Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Early Noise Assault

The noise barrage started early this morning, before getting up at 0630h. Once up, I looked out for road traffic, and for the most part there was none. Not even the trucks and buses that made up for the apparent noise sources. The sickos had me especially cranked up about it, and then kept up the annoyances while making and eating breakfast. The usual stunts; faked noise of no ostensible cause, pulling the peanut butter off the knife, imposed finger fumbling, pulling items from my grasp, sending me to the wrong drawer or item, flicking water from no apparent source and the like. Only forty rage-ifications worth before heading to the bathroom for the shower, shave and dental hygiene routine, whereupon another twenty rage-fications were inflicted. The most gratuitous was whacking me in the dick with no apparent source. Typically, towel drying is used as an excuse to whack me, but I am now allowed to habitually control the loose end of the towel in daily anticipation of this insane stunt, and today was the same; the towel wasn't even applied in that particular region, wasn't even in motion, and then today, some unseen force field whacked me in the dick. Just like the towel games of years back. And the new razor blade today was allowed to cut cleanly, not always the case. But given the amount of perp interest in shaving every day, and the increasing abuse each day while this activity progresses, I was not surprised to see some 15 or so bleeding "cuts" on my torso, part of the shaving regimen. These are inflicted lesions, usually ovoid in shape, and erupt a few minutes after shaving and without any apparent source. They are not shaving cuts, as no pain or sensation occured when the razor was passing over, and are not the shape of a razor nick. And, it is nearly impossible to cut oneself with a modern day safety razor, and I am doing nothing odd to cause it to "happen". I suspect there are a few aims involved in this 5x weekly bloodletting; bringing various different blood sources to the skin surface; deep red unoxygenated blood and bright red blood side by side from the inflicted surficial lesions just doesn't compute. The second objective is probably the study of the trace absorption of the stypic pencil content, (anhydrous aluminum sulfate), how I staunch the blood lesions each time. And it has been noted in past blog postings that the sickos can prevent the stypic pencil from acting if they want, say, a 20 minute bloodletting to continue unabated, save applying pressure to the wound. (I have had spontaneous late evening time blood surges from a pore in my nose (no shaving association), whereby the blood is arranged to be exactly in my peripherial vision, and a stypic pencil will not work for some reason, only consistently applied pressure after some 20 minutes). Anyhow, perhaps this is all a warm up before I walk the gangstalker gauntlet into downtown, a whole two blocks, and deposit my paycheck as well as get more quarters for the laundry machine. Regular readers will know that financial transactions of any kind, including loading said quarters in the laundry machines, will be noisestalked, gangstalked or otherwise perturbed for some arcane but relentless benefit for the sickos. Just another morning in fucking living hell.

I did the gangstalk gauntlet; the usual freakshow and then the dayglo shirted woman holding the coffee cup in front of her, (aka, Coffee Corps member) inserted herself 10' in front of me just when the dayglo orange spots on the sidewalk started, about every 5' to 10' or so, for some 60' of sidewalk. That is, until I walked past her and then had the dudes' obstacle course, all five with turned backs and presenting a circituitous path to get past as they had staggered themselves across the 8' of sidewalk, all outside the bus shelter, and seemingly waiting for the bus. I got to the teller with the blue streak in her black hair, and then some matching blue on her clothing, and got my rolls of coins and deposited the paycheck. The Hispanic or Asian gangstalking male seems to be featured more often of late, and having one arrive at the next bank teller seems to replicate my experiences of yesterday on the city bus freakshow. No big deal, and I was out of the bank fast enough to witness "camping season" parked at the yellow line at the adjacent and busiest pedestrain intersections, Fort and Douglas streets. Then another 20' camper joined it in the adjacent traffic lane to be in place when the pedestrian traffic control changed for me and and my accumulated gangstalkers to pass in front of both of them. I had a mid-block attractive blonde woman gangstalker, and then the freaks (Unfavored demographic group members), filed in behind her; the dayglo dressed, the arm flinging males, the skinhead males, the vagrant males, big hats, careening walkers and a few others. Then a male blue gut (shirt) strut where I made the corner, also on Coffee Corps duty, and it was the full meal deal; freakshow a la carte. And while waiting at last pedestrian crossing on my way back, another MIB holding coffee cup in hand (again), who arrived soundlessly behind me, an increasing trait these days. For one of the few times in three years I didn't have a Monday shit (yesterday), so that might explain why the assholes were so heavy on the brown coffee packing this morning. One never quite knows for sure as they are working so many simultaneous themes. I wonder if their gangtalkers are "shit coordinated", as in having bowel movements coordinated with mine? And too, maybe their food intake.

