Sunday, June 21, 2009

Strawberry People

A very short posting tonight as I am whacked out from strawberry picking all day, and then a city bus trip back into downtown where there was two gangstalkers with strawberry like clothing colors; one sat behind the driver and the other was outside on a bicycle, sticking near the bus to get some kind of inside-outside the bus color testing. The one on board even had a soft reflective sheen to her down coat, like a real strawberry.

And this followed from a pre-arranged fuckup; my mother was to pick me up at 1630h, normal quitting time, but "as it so happened" the foreman shut down the job 45 min. early for no apparent reason. What to do for 45 min.? Why, accept an offer from a couple who are residing in an RV on the farm site, and have a beer with them and exchange conpiracy theories, books of like interest and documentaries of recent public interest. This is the couple where the male has extra long straggly blonde hair, but is very personable and interesting to talk to. The lent me a book, and I am due to lend them one of mine tomorrow. Anyhow, I am sure there were a host of perp objectives in all of this personable interaction, a relative first in many years. In order, likely perp interests were: having me change out of my wet pants into my blue jeans while in the RV, sit next to the native Indian who also shared out conspiratorial take on world history, have a beer while famished, have the woman play with her boyfriend's straggly hair and tie it into a short ponytail (reducing the face-on profile of his hair, something the perps like to do), exchanging pieces of paper with our respective handwriting on them, and having one's shoes off on-site. All fascinating event for the perps, given their research predilections that have incorporated these elements in many past gangstalkings and harassment events.

Then a round of fuckery unfolded when walking back to the road where my mother was to be at 1630h. The farm owner told her we all left and weren't around. So, she is gone when I get to the road, and then by dint of borrowing the phone pages and the phone, I left a message at my brother's place where we were headed after pick up. This confusion/FUD seeded plenty of angst for a few minutes, and lo, if my mother didn't pull up as I was about to wait for 30 minutes or so. She said she drove down to the bus stop to see if I was there, then came back. Later in the evening, I checked the phone messages and she made the call from her place. More fucking pointless games.

Then when driving, she says that dinner at my in-town brother was cancelled, and that we would go back to her place. OK, another change in plan, but I am used to this. The trip back was Royal Gangstalking with vehicles parked all over, and surging around me, often in clusters of the same colors, four at a time. I will spare the details, but it was about the most concentrated effort yet, though for the most part, the vehicles were parked in files and clusters, often on the front lawn and packed into the driveway, all to get the color cluster configuration then wanted at each location. And yes, there was lots of red, and of course, strawberry red too. Part of the driving route had hosted a triathalong earlier in the day, and I suspect this might of fed the perp plans as well.

Enough for tonight, I am bagged and off to bed.

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