mouther doing the newspaper selling thing. Plus a large woman red dressed sentry standing there for no seeming purpose. Then into the melee taking a different door than the dudes, then getting screwed around in not getting a handbasket, and meeting the dudes again. Then off to the dental hygeine section where they had at least 8 gangstalkers in place, one with her fucking steel mesh hamper at the dental floss section where I needed to get some, and so I got fucked into reaching further, then having the floss package get "stuck" on the peg while attempting to normally pull it off straight and pissing me off, and as soon as I turned around the two dudes rounded the corner. Then off to the chocolate section only to have 10 gangstalkers standing around, one being the stocking/stalking cart act with a Fuckwit staff member who dropped something as I passed him by all so he could then do his bendover act, a very familiar state of gangstalker repose, and then I was allowed to acquire 8 Milka bars. Then off to the movie section and to see if there were any incredible deals, as guess what, a sudden "need" to acquire/see movies has erupted for the first time since early 2005.  I cannot afford to see them at the cinema, so what is the deal? There seems to be a number of planted hints that my life will be returning to minor consumerism in 2010, something I can do without. But when they sabotage one's recently acquired shirts by having them pill prematurely, it really doesn't matter what I think; it is their plan, and I am to follow it.

Then the checkout bullshit at the LD store; only two tills open and customers backing up into the aisles, and lo, if I didn't have three dude show ahead of me in the line; a negro who took forever to pay for his goods, a MIB fucker repetively tossing and rotating his wallet in mid air, and another hoodie act in front of me. The usual drill is that they keep me in one line with the Freakshow, and then open up another till in three minutes or so. This time it was the bald male Asian staff member, doing his bend-overs prior to opening the till. Even if readied for the till opening, I somehow got scooped by someone who knew it was to open up before the Asian male said anything, and so my advantage of getting the fuck out of there sooner was largely mitigated. They put on an extra obvious dude standing at the exit who was doing absolutely nothing for a while, but he was gone by the time that I exited when a new surge was coming in.

A few other freaks in the show were the white pants dude, and there is something especially annoying/traumatization recalling about seeing white pants on males. Don't ask me what it is, and it could well be that the assholes are getting me cranked over this particular sight for whatever reason. Then when I get back to my apartment they enraged me with pulling the tea from my hands, all to complete their round of fuckery. Then a blatant mind fuck to have two Milka bars with my tea when one is plenty. Then onto loading and restarting the PC at least four times to accomplish the Anti-virus upgrade, as the software had arrived in my mail box. One was a self induced PC restart for no apparent reason. That the package had been in my mailbox in a polyethylene bubble wrapped package might also have been some excitement for the perps; they like to have me test/load varying kinds of CD/DVD packaging by way of installing software. Perhaps that is what the above mentioned "need" to acquire movies is about. I will need a decent job to keep this gig going as the disability bullshit isn't enough, and nor is the minimum wage jobs either.

An interesting link of an interview with Dr. Dean Radin; a decidedly different take on the world, but it has merit, and seems to be aligned with the perps' goings on. More of Dr. Radin here at this interview. Interesting that musician's corpus callosum, the interhemispheric pathway, is larger in musicians who learn at an early age because they do so much more processing in the course of learning and making music. The perps like me to listen to some music sometimes, but largely cut me off for 2009. I suppose the guitar stalking might have a connection, though the perps also like parade wood, and wooden objects around me too. More of the ongoing "who knows" show, as I don't really give a shit, I want to be left alone. The drift from the assholes is that another two years of this bullshit/abuse to go. I suspect longer.

The big perp themes are still in play for 2010; my red, yellow and brown color aversion, my Favoreds and Unfavoreds, and the perps' obsessions over aggregate concrete, petroleum products, plastics of all kinds, and other ubiquitous pollutants (e.g. PBDEs ( polybrominated diphenyl ethers) four rolls of carpet on the sidewalk two days ago, with a Fuckwit sitting on one), soil and composting, digestion of food and especially salad greens, plants, roots and soil (per digging jobs at the First Feral Family home over Christmas), shit (per new toilet stunts at the same), causality (a sudden onset of major typos sabotage just to type that word out), and the crumb-ification games. There were plenty of teleporting crumbs this morning, and in every instance after I picked one up, they either re-directed my attention to another crumb or else a look-alike such as a small divot they made in the countertop. And can I get enough of the dialog pop-up sabotage while I typed all that in?

