Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Motivational Sapping

Another insidious trait of this imposed state is to get pumped up about getting on with something, even making a phone call, and then getting situational demotivation applied to one, often for months at a time. I had two things to do; get new water bottles for my pack, and take said pack to a shop to get some kind of customization to keep the water bottles in the two outside pockets. I know where to go for both, but got sandbagged this morning, and then later this afternoon.

It was after lunch they put me through some sleeping while seated in fron of this LCD display, also playing a similar stunt. They would plant the notion to go to another web page and then make me too sleepy to do so, waking me up to then move onto something else. This occured twice in succession, and it would seem to be about testing me over intention, and then sabotaging that very event.

I suppose the big perp excitement earlier was doing laundry, washing bed linens and two towels. Both are of intense interest, and all the better for them that they are in the same laundry load. And keeping me here with the bedsheets pulled off, and then again when back on, is great stuff for a Secret Sicko, the SS.

Anyhow, just another day in the Potemkin Bubble, less than a Village by far.

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 04sec. Three silver-grey vehicles are parked in file, one behind the tree and a red pickup truck at the end of the parked vehicles. A red vehicle waiting at the traffic control is just in front of the tree in the adjacent lane. And two more red vehicles, on the street on left, leading from foreground to background and three silver grey vehicles behind them if one zooms in (double click on the photo image). The first is a pickup truck in the sun, and the second is a sedan behind it in the shade. On the right side of the street on the left are are more of a mixture, red, silver grey, black, a mid-grey and a light metallic blue color. Out of 16 vehicles in this picture, 7 are silver grey, 5 are red, 3 are other greyscale colors (white, mid-grey and black), and one is a light metallic blue. And how can some schmuck on a disability income arrange this?

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 11sec. A camera zoom-in of the above, the last most parked vehicle, the pickup is doing foliage packing duty, bring fresh cut foliage, grass in this case, for it to be proximate to me.

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 16sec. SAme deal as immediately above, but an additional same, or similar, red vehicle, now at three reds and three silver-greys. The driver's windows seem to be extra and oddly reflective for being in the shade IMHO.

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 24sec. The light has changed and the second red vehicle above has progressed to the left, partially in the frame.

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 33sec. A little later, a silver-grey pickup with a same colored canopy passes through the intersection, seen left most. A "ladder-mobile" vehicle is in the lower left, a common gangstalk configuration.

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 37sec. And we cannot leave cyclists out so we put a redcoat one into the gangstalker show, in front of the lead parked silver-grey vehicle.

Taken 06-12-2009, 1745h 41sec. And lo, another silver grey vehicle, this one passing behind the tree, and the tail end of an additonal mobile red vehicle on the right. The last of this series, and sometimes the show gets so stupid I just pack it up and go back into my apartment.

I have other pictures I will show over the next few days, reserving picture content of these blog postings in other words. Some near-shut-in days are so dull there aren't any diversions such as the above arranged gangstalk road traffic.

What the fuck is going on? I just had a blog entry deleted, and I was complaining that the perps deleted most of my pictures from last year. All 2008 harassment related photos were deleted when they were backed up. They deleted the source, and then the backup file. None of them are in the Windows Recycle which means somebody had priveleges on this compute to bypass it. I don't know how to, even if I did inadvertently delete them, which I didn't. And especially not twice, as they had been copied then.

The typo sabotage is getting brutal, and I just finished another round of screaming at the assholes. That was on top of screaming at them earlier for the above mentioned picture deletions, and after that, fucking with my finger control to graps items. And another round of typo sabotage to then beget more screaming at the fucking assholes. Enogh beserk shit tonight.

More screaming at the assholes for sabotage on composing a document. One is never allowed to finish anything as long as there is more time to fuck with it. Perp Rule #1. And as it so happens, the person I was to see tomorrow about training grant grovelling has postponed the meeting for two weeks. He still wants it on a Thursday, post yoga though. Maybe there are some important Fuckover developments, though as always, I would be the last to know.

At the part time cleaning job at the car dealership tonight, it was the skinheaded male Sales staff member's job to keep hounding me, a la gangstalking, "happening" to be in place around corners, retracing my steps, passing the stairs at I am coming down them, etc. This guy had been absent for at least three weeks, so I imagine today was a big "intro" day, or re-introduction to his form. If I don't like fucking skinheaded males (which is the way the perps keep me, as it wasn't the case before), as in bare headed shiny pates, then why am I hounded over this, now over seven years long? Not my problem.

Two rounds of screaming sirens while I listen/watch to the first video in at least four months. No actual associated noise of vehicles, just the sirens. Now a third round of sirens to "accompany" headphone (containing magnets, note) over my ears.

Listening to Dr. Joseph Farrell on video, 1h 47min., a researcher of Nazi physics and practices. He mentions their ideological culture of promoting new avenues of physics research. He mentions a Nazi researcher who declares counter rotational spin as being the source of all earth energy. Have I not mentioned contraconcentric turning vehicles as a standard perp practice in my proximity? And four black flecks of lint of no ostensible source arrived around my crotch. Foreign objects from foreign operatives.

Enough abuse tonight.


Anonymous said...

I see there is a bag-carrying dude wearing a straw hat. When I first saw this, I figured immediately he as part of the gangstalker show. Guys parking their cars the "wrong way" are also part of the show. This guy parks his car at a 45-degree angle, no where near where it's supposed to be parked.

Anonymous said...

