Sunday, June 14, 2009

Short Shift

A short blog posting as I will be heading off to the First Feral Family doings in the early afternoon, and stay there until Monday morning. I suppose there might be some gardening work to do there, and that is all for the good to keep my finances in a hole, but not a deeper hole than what is already dug by this insane chocolate habit the assholes have tagged me with.

Laundry got done earlier, always a big deal for assholes. They now like scripting some hang-to-dry clothing in the load too; most gets tumbled in the dryer, but a few thin synthetic shirts get hung up in the bathroom. Endless permutations on laundry. Last week they arranged for one sock to be "overlooked" in the washing machine, and so when it came time to put the dry clothes away, one sock was missing. I duly retrieve it and then needing to expedite its drying, I put it on the warm concrete surface of the balcony. I suppose it was a huge deal for the sickos to have pair mate socks, one tumble dried in a dryer, and the other air dried on a hot concrete slab, and then have them put together as a pair. And then sometime this week I wore this pair of socks, and I am sure something exciting will erupt for the perps in all their arcane microscopic inspection of all permutations and combinations and juxtapositions and provenance of all things. A mouthful, but it does cover the nature of their exploits/research.

And my perp abetting mother arranged her usual Sunday phone call to stall me on putting the last two folded shirts together in the drawer. So for the roundabout conversation another big perp event, having two folded shirts sitting on the bed for a few extra minutes while the phone call ensued with the usual variable time commitments that are now my mother's stock in trade.

The Pseudosweats erupted this morning at breakfast, and today, it was a first; having me change pants, shirt, underwear and socks after showering. A total clothing change, partially to expedite laundering, but a first as normally they like me to keep one item on to serve as some kind of reference for the pre-shower clothing choices (during breakfast) and the post-shower clothing changes.

More bizarre dreams late, just before get up at 0700h. And a very technical one; they wanted me to purchase an $350 Intel Core i7 920 CPU for my next computer upgrade, but have it sitting idle until the motherboard part, into which it fits a socket, is availible. (This particular 920 model is slated to be discontinued even if it represents the least expensive CPU to upgrade to a new CPU architecture). So here we have one of the most complex electronic artifacts commercially manufactured sitting in the residence of one of the most life sabotaged victims until such time it can be tested, months later. Lets see; how does one quantify risk, if not a bizarre planted notion that would get zero consideration if I was awake?

But it is similar to the last unplanned PC upgrade in 08-2006; the CPU was ordered by me from Ontario to arrive at the PC builders while they bullshited me for at least three more weeks over which motherboard was availible, and related follies to extend the duration between CPU arrival and its eventual mounting in the motherboard. And to add to the mix, there was some prior six to eight months of planning the next PC components, and lo, if it didn't all get tossed with the plans being unavailible (on the PC, har, har) and the PC maintenance shop was Intel only (an AMD CPU system was the selected choice at the time). And still, I have no idea as to what this summer's vocational plans for me are which would enable me to begin such an aquisition. Same old same inanity.

But it does demonstrate that my PC components are under close scrutiny as to their respective timing of aquisition and installation. And I suspect that the colors of wires, circuit boards and all of the electronic components are of vital interest to the assholes, and that they aren't relenting anytime soon as to their ongoing research.

Other orchestrated mind planted notions today have been envisioning (aka, per planted thoughts) as myself as an interview subject and then answering the questions, again planted, but as if coming from the interviewers. The perps like this scenario, and the few interviews that I have given (in real life) have all been exercised/exploited in this same way, often for over a year later. They also do this in advance of doctor appointments as well. Some of the questions end up being rehearsals as I come to find out, and many others aren't brought up. And of course, there are questions that were not anticipated in this mind-fuck way of planting them in advance.

The post lunch nap attacks are coming on again. Keeping me seated and watching the LCD, and then applying an near state of sleep, and even missing the re-display of some pages. Too, a vertical center 1" band is colored with brighter white and moves a little between each look. The overhead rumbling noise also accompanies these soporific moments.

Due for imminent pick up, so this is it for today.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've got one of those mechanical wind-up mantle clocks here, 3-key w/chimes. I suppose that is a great interest for the perps as well, despite not having any electrical parts. The clock guy who was supposed to "fix" it, kept it for like 2 months, and said, well, it runs OK. So he wound up doing nothing, save for keeping the damned thing for a while.

I've noticed they like to have me drop at least one shirt or one article of clothing by messing with my finger control. Same with socks... I get one sock dropped, the other I manage to get hung up. Something about dropping wet clothes on the floor must be important.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, I've got one of those...

The perps cannot get enough sock action, whatever they get from that. Supposedly, there are chakra energies coming out our heels.

Anonymous said...

