Saturday, June 06, 2009

Motorcycles and Hotrods

Motorcycles and Hotrods are two thirds of the loud mufflered vehicle noise contingent I get all day long. The latter third is the ill-maintained mufflers, the hoarse ones that have blossomed in great profusion for the last few years. All to keep that train of slow decay and highly irritating noise going; there are perp benefits to be had all all accounts: noise duration, high annoyance level and constant occurence levels, some five per minute or so. This being a Saturday counts for squat; the noise is created by projected means as it is rare that one actually sees the causal source. The noise will also drop off if I stand on the balcony looking for the causal agents every time. Funny how that happens on a po-dunk secondary arterial street with one lane in each direction that fades into a residential street in two blocks. There are plenty of pictures of the street layout below in past blog postings of the strange vehicular parking configurations to get the idea that I don't live near a freeway and yet I routinely get that kind of noise of high speed constant traffic volume. The particulars of the noise source credibility doesn't bother the perps as much as it did, like much of their stunts and jerkarounds. The sudden "arrival" of crumbs under my fingertips is one such example; all to initiate one's tactile sensory abilities in conjunction with concurrent other perp interests such as color responses to making breakfast, the peanut butter and jam on bread being the most consistent jerkaround scene going. About 95% of the time they jerk me around in the course of making this breakfast item, nearly always to rage-ified levels over this fucking inane jerkaround scene the assholes find so fascinating. All because they cannot figure out by covert and remote means the reaction of one's entire self to these colors, individually and then jointly. And if seven years of overt fuckery continues to draw blanks, why, don't change tactics, just keep the life rape show going. That's from the dunderhead obdurate shadow clowns who started this project 100 years late it would seem, given that they find that ingested plastics and other pollutants are also giving them large amounts of difficulty in remotely detecting one's body energy interactions. I t boggles the mind as to their collective incompentance let alone their rigidity in staying with the same methods, not to mention their callous regard for this and other like TI victims.

There is no going back when one has been boggled as to the perps' reach, (into the minds of all, let alone all the packaging that is so important for them to understand remote energy interactions), their ferocity (I won't get into the more conspiratorial aspects here), their relentlessness (seven years of fucking life rape in my case, and a few thousand other activist TI's), and the breadth of their undertaking (from Vitamin D and sunlight interaction, neutrino and cosmic ray interactions, colors of foods, all body organs and substances, effects of all walking or vehicle surfaces, petroleum product effects/interactions, and of the effects of provenance of all these and more. It is doubtful that I even know 1% of what is going on, I only get the big picture, years late. But I do get a ringside seat to their goings on, the associations, and how this plays out in the so called "news", which from this jaded perspective, seems to anything but. And I do get to see who I thought were reliable and conscientious individuals "happening" to be on the gangstalk and ponder how I missed picking up their malevolent/compromised vibe all these years. Some telltale hints of confliction were missed, but in retrospect I think that if there was anything too idiotic or uncharacteristic at the time the perps backed off afterwards. They haven't been able to fuck with what I thought was normal until the past two years or so, and can now do so at a whim (theirs).

Nothing that I haven't already mentioned in past blog postings in the above musings, just "stirred" by the incessant fucking loud mufflered vehicle noise that is still going on, 3 to 4 per minute, and this irritating ability to somehow get past the earmuffs I nearly always wear. The suggestion, likely from them, is to get higher dampening earmuffs which might be a good one, until I find the same noises getting through "somehow".

And I was reminded earlier today that even wrapping a parcel is a perp fuckable offence. (And even writing about now begets a siren cascade through the earmuffs I am wearing). The past few years of gift giving to my daughter was nearly always the gift card as it obviated the gangstalker scum circulating around me when out doing gift shopping, and that it saved on the imposed agony of wrapping gifts with perp interference at every pull of the scotch tape. And too, it was an acceptable last minute purchase that was always availible and appreciated. The perps don't particularly like me gift giving and have constantly fucked me on acquisition timeliness and gift wrapping. It was the latter that I hadn't engaged in with gift card giving, and was reminded of that today when I did purchase gifts for my daughter's 19th birthday tomorrow, having only acquired them yesterday. But sure enough, the loud mufflered vehicle noise came on when both hands were busy with scotch tape fucking games, straight line scissor cutting fuckery/impairments and the paper folding and tearing fuckery that also "erupted". It is so nice to know that the SS (Surrepticious Sickos) of life rape hadn't forgotten how to fuck someone senseless (aka rage-fied) while gift wrapping after at least three years of not doing so. On with the show of sitting around and doing squat, save being gangstalker bait.

Back to doing online time; my shoelaces are somehow being ground into the top of my foot even with a padded tongue on my shoes. Go figure; but it might be perp demands for me to take them off my feet.

I did the cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. Thankfully it wasn't as hot today as the last two, though some Pseudosweating was added in for the last 20 minutes of work. "Naturally", the incessant noise of hotrods and motorcycles erupted around the building when performing the vacuum cleaning duties. I either get a profusion of vehicles or noise or both with vacuum cleaner running. And I even got the yellow trucked fire department out again, doing drivebys with that big yellow "Fire Rescue" vehicle with the aluminum finish (silver-grey) door panels on it. Later, they put on an emergency vehicle with lights and siren, but it was the ambulance, and interestingly, I only saw it in reflection on the glass I was cleaning at the time. There was some crumb sabotage tonight where I went to pick up the chad and it "slipped" from my grasp at least twice more before I was allowed to put it in the garbage. There were some similar games with the infernal string that is used for the tags to denote the owner of the keys. I figure there is a geometric progression among these sabotage items that are so frequent; points (crumbs) and lines (string). One day they will work this with three dimensional objects, but I am sure they had all this figured out before they let me in on it. Just more "so what" shit again.

