Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slide Downs in Chair

I don't know how they do it, but I often find myself having slid down in my chair, and no actual incremental sliding took place. Or any other kind of movement for that matter.

I got screwed out of yoga today, a forced "forget". The big replacement mission seemed to be keeping me house bound for the E. Indian repairman to fix the free spinning cold water faucet in the bath tub. I used vice grips to use it in my shower, and lo, if the manager didn't offer me a pair when later on the phone and telling him the problem. (I didn't mention anything about my use of the vice grips lest he blame me for the valve stem splines being worn down, hence the lack of purchase for the faucet. The repairman fixed it without removing the valve stem, so I wonder what magic he wove to fix it. Perhaps I will find out if I get ambitious.

Which hasn't been the operative word today; these sort-of sleeps and sort-of awake times are being exploited to zap me of any motivation to get on with doing my grant grovelling research, the main morning activity. Reviewing the GIS industry was an eye opener this morning; I not only am I 19 years out of date, but at least a few generations of knowledge of who the local players are. And I see that the price doubled for the courses; that will make the grant grovelling all the more protracted I suspect.

More managed misunderstandings at the part time cleaning job; the "this", "that", "back", "front" and the rest of the managed vague-isms continues with the boss man getting cranked up if the misunderstanding goes more than two rounds, despite his lack of clarity. I get routinely fucked into using vague terms myself, but when the other party contributes it gets to be a real cracker. I don't know why the perps do this, but the First Feral Family outing of 09-2008 just about drove me off a cliff for the relentless setups of speaking at cross purposes.

Yesterday the Sales Manager was speaking to one of his staff, about someone named "John" who was crossing him up and needed to be brought to heel. That is my first name, and from the get-go I knew he wasn't talking about me, being within earshot especially, but I thought it was mighty curious. The Sales Manager has actually used my name to say hello a few times in the last three weeks, and never did in the previous six months. He seems to be on another spell of not using it. I don't know what the deal is about using someone's name or not, but the perps have this one covered too; another detail they are dissecting is the use of one's name, first and last.

Today at the car dealership I had the tubby Salesman doing his gangstalking and gut strut. He was on me at at least six times, twice within the first five minutes, once 50' from the open garage door when filling the mop bucket, and again when I went to close it. He erupted from nowhere it seemed, as I had just rounded a hoist pillar and there he was coming back in from his second trip outside for no seeming reason. A case of getting closer but doing the same thing, backing and forthing through the Service garage door. Then he and the boss man put on a joint gut strut; they converged on each other in the hallway, guts leading, and for one instant there were two male guts pointed at each other. I notice the perps have been making me look at my gut, albeit of lesser mass that the above mentioned individuals, and it could even occur when I am seated, or sliding down in my chair as I web surf. I haven't had any need to look at my gut more often, it is still the same as of 7 years ago, no matter the changes in diet and exercise, either direction. Needless to say, it is fucking tiresome to be hounded all the time and deal with this inordinant level of "coincidences" where the same person keeps "happening" to arrive from behind the next corner, or crossing my path in both directions in short order.

Ear poppings and knee torquings tonight, often with a simultaneous noise from outside that gets through the earmuffs. Enough of this litany for the day, time to post.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of body hair, one time I saw this tough-looking dude on a motorcycle. He had this "heart" shape pattern shaved out of his right shoulder. So, he had a really hair upper arm/shoulder, and the "heart" was where the hair was shaved clean.

Anonymous said...

They love doing that to me... One specific example was yesterday, having a guy come in, wearing a tank top, so I can see the moles/freckles/blemishes on his shoulders and upper back and upper arms, which replicate mine, but to a much greater extent than mine. This "getting me paranoid" act had me checking out my own upper torso to "make sure" I didn't look like that guy. I'm not sure what they were after there, but I figured they were trying to "prove" that I looked and talked like that guy (who was unfavored and kind of weird). On top of that, he appeared to be a low-class addict. Again, not sure if they were trying to "justify" the harassment by "proving" that I was "that guy" who grossed me out. They had a little 9 year old girl come in and say "that's gross", which if I'm not mistaken, was a message from my perps that the previous guy was supposed to gross me out. This girl was acting all hyper, stomping her feet, and moving around back in forth from one side of the room to the next.

Anonymous said...

One of their favorites was to mess with my motor control/finger grip so I dropped and broke a glass full of iced tea or milk. I've learned to "defeat" this capability of theirs by placing my pink under the glass, lessening the chance that it will drop when it slides through my fingers. I also sometimes use two hands instead of one, much like I used to as a small child, to further lessen the chance of my dropping and breaking the glass.

They used to love have me "trip" and drop my cup I was carrying, so that it fell to the pavement, and the black cola ran all over the sidewalk. Yet another stunt was to have perps put water at certain locations on the sidewalk when it was freezing cold out, so that I slipped and fell. These planned fallings had me slip on the perp-created ice, ponder how painful the "landing" was going to be while in mid-air, and finally, land on my back. All the while, a gangstalker in his car was just sitting there at the stop sign, apparently waiting to see if I was "OK", but now I know his waiting till I got up was part of the act.