And, I'm sure you're familiar with the people that just happen to "know each other" wherever you go. Yesterday, went to one place, stacked with perps that looked the same in all corners. One couple shows up. Later, one of the perps who'd been there for a while came up to the couple and was like "Hey! I didn't see you come in! You guys snuck in the back door!" Oddly enough, I had snuck in the back door also. I find myself the target of "overheard" conversations like this which "lets me know" about my "situation", such as what route I took to get there, which door I came in, etc. And again, talk about "yeah he's a pretty decent guy", just like before. When I get these people, I find that the guy will pause sometimes, like he's trying to "remember his lines". This time, the people "just happening to eat there" were rationalizing why they needed to be there in the first place. Such as: "Yeah, I'm on break from working", like they needed to stress they were, in fact, working, not gangstalking, as though the the perps needed me to overhear this. Same with the couple. "Oh yeah, I do work, but I just had this one teensey weensey day off, so I came here".

My reaction: Yeah right. Like they weren't "lined up" to arrive there. I've noticed that with a lot of my gangstalkers: it seems some legitimately were "passing by" and stopped, but get the strong suspicion they were "dispatched" there via cell phone or text message. I've also researched some of my gangstalkers, who claim to be "working", but when I look into it, they are just unemployed bums, or never had a job in the first place. Like the one "friend" of mine who claimed to be working at my local college, but when I researched, turns out he lied. And another former tormentor who comes in and tells me he "has to get up for work in the morning". I asked one of his friends, and confirmed it was a bullshit cover story. Probably rationalizing why he needed to be there, or to hide the fact that he was on the perps' payroll.

My perps seem to do that a lot: have people claim to be working, but it's just an excuse for them to be there where I'm at. Or maybe it's to test my reaction to a patently unrealistic bullshit claim that they'd be employed somewhere. They love to have people say things which are 180 degrees strongly patently absurdly false, maybe to test my reactions to bullshit claims.

Maybe you have a term for that. Maybe simply bullshitters will suffice?

AJH said...

Answer to: And, I'm sure you're familiar...

I call these "happenchance" meetings, that occur inordinantly frequently in my proximity to be "Cheer-sing". That is, like the sitcom "Cheers", where someone would show up in the bar and invariably they would know someone there and strike up a conversation. I don't think anyone else uses this term, but I should make sure it is in my Glossary.

These Cheers-ing events give the sickos an opportunity to change up their distance dependence between you and them, and do posing for a time, not unlike the "just stand there" acts on the street, but with a social cover story.

As for the topic of work, employment, hiring, firing, and the entire concept of paid labor, the perps are totally nuts about it, and often noisestalk me each time I apply for a job online. What they are doing by weaving it into their (scripted IMHO) conversations is name dropping terms that are associated with this concept, hoping to correlate their detected energy interactions with similar stunts they pull on me and other TI's, and anyone else that might be monitored (especially if laid off recently, and looking for work).

As for being sloppy about having a solid cover story, I don't know why they like us TI's to "find out", and too, make it relatively easy to do so. Often, at the moment of finding out, either truth or a lie, they will noisestalk me, tipping me off that this is a highly researched moment for which they want to remotely detect one's energetics of determination. (And the energetics will likely be different for each outcome).

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of curious about these "recognition" events too; there mus be something about the act of "recognizing" that sends a large energy spike. Maybe its duration is very short, necessitating the need for several recognition events in a row case they don't capture the first, second, etc. Now, the art of a musician being able to "play by ear" is a curious thing in itself, and the act of "matching pitches" in ones mind must have to do with some sort of correlation function built into the brain somewhere, although music and sound storage must be somewhere in a different part of the brain.

When I studied electrical engineering, I was introduced to the "autocorrelation function". I wonder if recognition involved some sort of retrieval/computation process, or if it is some other magic? This autocorrelation is used all the time in robotics, and it involves the computation of a sequence of data against the "known" sequence. So maybe that's why the perps make such a huge deal out of recognition games, with the doppelgangers. They also have gangstalkers with immediately familiar voices of people I know. Again, important recognition games for them.

So maybe recognition is mathematical instead of some sort of neural magic, and that's why the perps spend a huge amount of time with it (doppelgangers, etc.).

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm kind of curious about these...

Recognition events are still highly noisestalked anytime I recognize something they didn't expect. I would argue that it is an energetic event, aka "large energy spike" as you term it, and the perps are attempting to remotely detect the precise energetic correlates from the parts of the brain they are researching. That would be the reason for doppelgangers in part, but also I suspect there are deeper energetics that are tied to the individual, and that they are attempting to determine them, no matter how the person looks or if you even recognize them. Hence the staring that might serve to be a singular attempt to elicit these core individual energetics that go past recognition.