Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Picking in the Rain

And of course I "forgot" to look at the forecast and pack my rain gear today. Pouring much of the time, and the strawberry picking was suspended at 1000h. Then onto some 6 acres of weed picking along the poly covered rows where the strawberry plants from holes. Plenty of polyethylene contact for the perps it would seem. Forty minutes of putzing with garbage bags at the cleaning job isn't enough contact time with this substance, and pollutant. Seemingly, pollutants such a this give the perps no end of problems, in their remote magnetic energy field immersion games. (Me, in the densified EMF field, recently measured and pictured a few weeks ago, over 2,000 gauss). The perps tell me that many of these pollutants have unexpected quantum behavior, and that is why they need to parade PVC pipe bearing vehicles around me all the time. Ask me if I care, and nor do I have any information as to how they are dealing with the problem; cleaning up my internal pollutants, or attempting to get a handle on their quantum behaviors.

And also, the perps would like to be able to model soil contact and minor uptake through one's skin. Last year they would puncture the glove finger tips while on the conveyor sort line. Today's weed pulling was by hand, but I happened to have protective gloves, so there was relatively little direct soil contact and absorption. All very exciting stuff for a perp sicko.

I just got sabotaged writing an email to my berry picker pals. The perps have foiled the Select, Copy, Paste action, and I cannot copy URL's for them. Fucking beserk bullshit. Now they are nailing me with mouse control slowdown, where the mouse isn't reacting as it should. And too, I am being kept in a tired and barely awake state. Perhaps that is my hint to post this.

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