Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Shirtless First

A sweltering morning, even if the sun didn't penetrate the curtain and this E. facing apartment. And of course this was exploited to give me the Pseudosweats, this intense outpouring of seeming sweat that I get stiffed with on any hot day between May and September. Though mostly, it is an indoor phenomenon, and today was no exception. By breakfast I was getting it soaking my shirt, and after showering the assholes laid on more. And since my shirt hadn't dried from the breakfast round I kept it off. This amazing change in normal protocol was a first, and lasted for at least the first 1.5 hours of online activity. Anyhow, I suspect this will be a continuing avenue of perp research, and no doubt it will happen again. They put me through varying sun tanning tests in 1999 to 2003 (booths and au naturel), and then stopped all of it since then. The only associated clue is that they had me get tan-through shirts last month after a 4 week duration of fucking delivery. So who knows, it looks like the first step in a long sequence of the assholes learning about the effects of sunlight on one, and too, the neutrino rays from that same source that can apparently get through solid materials like concrete and even the earth's crust. I don't particular give a shit about their sub-atomic particle research agenda, I just want to be left alone. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon when they have tagged me for their solar energy body interaction research. As if mere seven years of mind control research wasn't enough life rape insanity.

Another near-sleep while seated jerkaround after lunch, and then I did nap for 30 minutes. All to keep me active so yet more noise can be directed at me. Nothing but loud mufflered vehicles and motorcycle noise getting through my earmuffs for the entire day so far. A shut-in until I head to the part time car dealership cleaning job. If it is like any other time I will be heavily gangstalked walking there, a 10 min. walk. Two days ago they put on four native Indians standing in a cluster at the 80' away pedestrian intersection, and then halfway down the block another native Indian doing some kind of street theater, just oddly standing in mid sidewalk, head hanging low. I usually get gangstalkers putting on an act, but this was a rare instance of posing and then holding it, which has been commonplace for other victims. It is the third street theater stunt I have had since 2002.

No more Pseudosweats, though having afternoon tea just about brought it on, even if there is no direct sunlight in this apartment.

And plenty of plasmic color augmentation of late; yellowized text, blue or purple edging for the dinner plates, and the odd brown glimpse of seeming gratuitous purpose. I was allowed to stumble upon the name of Walter Russell and his writings earlier. I suppose his "natural laws" have a fit with what the perps are pursuing, and it is interesting that the talks about a deity, quoting: "The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is to intensify one’s conscious awareness by much aloneness and companionship with God while manifesting Him in every moment and in every task of life." There we go, bible thumping now injected into the TI's abuse scene. Bring in the priest perverts, as I suspect is part of the ongoing strife and duress the perps like to inflict, especially on children. I just want to be left alone, but this isn't good enough for some sick assholes.

I am getting dociled into blogging less; that trademark demotivated enervation suckdown, a perp staple in my case. A new-to-me TI site, Electronic Harassment is a Hate Crime, aka Electronic Abuse. I don't know who is behind it, but they capture the tone of TI harassment very well. I haven't got my head around the term, "electronic abuse" yet; all this extra conventional gravitic fuckery is likely delivered by electronic means, just as the densified electromagnetic fields I am kept in (500 gauss, over 1,000 mW/m**2, magnetic and electric respectively, both recent measurements, see Microwaved blog posting). There is the gangstalking abuse which is not electronic, there is the inflicted pain which might be electronic, there is the scripting of vehicles, colors, and coincidences which is not electronic and then there is the definition of abuse in question too; is an arranged coincidence abuse or not if it does no physical harm? I don't know all the answers, so I call it all by various terms; life rape, life trashing, and a few others more profane terms. Any ideas as to a encompassing name out there among my internauts? (Assuming I have more than one, as the site statistics were suspect once and I pulled the site read feature). I do have one faithful commenter, and I am grateful for that.

A grim day for no compelling reasons, save the odd intense rage-fication fuckover game at breakfast that was allowed to pervade the rest of the day, mood-wise. And the relentless fucking loud mufflered vehicle noise; ill maintainted mufflers, so-called performance mufflers and the loathesome two cycle motorcycle noise. Both at my apartment and coming through the earmuffs, and then a round when at the part time cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, especially if plastic objects were in hand and when running the vacuum cleaners. The nap attack was totally useless, and seemed to beget me some yellow dressed gangstalkers on the way back from the car dealership. (Yellow colored top blanket on the bed).