And part of the fuckery is to make sure that I am extra reactive, as in mind-controlled "response" to the freaks, especially male skinheads of late. They are working this theme assiduously of late; not only the shiny pate style, but also moderated with 1/4" buzzcut to give the same head shape a softer reflection and coarser reflection lines. I had a three times reprising male skinhead last night when walking back and in the grocery store; as a lead-ahead gangstalker, who then "happens" to meet his vagrant pals in a cluster, and chats to them while I pass by on W. bound directions, and then again in the grocery store, "happening" to pass me by this time on a S. bound direction. The orthogonality of the gangstalking is very important to the sickos, and in the most obvious scenarios the fuckers will circle me if they can. Or else, circle one of their own, such as the bizarre driving stunt of three months ago when one of them circled the other standing in one place in a parking lot with vehicle with an open door at least three times when I was waiting for someone to arrive. This was some 70' away and opposite the apartment building, and was one of the more spectacular pieces of orchestrated public idiocy I have seen to date. They arrived at the parking lot like they were buddies, and one gets in the vehicle and the other doesn't, and stands there for the other to circle him with the vehicle.

Another cock-up with the local TI who I am not sure about. I was to video her taking measurements on her EMF instruments but that plan got changed on me as she was obsessed over getting the images from her IR camera onto a TV and then to videotape. After an hour's tumult there was no cable to port from the IR detection scope to the video recorder. Then some chocolate covered cookies she insisted on before I departed, and lo, if there wasn't yet another heavy gangstalker show, many of them in mid-brown colors, not just the tentative light brown. The latter was the subject of much gangstalking when I had tea with milk in it, which I would of never had on my own, and consequent gangstalking by sickos when I departed. The entire deal seems to be a big gangstalker show after I exit the place.

More pictures from this afternoon's meter readings below. All taken today, 06-16-2009, readings are in milliWatts per m**2. The normal background level should be 7.0, and here we have readings over an order of magnitude higher. Readings of 1996 is close to the maximum on the meter, 2,000, and then the meter seems to get controlled within 20 seconds of so to a normal background level. Something is terribly strange about such high readings, even if supposedly momentary, which I don't think they are. Readings of 1,996 831, 119 are highly anomalous in my expectations, though if someone knows something I don't, let me know. The latter two pictures show the two differing kinds of aerials/sensors that can be mounted on the power density flux meter; the glass and LED tipped (strange too) gigahertz aerial to 2Ghz, and the "tree" aerial which measures Mhz frequencies. The extra arm on the Ghz aerial has a variable slider which can be used to sample specific frequencies.

More recollections from the bank visit this morning. The teller had black hair with a 2" blue streak in it, and bare arms with at least a 100 slash marks on them, healed 1 to 3" healed scars that were parallel, all the way up her forearm to past her elbow. If that wasn't freaky enough, there was a sudden maser/plasma event in front of her that was placed over her scars which acted like anchoring points (lines actually) for the striated maser/plasma beams that were parallel. That is the best I can describe it, as it only lasted a few seconds or so, but it seemed that the astonishing parallel scar lines on both arms were for the purposes of matching to a maser/plasma pattern (striated and parallel) that was expanded beyond her arms to 12" either side of them, covering her front. The blue hair streak was a little odd, but I really didn't think anything of it until I get back to my place and a same blue plasma beam "arrived" in front of my door as I was putting the key in the lock.

Two guitar stalker dudes in the last partial block before I got back to my place. They were seemingly indendent, but there were at least two yesterday in differing gangstalk scenarios, bus and later a vagrant act with a grocery cart. I wonder why all these troubadors are erupting around me? And I see some are now slinging electric guitars in cases instead of acoustic guitars. I wonder why.

Some minor bullshit at the cleaning job tonight; I used the quieter vacuum cleaner to clean some 20' away from the nearest customer and then only for some 20 seconds or so, before shutting it down. The Sales manager came out to say that there was customers everywhere so could I refrain from using it. I complied, as I have been vigilant in the past about how close I should be if vacuuming. Anyhow, the boss man later asks me to dry mop the hallway and I ask him where to sweep it too, as the vacuum cleaner is needed to suck it all up after the moppings have been concentrated in one location. I duly comply, and run the vacuum cleaner for all of 10 seconds to get rid of the moppings and a Salesman is all over me. So, anyhow, it wasn't a big angst issue, but I have to wonder why the boss man set me up to violate the Sales manager's request, which I had told him about. I suspect I will hear more about it tomorrow and the start time for the job might be delayed by 30 minutes, very possibly to catch the sun directly in my face in the W. when I finish up. The perps make no end of this scenario, often placing their Unfavored gangstalkers to be highly backlit so I only make out the merest of features. And perhaps it will facilitate me to do a day job somewhere. We shall see.