Yesterday they put on six of the Sales males (staff) at the front door to "welcome me", as in ignore me while walking through the thick of them. And no blonde woman as some kind of Favored bait/comparator either, though she did some out later by herself, also making an effort to avoid exchanging pleasantries. Most weird to say the least, this purposeful pretense of pretending I am not there. I don't think the model of being the lowly cleaner's helper applies as they don't strike me as the snobby kind, save one of them. But they did ensure a "peanut butter" (color of his jacket in this case) male customer who was in the lot when I arrived was also in an office some 50 minutes later with his legs wide apart and for me to see his wonderful jacket again. I suppose this was a reprise gangstalking in widely differing lighting and venue conditions. And they made sure he was not behind glass but sitting in the doorway so he could be viewed directly. And they arranged my route to be facing him and walking toward him for some 15' before turning left for the front doors.The perps are highly particular as to whether I see a specific gangstalker through glass, and even types of glass (e.g. safety, double or single pane), as well as directly or even in reflection for the more advanced situations for a regular gangstalker like the Tea Bag Dude.

Reading interviews on Project Camelot and I am getting dithered. See if you can be allowed to read more as they are interesting. This one is done for the day, such as it has been, with the last hour the only respite from the infernal hot rods, motorcycles and other ill-maintained mufflered vehicles.


Anonymous said...

Do you ever get the fuckwits talking in a very high pitched voice ever? Just got one of those this evening. I saw a small group standing outside by their car,at around 2300h, at Wal-Mart. This particular one is in a different town, and I still got gangstalked, and it had a bunch of types of people gangstalking me, with the usual vocalized insults.

And when I passed the McDonalds on the way home, get this, the same fuckwit, just standing in the parking lot, at 1130PM. He was there at 1000PM when I passed the place in the other direction.

Getting hit up with all kinds of negative psychology as well. I really wish the perps would get a girlfriend or attend some self-esteem classes. I'm getting fed up with their bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about being targetted is that I don't really have a social life anymore... pretty much anyone I talk to is guaranteed to be a handler, or someone the perps must approve of first. It's been so long since I was able to have a nice worry-free social life. Now, I am very careful of whom I talk to. There are so many people that are perp abettors and just plain handlers. You might say my social life has "conditions" attached to it, now that I am completely contained. I'm sure the perps are real proud of that acheivement.

AJH said...

Answer to: Do you ever get the fuckwits...

I have had the odd high pitched voice, or alternately, a blonde woman with a very deep voice with about four male Fuckwits arranged around her.

The reprise gangstalkers; there when coming and going and without any rational reason to be doing so, "happening" to be hanging around still, hours later. I know it well. Sometimes they will even change their clothes in these short intervals.

AJH said...

Answer to: The worst part...

No social life is where they want TI's, usually in a single state as well. I had two operatives as supposed girlfriends in Seattle who jerked me around for the time I lived there. Now, if I look at the singles section of dating web sites they will crash the PC. Nothing subtle there. It is such a bizarre series of life constraints that no one other than a TI could tolerate it. (Or, more likely, use it as an excuse to bail out).

Anonymous said...

I've seen that as well: operatives who want to "date" me. It's odd, that some of these "dates" are people I barely know, who all of a sudden want me to take them out. Or, I'm supposed to go on a "double date" with the person and her friend. I'm not sure why, but a common arrangement has me talking to or dating two females at once. Sometimes, there will be drastic differences between the two: blonde/brunnette, older/younger.

Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning the book (Messages in Water). I'll definitely check that one out. And they certainly have this thing about alcohol. I get gangstalked quite heavily and consistently around establishments that serve alcohol. In fact, they had me on a "mission" to buy them food at a bar, twice. So there must be something about bars and places that serve alcohol that is very intriguing to them.

I can honestly say there is definitely something about both Ethyl alcohol and water (and the combination of the two) that has them going nuts. Maybe it's because germs can thrive in water, but not alcohol -- hence, their need to have me buy alcohol for others, so they can have me carry a bottle of liquor in my hand. That's one of their biggest things: give me money, have me buy alcohol for them. They wanted me to walk to the liquor store and get them some sort of beverage, such as Vodka, or in rare occasions, beer. Something about being in close proximity to that bottle of Vodka or whatever while walking is so important.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've seen that as well...

I had some "overlap" with my two girlfriends in Seattle, running both at once. That didn't last more than a week as they both increased the "commitment demands" in the same week! I would imagine the perps are interested in your reactions to dating women and want to compare them simultaneously. It seems the perps are even working on specific look components to fine tune their ability to detect what are Favored/Unfavored features. I like a strong jawline, like Salma Hayek has. It was two weeks ago when the female dentist (50+, attractive though) I see twice per year, was looking at my teeth and asking questions, when the perps planted the notion that her jawline was especially attractive. I was having a total mind panic; 1) I never noticed before so why now, and 2) what was the big deal anyhow and why did this intense (Favored) notion arise? Anyhow, when these kinds of never-before mind-benders "happen", it can only mean one thing; it was planted. But it was the first time they had interfered with my esthetic preferences, and even weighted a feature (jawline) more favorably than I would of myself.

AJH said...

Answer to: thanks for mentioning the book...

There are a number of perp interests with alcohol, and I haven't figured them out by any means. The colors of the bottles and labels are of interest, as is the color of the beverage. (I made wine for some 20 years, and as my life has been totally perp governed, this was no fluke). I suspect there is differing properties of the alcohol in the air as well, either breathed out or volatizing from the glass. And too, it would change one's digestive state, those helpful digestive microbes we have, and food digestion is a huge part of their research. I suspect the microbe energies are masking one's brain energies the assholes are hoping to remotely detect.