An overhead pounding with a vibration down my back erupted while reading the above link to Dr. Dean Radin. Enough of this insane abuse, leave me the fuck alone.

More screaming rage over the assholes imposing typos on me while attempting to get the About Me posting updated and then into the link list at the right. What is the deal, as well as the coincident increase in noisestalking?

More bookmarking, this time cheap movies on, that is the Canadian version where the shipping comes free. But what is with them; all those movies listed, and except for the latest and greatest releases, they don't have it, but instead direct one to resellers? Call it the great web presence e-tailer gone AWOL over what they purport to have. I don't get it or maybe my web pages are getting spoofed.

Onto posting this, and calling another dull day done. The rain is keeping me from doing garden work at the First Feral Family homes, so it might be more of the same tomorrow. These extended dull times played out extensively in 2008 and the first part of 2009. I have no idea why they continue to persist in imposing them, but there were a few clues in the Dean Radin interview, above, the full version.


Anonymous said...

I used to get a lot of those: dudes wearing white pants. Sometimes they were kind of "flimsy" looking, like white sheets. I figured they were trying to do some subconscious connection to the KKK with these stunts. Also, I get the male "tween" kids doing the hackeysack-kicking.

AJH said...

Answer to: I used to get a lot of those...

The white pants fits the clinical theme the gangstalkers like to indulge in, especially if seen from the back, them walking ahead of me. But as I have been given major conscious recall deletion from age 2 to 5, I don't really know much about why they need to consistently present this clinical theme to me.

Do you have any conscious recall lapses in your formative years?

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, I don't, as they seemed to hit me up for profiling around 2003 and the stalking started in 2004. I do have some names being blanked out.

Also, they always seem to have disabled people in wheelchairs sitting outside of the personal care home when I'm walking past. I'm sure there's a reason for that. Last night, there was a car sitting directly across from the wheelchair-bound person, lights shining in his direction (but no necessarily directly on him). I guess the guy in the idling vehicle was there to "protect" the wheelchair person, as he was sitting alone, if I snapped or something.

AJH said...

Answer to; Fortunately, I don't...

(Responding to my question about if he had any recall lapses in his formative years).

Ah yes, the wheelchair stalking, and boy do I loathe the sight of wheelchairs for whatever reason now. My take is that this offers a few perp localized advantages. One is having them in the sitting position at a location where others are mostly standing. This offers a significantly different energetics profile to compare the standees. And also emulates a common human position where we spend much of our time. Also, having differential head levels seems to be a big deal for the perps, e.g. gangstalking with dwarfs in my case.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I figured disabled people have something special about them; like for example, having limited mobility means that region of the brain responsible for muscle motion has become cross-wired into other regions. I figured they had some different psychic signature than normal. Also, yeah, I do get something similar, but they use very tall people instead of "dwarfs". I get consistently "giant" doppelgangers of people I know and knew.

AJH said...

Answer to: That's interesting. I figured...

The perps constantly noisestalk me when getting from the seated position to standing and vice versa, so even this difference in boy posture and interaction with the chair is a big deal for their remote energetics assay activities. Or at least, that is my reason to suggest that the reason for the plethora of wheelchair stalkers. They are maintaining a seated position where it would be normal to be standing upright.

And too, like you suggest, they are using much less of their muscle motion and any of the associated neural connections.

Which is also why I get more blind gangstalkers, as they aren't using their visual cortex and serve as a localized lower neural energy reference.

I get plenty of taller gangstalkers too; I am 5'11" as it is astounding as to how all these taller dudes surfaced to be in my proximity since the overt harassment started in 04-2002. If one follows the concept of chakras (body energy centers), the placement of extra taller and shorter gangstalkers means that there are greater amounts of energetic differences between them and the TI victim, based on relative height alone. Thanks for the comments.