Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doing Shut-in Time

Truth be told, I was allowed out to deposit my Christmas check and earnings. I had my usual posse around me for the one block gauntlet to the ATM, but they were decidedly light on gangstalkers overall. It was 0930h, before the stores open at 1000h, but there were plenty of shiftless males loitering around, and one fucker in a brown down coat was doing the loiter at the Fort and Douglas intersection (SE corner) when headed to the ATM, and then "showed up" again at the SW corner upon my exit from the bank where the ATMs are. Fucking beserk. I also had the two tone blue Fuckwit standing outside the bank, her back to the ATMs that were inside and at that very corner.

The rest of the day has been shut-in, but with plenty of noisestalking as I get back into my routines at my place after being away for a week.

And many forced pees today; at least six before lunch, timed to opening a web page of a regular site, when selecting a new category of web sites and all the minutiae that makes the perps so happy to hound the living shit out of me, literally at times.

It is always interesting to reflect at these high perp interest moments (first day back in a week) as to what else is going on which spells perp interest. They bulked me up by at least 8 pounds, and the extra flab was duly spread over my abdominal and pubic region, all in readiness for me to see and shave over it, as the full frontal shaving was left unattended for the week stay at the First Feral Family home. They had me go out to the ATM (per above) after that. A new black plastic blade insert for shaving in the shower this morning, and a navy blue disposable for the nether regions last night. No doubt of extreme interest which will be duly signified by a greater number of black and blue colored gangstalker vehicles, not to mention clothed ambulatory gangstalkers.

Another "habit" that erupts is to launder the bed clothes the day of departure, and this was duly accomplished Dec. 23 before leaving for the First Feral Family home for a week over Christmas, returning yesterday. Another new event was to have me use a surface cleaner in the bathroom Dec. 23 for the first time, now begining a new product use. I had been cleaning the bathroom counter every morning with a wetted sponge after my morning routine, and this has now changed with the addition of a mild surface cleaner. (The perps had been telling me for two years that this was going to happen, and it somehow did, even if no compelling reason as the wetted sponge seemed to work fine all this time. A third significant event for the assholes was to have me change the hand soap in the bathroom; this soap and container have been going strong since 2005 and it finally ran out just yesterday. Though, I might haul it out of the garbage as the new liquid soap is getting wobbled every time I use, one of those annoying things the perps like to do to me.

A direct perspective on how the Copenhagen climate talks failed here at the Guardian. China didn't give a shit is what it amounted to,- the polluter-to-beat-all-polluters (in the next 20 years). Finally, we get some pithy answers over that unfortuneate fiasco, and one more slip down the slope of environmental belligerence from China, the country that personifies the term in so many ways.

A two hour nap earlier, and I suppose the big deal for the perps was that I ended up making tea afterward, and then put two just-dry shirts hanging in the bathroom on the bed where I had napped in order to fold them and put the shirts away. One was a mid grey color, and the other was a black micro-fleece shirt. Black fleece is the go-to fabric of the modern MIB in this hikey-bikey town, and all the better if it has black ripstop nylon patches on it for their fabric variation purposes.

Another revelation from my interweb browsings today (as I listen to Francoise Hardy); Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS) was discovered to be caused by a retrovirus and was first published in 1991 by Dr. Elaine Defreitas and she got her funding cut and career derailed. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) kept insisting it was a psycho-neuro problem. It is fucking nuts that a professional body hid behind their white coats and screwed so many patients with this disabling condition for so long. But don't ask me if this is related to the broader perp covert research/abuse/traumatization objective/imperative because the answer is plain to me. As to what their specific objectives are I don't know, but considering the swath of trashed lives, and even deaths from this condition, it is yet another despicable psychopathic orchestration. Other conditions like Lyme Disease are similarly fraught with clinical politics, and the HIV/AIDS history has a murky genesis.

Enough blathering tonight.

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