This one is done for the day, and another round begins tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The "just standing there and holding it" poses: I get them all the time. I get those people standing there lurking on the sidewalks, presumably gawking into store windows, but I know what they're up to. And they always do the "hanging the head" thing for me, which I always interpreted as a subliminal for "hanging" or suicide. And of course, let's not forget about the plethora of "skin types" and skin blemishes, all categories, such as moles, and others I strongly dislike. They know I hate it when a person has a big mole on the back of the leg, near where the "crease" is where the knee bends. Of course, it figures they would send in a girl with exactly those features. And they had me looking at soles of feet, as well as the degree of "arch". They told me they were working on "flat-foots" and arched feet, to test my reaction to those degrees of foot "quality". They used to have girls come in with big ugly moles on feet and hands, too, as well as the usual people showing off their bulging veins in their arms and hands.

AJH said...

Answer to: The "just standing there...

Many of the "just standing there" ones have a pretense of waiting for someone. The head hanging down act seems to be (IMHO) having the operative's head energies (chakras) in a substantially different position to effect more energy interaction with the passing TI victim. Just my take on it.

Funny they are all over you with moles on the gangstalking shills and operatives. I get tattoos mostly, and that might be from witnessing tattoo-ed and head shaved subjects during the total blank-out years, 2 to 5 years old.

Anonymous said...

It's very difficult to take all of this... I'm sure you've gotten the popcorn all over the sidewalk stalking? Last night a couple, walking a baby in a stroller, doing the "standing there" act. Looked like a high school dropout -- or just a very young couple w/baby. The girl said something involving -head. It was one of those ambiguous-sounding compound words again. When I returned on my walk back, I found popcorn all over the sidewalk in a large pile. The box it came in was torn up, and left on the sidewalk so I could clearly see the "popcorn" wording. Apparently more psychological harassment on their part. They do a fair amount of psychological harassment to me.

Again, sometimes they will go a little easy on me... oftentimes, they tell me outright "not gonna happen", meaning I will get fucked full force with operatives, gangstalkers, "questioning" and "interviews", and the whole ball of wax. If I don't "go along" with their harassment, I get blasted with some kind of energy wave to my head, sapping my energy and making me feel groggy. I guess you could call that a skullfucking, since sex acts make one tired, and it did occur to my head.

They typically psychologically harass me with word associations, so that one word may associate with something very shocking and negative. It all depends on how sadistic the perps are who are "on duty" at the time. And like you said, having a reaction isn't the best thing to do, but I surely can't help it with the extent that I get harassed in open spaces.

Anonymous said...

Ah, just an addendum to my last post--- I guess the operative mentioning a word ending in -head was a hint I was going to get blasted in the head with some kind of energy wave. Boy, did that one ever take the energy out of me. I was on my "walk" at the time. Oh well, I can't stay in forever, even if they do have a "clear shot" at me.

I see the local university just started up a "Music and Technology" program, a Masters degree. I just know my perps want me enrolled in this program. The timing of this program is just so odd... imagine how many years they tried to get this program off the ground, and all of a sudden, boom, there it is.

I suppose they want me composing music, doing computer science, producing/recording music in the studio, all in one program of graduate study. It seem the act of composing music will get those fuckers all wet in the pants with excitement, and the technology part uses the left brain as well. This field involves both left and right brain cooperation at the same time, and separately sometimes, with the left brain (the tech part) and the right part (the emotion from the music), and sometimes left/right simultaneous cooperation. seems music is both emotional and technical, which is bound to get my perps all excited.

Anonymous said...

Got some blabbermouths gangstalking me in one fast-food place. This one guy was saying: "He seems like a real decent guy; I'd be willing to cut him some he can hang himself". Exactly what he said. What could the purpose of such blatant insults be? I figure to stimulate some fear factor/anger response.

AJH said...

Answer to:
It's very difficult...
Ah, just...
Got some blabbermouths...

I don't get the popcorn dumps very often, not even once a year. Though what I do get is extra road line paint, some 3-5' wide and dribbled for a kilometer or so, usually on one side of the driving track. I also get white powder "spills" indoors at the car dealership job.

The music interest of the perps might have something to do with it being heard in a different part of the brain. (And who knows, if all the conspiracy-speak about embedded messages is true, then it would be perfectly natural for the perps to have an abiding interest in music).

The topic of death, demise and the rest of it is of utmost importance to the perps, and it doesn't matter who, how many, or cause. They just cannot get enough of this.