I think the stupidity of the entire show is a tactic as well... to test how the brain responds to the lack of any intelligent activity. Of course, perps think they are the smart ones, and if I dare question them on this, I get harassed more heavily. See, perps are always right, no matter what. They control things, see, and if we dare question them, well, it is us who are wrong, not them. That's the attitude I get from these assholes. And yes, I do question their intelligence. If they are so "smart", then why do they have to keep the public misinformed and dumbed down enough to go along with this? They tried to get me into the act gangstalking someone else, and I immediately could see through their bullshit lies they were feeding me.

AJH said...

Answer to: I see there is a bag-carrying...

The "Plastic Bag People"; all gangstalkers and duty bound to parade their groceries, even from miles away, in my proximity. The perps like straw and fibrous hats, furniture, wall coverings etc. I haven't figured out why, save extra surface roughness which they like to promote.

AJH said...

Asnswer to: I think the stupidity of...

I don't know how it is the perps expend so much effort to gangstalk and script me, when it is clear that they have freedom to apply extra-conventional and undetectable technologies to anything at will, just what they are after. In other words, their advanced capabilities are devoted to nameless schmucks like me for over 54 years now, the last seven overtly. As in, what more do they want and why undertake the most arduous and risk intensive methods of detecting whatever it is they are looking for by remote means. It doesn't add up, but yet whatever they are after demands that they do their nonconsensual research remotely.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the gangstalking is pointless. I figure it's a way for them to "hide the evidence", to make a TI more manageable by making them "soft" with all the extra "worldly" harassment.

AJH said...

Answer to: I agree that the gangstalking is pointless...

I hope I didn't convey that gangstalking is pointless; it is just that they are evasive about what it provides them. As best as I can make out, the gangstalking is at least an opportunity for them to place colors (clothing, vehicles, store fronts and goods), in an ordered fashion, combinations, permutations and spatial juxtapositions (often with noise or other added phenomenon like masers). There is some kind of neural reaction to these colors that the perps are monitoring in realtime among the victims, and possibly their own operatives, quislings and shills. More speculatively, but related, it seems if gangstalking is also about sending in TI-proximate localized and known energy interactions instignators and detection "aerials", that is, gangstalkers/Fuckwits/shills/quislings/operatives, all of whom are fully cooperative and likely known in more detail than the TI. Some might call it "stirring the pot" to see what comes of it, though in fact gangstalking is highly prescribed in service to their objectives of attaining 100% mind control, as well as psychic energy correlates to strife, warfare, money transactions, employment concepts (work, unemployment, etc.), freedoms (or lack thereof) and virtually every aspect of human existence. Gangstalking and related disruptions of the TI victims has it purposes that run deep into their "prison planet" agenda. TI's see gangstalking as a one-time only event when in fact many of the scenarios could of been rehearsed, or could be re-enacted afterward for the same reasons. I once asked my in-town brother if there were rehearsals and got some vague circuitious answer. Anytime my out-of-town brother and family arrive there seems to be considerable visit durations for which they are also unaccountably vague as to what they did; e.g. "we relaxed" etc. And also, the perps use the gangstalking scenarios to introduce props, often in the form of materials that have associated endemic low level pollutants in the population at large. One example is placing frequent PVC pipe bearing irrigation service vehicles downtown where there isn't an irrigation job for a mile or more. Other common props in my gangstalking scenarios are cut foliage, the infernal parade of landscaping service vehicles trailering or packing large amounts of cut boughs, cut grass or other plant parts. That I routinely get noisestalked at the moment of pruning a plant is an extension of their "foliage stalking" games. In summary, gangstalking seems like a relentless and organizationally insane public intimidation game designed to rile up the victim, but that it went on in my case for 47 years in covert form indicates that it is expected to yeild significant operational benefits.

Anonymous said...

It seems that there are rehearsals, and I believe their operatives are well-trained and prepared for multiple "scenarios". For example, it's like if you gave a different answer than expected on an exam, the the rest of the questions change based on your answer. Some of them, though, weren't prepared. A number of occasions their scripts called for me wearing a certain clothing, but I changed it up at the last minute, and their conversations seemed to be geared towards what I "would have been wearing". But maybe that was part of their psychology... to make me believe they were "hard-scripted" to say certain things, but when I changed my behavior, they stuck to the same script they were given regardless.

The one tactic they liked to do is have one operative look down at the other person standing next to or in front of them, towards the feet or whatever, wearing a smile, holding the pose. This is part of their "posing".

And one odd incident involved my "friend" showing me his Fluke Multimeter, whatever purpose that served. I guess at that moment, it was important for the perps to have electronic measuring equipment in my vicinity. It's kind of strange to note that someone would be carrying a multimeter on a walk through town. What would he possibly be measuring?

On that last note, I found something interesting when we were measuring skin resistance with the Ohmmeter. I was asked (by my class) what accounts for the difference in skin resistance. The lab manual was trying to explain it in terms of body fat, but my own theory is that the blood type, as well as electrolytes present in the body are responsible for changes in skin resistance. I should measure my skin resistance, and note what I ate, to see if it changes with my food intake, time of day, etc. See, it seems as though positively charged ions present in the skin are responsible for conduction, which the Ohmmeter is measuring. And this would depend on what the person was eating (electrolyte content). So that could explain why that "friend" was carrying a multimeter. What I don't get is why it was a Fluke (expensive) and not some cheapo meter.

He was also trying to tell me that when he takes a dump, "I smell my old man in there", as proof he was "getting old". So in other words, predicting the age of a person by the smell of his shit. I think it's a bunch of bunk myself, and depends much more on what the person ate rather than age.

My perps are very notoriously hung up on smells and scents, and spend on inordinate amount of time on the olfactory senses. I'm exposed to a wide variety of smells, such as burning plastic, leaves, solder, latex pain, fabric softener, and various types of colognes, from cheap and nasty to expensive and exquisite. They are very hung up on smells.