I also think it's interesting that one time I slipped, my legs were level with my torso, so I was parallel to the sidewalk I would land on a few tenths of a second later. For some reason, those 300 milliseconds seemed to last longer than usual. And I felt like I needed to "ponder" how my landing would feel once I landed. Also, the guy "just happening" to be sitting at the stop sign was odd, too.

AJH said...

Answer to all three of:
Speaking of body hair...
They love doing that to me...
One of their favorites...

The "dudes with tattoos" seems to be a big deal of late, along with downtown bare chested ones.

The pinkie under the glass to prevent downward pull by extra-conventional means. I know it well, I do this all the time now.

The sudden "slip" from vertical to horizontal is another perp favorite; snow, rough trail conditions, and even sabotaged PVC lawn chairs are examples. In the latter case in 2003 when I knew I was being harassed, and didn't know it was from lifelong mind/body/life scripting invasion with abetting family, friends, school employers etc., my long time (thought to be) friend came from Hamilton, Ontario (3,000 mi.)to visit. We were at the back of my parent's place on their PVC furniture, and when it was nearly time to go, suddenly his chair collapsed and he went from sitting to horizontal very fast. And of course I got mind-fucked into thinking it was a faulty chair design at the time, and not the assholes/saboteurs at work, but thankfully he wasn't injured. So it would seem at the time the assholes were attempting to solve some kind of PVC energy interaction and a quick transition from seated to horizontal was expected to aid their research. And now, six years after that incident, the assholes are still driving PVC pipe bearing vehicles ("irrigation services" downtown, har, har) around me all the time, often making corners in front of me etc. Just more fucking senseless pursuits when they could come clean and resolve their research in a tenth of the time. Beserk and unhinged.

Anonymous said...

I saw one guy wearing a cowboy hat walking down the street towards me on the sidewalk. I noticed later that he wasn't really "going for a walk", but one of the gangstalking assholes who very blatantly let me know as such... he got into his car and drove off somewhere near the intersection of a street they used to fuck with me all the time. So, he just parked his car apparently way down the street, just to make it appear to be going for a walk downtown. The parked car was a hint that his "walk" was nothing more than a gangstalking excursion. And an unfavored lookalike of someone who was pissed off at me a year and a half ago.

They have this parade of assholes pre-arranged to walk downtown, apparently working in shifts, so it's a safe guess they are there even when I'm not, just to be "ready" for me when I do go out for a walk. One asshole had a big gut, and was walking with his mouth partially open. The one parked car "walker" got me pissed off by his mere presence, and I started yelling down the street at the asshole. I noticed yet another in a red truck who was slowing down to "observe" my yelling and to keep me under his direct "observation". I've noticed they have this "obervers" in cars looking at me to observe my condition and to keep me in "sight". I guess he would be my "guardian" (apparently) to make sure I was ok and not being attacked by non-operatives (regular non-gangstalking people).

AJH said...

Answer to: I saw one guy wearing a cowboy hat...

Careful about the on-street yelling; you know where that is going. They like to stare at TI's and the street behavior presents a reasonable excuse for the perps, hence the observers in position at the ready. One of today's "vapids" on the city bus was wearing the fugliest cowboy hat I ever saw; it was black and white in the form of hide off a cow. It make me ill enough to look out the window for the 20 minutes he was on the bus.

eagledove9 said...

I think that when vibrations or slippings occur, it might be caused by ultrasound. I don't know much about this, and all that I know, I learned at this site (which you have probably already read) .

I also have the 'sliding down in the chair' phenomenon. I can feel it before it happens, because it seems that they're shooting the edge of my skin with something just before they create the buzzing, vibrating phenomenon that makes it feel like you slipped.

I think that they have two beams of ultrasound waves, and when the two beams cross at a particular target point, it creates the buzz or clicking noise at that location. This is only my very vague, simplified understanding of how it's done, and I could be totally wrong about it.

When they do that to a glass you're holding in your hand, it will make you drop it. They did that to me a week or two ago, because I had recently been thinking/writing about how soda is bad for your health and your teeth... and I bought a can of soda (which I don't usually do, but I was desperate, since I had to get something quickly during a break at work), was just about to drink it, felt a 'buzz' against my fingers, and it suddenly slipped out even though I was holding it securely. It spilled all over the edge of the table. They were 'making a point' about how I shouldn't drink soda.

I interpret a lot of those things as being caused by sound waves. In a way, that's optimistic, because blocking sound waves with a shield might be easier to do than a lot of other hypothetical methods of attacks. I wouldn't know how to block anything magnetic, and blocking electromagnetic fields isn't really easy either. But with sound waves there might be hope. So, if it were true, it could be kind of a good thing.

On a lighter note... I can't stand black-and-white cow hats either. I know someone who has a hat like that and I can't understand why on earth he would want to wear that thing.

take care...

AJH said...

Answer to: I think that when vibrations...

The technology the perps use is beyond us mortals, and they often have many methods to accomplish the same thing. I don't get the notion of "making a point" very often; I see it as a hostile act and react accordingly, as in rage-ified. I wonder if the perps are scripting and planting that didactic scenario of a "lesson" as another TI mentions this very phrase. The black and white cowboy hat patches are of course no light, and all light and provide a color reference range for them to use in whatever way they do. Much like putting four 1/4" balls of black fluff around my crotch tonight while being online.
Thanks for the comments.