Sunday, June 28, 2009

Inadvertent Regular Sunday

I was screwed every which way this morning; a forced "forget" to set the alarm made sure I missed the first Sunday bus to farm/berry picking country. Then the notion was planted that there will be another one in an hour, and an abbreviated breakfast and pack lunch preparation was in order. After the modified breakfast, why, I "happened" to look at the bus schedule and lo, the next bus was at 1330h, making going to the farm pointless from the work perspective. So..., unpack lunch, re-visit breakfast to have coffee, and then do some online time to pass the time before making phone arrangements to change the plan for today. Maximal disruption = perp fuckery. And too, I did phone the foreman about not making it there, excuses, for "some reason" I forgot etc.

A real day off in other words where there wasn't a sense of desparation as to getting the substantial errand list completed like four days ago. (And many of the errands were due to the assholes' sabotage efforts, e.g. trashed wallet replacement). So the re-arrangement was that my mother drove into downtown in the early afternoon and picked me up to then have me drive to visit my father in the old folk's home. We took him to my parent's place, and loafed in the backyard, though he got into his fucking gangstalking poses again. He might not remember his name, but he still knows how to gangstalk somehow.

I caught up on a few things online, planning the next PC upgrade seems to be a high perp priority, even if premature as there are new SATA III mainboards due in the next two months, and it makes sense to wait it out for the new standard. I see that the CPU prices have come down, as well as video cards and storage. It would seem that the perps want any PC upgrade, assuming I have the money for it, to be piecemeal, but in this case they will have to put up with a mainboard, memory, CPU and video card all at once for a new chipset and CPU generation release by Intel. The power supply (PSU) has already been upgraded as of a month ago, but at some point there will be a wholesale upgrade for the components mentioned above, keeping the same storage discs. And my mother can make use of all my old parts, presumably for yet more perp scrutiny on the same hardware (internally) in the family. As the color of everything matters to the perps, nowhere does it matter more than in the PC's wires insulation color and the electrical components, but also the color of copper wire. Hence the greater number of copper colored vehicles they like to chase/gangstalk me with of late.

I have been reading the book "Brain Respiration" that was loaned to me a few days ago by friendly berry pickers. And I discovered (per scripted arrangement) some information that might explain part of the perp's behaviors in seeming to simulate past traumatizations that reside in subconscious recall, and not normal recall as it seems that someone deleted much of my recall when aged two to five. The book indicates that past traumatizations and associations will restrict Chi energy flow. Bingo; the perps are working to have my Chi energy unblocked by the traumatizations they administered (aka tortured and abused) in order to aid their remote detection. In other words, I am getting neurally "repaired" of their inflicted fuckery of over 50 years ago. (I will be 55 next week). But first they must look for my reactions to these emulatory staged events, and then somehow beat it out of me to continue yet more deeper depth fuckery.

And on that note of emulatory traumatization prompts, they did put a man in all white clothing on the bus who made sure to get off at the same stop a me. They know I don't like all white clothed people as much as the dark tinted glass black vehicles that also parade around me in great numbers, but also likely used as a reference color, meaning no reflected colors. As it was a 1957h Sunday city bus, I did get less freaks on board, but at least five passengers going four or less stops for whatever reason, and one who went only one stop. A woman in a white top and black capris sat in front of me for some five minutes and then got off, looking suspiciously like one of the friendly berry pickers I have come to know this past week. As soon as she vacated her seat a black dressed dude in a white ball cap came on board and did his extra stupid head spining activity, pretending to look at things around him when it was all about twisting his spine. Later, and for the last 10 minutes of the bus ride, a woman in a white top and black pants came on board and sat directly aligned behind the dude, some 15' further away. Needless to say, the second woman looked much like the first with the same height, build, clothing colors, and had the same up-do hairstyle. But as she presented only her profile I couldn't be 100% sure it was the same person.

Another doppelganger event on the bus was an E. Indian dude sitting in the transverse seat behind the bus driver for the first 10 minutes of the ride, and where the above mentioned woman in white doppelganger sat. The E. Indian dude reprised his gangstalking in ambulatory form, "happening" to show up on my three block walk back from the bus stop. There must be a new term for double doppelgangers in one city bus trip, especially doing same seat switching.

This will be another short posting as I am heading to bed early to catch up on sleep and keep this two job scenario going. I am sure there is plenty of perp advantages to having this going on, and just to think, "only" one more month of it before the part time car dealership cleaning job is ended. Which is unfortuneate as I expected this to be the job that would keep me in chocolate, this imposed state that serves the perp's brown color games that are endless, and still ongoing.


Anonymous said...

More fodder for the conspiracy files: my perps have this huge thing about people "who are 50", and I couldn't help but notice two famous people who were 50: Willie Mays, and Michael Jackson, dead within days of each other, both seemingly in good health. Both circumstances similar: not feeling well the night before, both died the next day. Two completely unexpected, untimely deaths. I can't help but think that somehow the perps are behind this, seeing as to how they have this bug up their asses about people who are exactly 50.

Anonymous said...

The proof of my perps' fascination with the exact age of 50 can be seen on One operative posted a story on the forums there about her brother, jailed on drug charges at the precise age of 50. Then there are all the product advertisements and store coupons, where 50% off is a huge deal. To cap it off, I have a bottle of syrup here which says "50% extra FREE" on the label. Something about the number 50 has them all excited. 30 is another number, as well as 80, and 85, they love to obsess over. Those numbers are important to them somehow.

I'm sure the autopsy results won't show any sign of perp intrusion, though they are capable of doing this hands-off with their tech.

Anonymous said...

I should point out that my perps aren't interested in people who are under the age of 50 or over 50, but man, people who are 50, that topic is nonstop for them.

Anonymous said...

Perps have me paranoid over commercials. I find myself going to YouTube to see when they first aired, so I can correlate the content to something I experienced in that particular time frame.