The other odd thing going on at the part time cleaning job is that the boss man has long contended it is a 1.5 hour job, and that he resents that the Sales manager wants to only pay for a 1.0 hour job (x2, for 2.0 manhours). But of late, the boss man has been coming for only 45 minutes, which is most strange as why would he purposely work shorter hours if he is attempting the manager he needs to work for longer? Just another oddity along the way, and I suspect it has more to do with the perp's agenda and who they want to gangstalk me with, for how long, where and the rest of the myriad of variables they maintain on my behalf.

I did have one of the staff on me for at least 5x tonight, gangstalking or otherwise preceding me to my next intended location. It is fucking bizarre to have all these assholes knowing where one is going next. Then this bullshit played out again with a gangstalker dude arriving in a vehicle ahead of me by 15' and then leading me into the LD store. I split and looked for other items, and when I went to the Rx counter he was there. He gets his Rx in a minute or so, and then departs for the last time. I cannot get over how many gangstalkers are covering me for sometimes 100's of feet on-street distance and then keep showing up at my destination. It would seem the sickos are looking for some outside to inside (or vice versa) gangstalker continuity. Much like the boss man is batting .950 for "showing up" at the same grocery store after the cleaning job as I am.

Here is a gimme that tells me what the perps are working on, or perhaps have even finished up; If The Shoe Flits, Duck: Real-life Example Of Humans' Dual Vision System. Or more correctly, Threat Assessment is separate from one's vision system. I knew that some time ago as the perps keep working on feigning threat assessment by having their thuggy weirds coming toward me and then turning back for some bizarre reason. Almost all of them aren't looking at me when doing this, but looking past me at absolutely nothing. I predict they will start on the threatening looks before long. A quote from the article;

"There is no way the brain can possibly process and analyze everything we are exposed to. We have to select what is important. In the real world you are on your own and what you pay attention to is part of survival. This experiment shows that threatening stimuli grab your attention, even those we can't consciously identify. That this is more accurate than our conscious perception is pretty amazing."

Well duh; after being hounded for over seven years by beserk assholes with an amoury that is out of Star Wars, one gets very threat sensitive. And if there are the 50 year old putative childhood traumatizations that the assholes couldn't erase entirely until the past year, then the fuckers are dutybound to put on these feigned threats and jerkarounds until they have figured out how deep they carved the traumatizations. Just leave me the fuck alone and fill up the bank account. Fucking now is long overdue.

Did I post this link earlier and get mindfucked out of my normal recollections? I might have as there has been other such events this week, but here is the link (again), and is by a TI whoe is very much fucking fed up, like all of us. Electronic Harassment is a Hate Crime. It is worse than that; it is depraved invasion down to one's thoughts, and autonomic body processes for nonconsensual gain. They called this concentration camp once upon a time, but even then, they didn't go that far, or at least overtly. It is my sneaking suspicion that past (and current) wars are nothing but a wide-scale perp nonconsensual experimentation show, obviously in more violent form, and often life terminating. And here we get all this alien talk (nonsense, IMHO) about how humans are so violent and they need to be dociled to be cooperative on a permanent basis. And who might of fomented these conflicts for ulterior motives in the first place? That was my little conspiracy rant for the month, and I don't usually go there, but every so often I am somehow compelled to do so.

Another perp "dropping"; tunable colors by magnetic interaction. Like so what; all day I deal with an imposed perversion of the entire physicality of my existence, usually with malevolent intent and adverse outcome, and I am supposed to find such "nano-putzing" interesting?

More ponderings of the earlier visit to the TI and the cross purposes confusion as to what was to be accomplished and then finding out it couldn't be done in any event as a vital porting cable was lost. Is she a perp's cooperating TI, or is she a total quisling, or is she a controlled plant? I don't know, but offering me two tone brown/chocolate cookies before I departed smacks of deliberate perp arrangement. I thought I had this one done with, as in having no more contact, but then she bought all those interesting instruments and the EMF detection they offered that you have seen in today's pictures, and from last week. Enough rambling about cookies and the rest of it, maybe I should call it off for good.

This one is done, and onto whatever fuckover games and stunts that are scripted. And as I typed that, a total tab/site change was imposed by other means than me, or any keystroke sabotage.

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