Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Traffic Jams at Nine AM

Note for Angelica5001; I cannot get back on the IM chat thread we were on; something was changed with the online selections on my end such that it isn't there any more. The Yahoo implementation of the IM chat is primitive to say the least.

I went to the ATM one downtown city block away and was treated to elevated levels of ambulatory and vehicular traffic that might be worthy of a mid-summer day in July, replete with tourists. This was at 0900h, and many of the stores don't open until 1000h. They even put the aluminum stepladder act on the sidewalk and had a Fuckwit on it to paint the distinctive city street lights. On my way back, the ladder and Fuckwit were still there, pinching the sidewalk egress (what else?), and about 9 oncoming Asians in file proceeded to squeeze through the one-pedestrian space, some before me, some after I had passed through. I don't know what to call this kind of absurd gangstalking; "sidewalk constriction for Asian gangstalkers in file" perhaps. Way too wordy, and I don't like to do acronyms and make this blog any less intelligible than it already is.

The usual freakshow was in progress, that being the gangstalker specimens from Unfavored demographic groups. Also, they put on two cyclists on the sidewalk, one N. bound, and the other E. bound ahead of me, essentially starting from the same location, and just when I arrived there. The city bylaws, if not provincial laws are quite clear; no bicycles on sidewalks and yet this piece of belligerent gangstalking has been increasing in the city with one of the best cycle lane systems in the country. The alternative, albeit flakey, is to have the Fuckwit walk the bicycle on the sidewalk, another piece of never-before absurdity that I also see increasing in my proximity.

The jackhammering noise has been going on all morning, even before I got up at 0730h. This is a pecking kind of noise, and can even penetrate my hearing protection. If I take my earmuffs off, the noise remains at the same level. Funny how that happens, but it is nearly always that way; I am to recieve a certain level of noise, and it doesn't matter what protective measures I take or don't take. Even placement of my fingers on my ears can be defeated at whim.

The afternoon sleepies are coming on. I went through this just after lunch as well. I have never needed to nap twice in one day before. Though it seems that the perps like me to just nod off in front of the PC and then bring me back to awakeness again.

I am being kept in a no-go zone; not tired enough to be sure of getting some sleep for a nap, and too wasted to be motivated about getting on with the interviews for the training grant application I am after. But plenty of noise getting through the earmuffs; the usual litany of bus noise, loud mufflered vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, motorcycles of varying kinds and a few others.

I have returned from the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. No shopping enroute, and had my herd of Fuckwits, some 12 of them, some 40' away on the other side of the street. What all those seeming independent parties were doing clustering together at one pedestrian signal at 1900h is beyond me. Looking stupid doesn't matter to the perps nowadays. In fact, I think they encourage it for more situational derision on my part (read, planted notion).

And I saw at the car dealership tonight the bossman moved his scooter in mid-shift and had the garage door open. I turned to go back inside and lo, if there wasn't a silver-grey Ford Escape that had arrived to constrict one's egress down to a 1.5' track when taking plastic bags and recycle paper to the bins at the back. The perps have done this often with parked service garage vehicles that stay the entire cleaning shift, so this was the first mid-shift changing of the gangstalking constriction. Regular readers will know that my parent's have a slightly brownish metallic Ford Escape, so it isn't a great stretch to imagine why this vehicle was placed there. I didn't hear it being driven in, couldn't smell any exhaust, and it seemed cold, so I wonder if it was a teleport job? Very often the teleporting takes place when one isn't looking or one's back is turned; it is only crumbs, lint and water drops that they let me see arrive from nowhere as a rule.

Thankfully, much less perp sabotage tonight. They have been plastering shit on the men's inside toilet rim almost every night now. That takes incredible shitting talent to pack it up the rim and depositing the small quantities each time. Though I suspect it arrives there by some extra-conventional gravitic means.

Picture time, even if I am getting increased noisestalking as I assemble these.

Taken 05-26-2009, 1826h, in sequence. Parked, left to right is a silver-grey, black behind the tree, a deep metallic red and a silver-grey to end the parked file. The pickup that is stopped at the traffic light is black colored as best as I can make out, thought the extra reflections on it are most odd IMHO. Not an egregious example, but stopping one's vehicle over the stop line is the done thing since they herded me back here in late 2002.

And to continue the sequence, a white van comes into the scene, and the black pickup truck is proceeding from the stop line.

Then a black sports car arrives to continue the black sequencing, and a mobile silver-grey sedan arrives from the opposite direction, making them number three vehicles out of six in this one frame.

Not a scintillating example of vehicle color organization and configuration all told, but odd enough to demonstrate orchestration by vehicle color IMHO.

A procession of motorcycle noise while answering some comments. I am wondering if I am some kind of uber-pariah TI; I asked on a TI activist site about ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control), and one of its activists and no one has sent me anything useful. I don't get it, except if I am what I indicated; a high profile TI that other TI's have arranged to interact with as directed. Am I getting too paranoid or am I correct? I have experienced a number of odd interactions with other TI's, but not all. So as far as I can tell, my paranoia is supported by others' odd behaviors, e.g. is rational. Only the UFO community is as fractured as the TI's for mutual suspicions and quisling accusations.

I don't know what the deal is, but about every 8 months or so the perps have me trove through petroleum industry websites, especially from the employment perspective. I have never worked in this industry, and cannot account for this never-before interest. As best as I can tell it is virtually impossible to break into it without a vehicle, and some advance rig training courses would really help. It isn't doable in other words. And yet this perverse "interest" continues.

One more photo, one I think I have included in a past blog posting from a different photo shoot. Here it is again:

I have never seen a building with high-rise plumbing stacks like this before, and the white flat topped building has a near forest of them. This, or another one like it, sits near a bus stop I once used, and whenever I looked at these stacks for any duration over five seconds or so, I would see a vertical maser or plasma beam emanate from the stack, at the same stack height, and offset by a foot or so and would travel toward me. Another WTF as far as I can tell, but maybe someone in internet land can tell me what this is about. I may be totally legit, but I have never seen this before. Other buildings may have a few high-rise stacks, but not usually this many.

This one is done for the day, and thankfully it was less adversarial than yesterday. Enjoy the pics. Am I the only one in TI world with some reasonably strange photos? Or are videos where it is at?

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