Thursday, June 04, 2009

Smell and Flash While In REM Sleep

The title explains much of what "happened" at about 0500h this morning when I was in a light REM sleep. The perps created the smell of puke under my nose and then simultaneously created a green flash in my field of vision. (Or, minds-eye, as my eyes were closed). This represents a new level of multi-sensory fuckery, though I am sure it won't be the last time. Thankfully they allowed more sleep and I got up at 0712h after a round of road traffic noise, no actual traffic there when I got up and looked, per usual. And the sleep was augmented with their usual meat aerial games; a morning time regular event now, though I have no idea what they derive from that.

It was a yoga day, and that brings on plenty of strange events and gangstalkers. The class coordinator brought in three new light blue colored mats, and classmate rolled one out and then let me use it for some curious reason. Perhaps it was to suck up more of the chemical smell that came off it, phlalates if I recall my recent toxic pollutants training/web surfing. Odd that the other two mats were unwrapped, left in mid-room for others to use, but no one did, and they somehow got moved and stacked vertically some 15' away. Regular readers will know that the perps often resort to light blue, a sky blue, as an introductory color once they think they have characterized a location with greyscale colors; white, silver-grey, mid-grey and black. How they "characterize" a location in all its colors and energies I have no idea, but the model seems to fit what they repeatedly do.

The Pseudosweats were on in a big way this morning, even at 0740h while finishing breakfast, then again following shaving, and a constant shirt soak while at yoga. Only this afternoon do I get a break, but the air is plenty warm in this apartment, even with the windows open. I thought that the Pseudosweat jerkaround was over the top while at yoga as no one else came close to getting that soaked. Not even the new person, a tubby woman whose yellow green pants matched the color of another's mat, the C guy. She had a large tattoo on the right side of her neck which I was gratefully relieved from seeing on her left side. I swear he (C) is a morph-over of my in-town brother as he has the same height and build. But of course one cannot know for sure, though it was odd my in-town brother called this morning and started to make excuses at to why he wasn't hiring me for his garden work. No matter, but I did give him some advice on his PC that I hope was useful, as he was saying the fan came on sooner than normal. Likely it is because of a dust build up.

I can even predict some of the perp behavior of late. Just about every time I am about to head out I have a few minutes to journal in my hand written journal. That means, fingers and hands on the paper and the journal cover itself. I find that these circumstances are partially emulated by the perp shills and operatives who also pack around some paper, or even today, a paperback book with the asshole's finger stuck in the pages, as if he were keeping his place while walking the streets. Note, he was not reading and walking as I have seen some wacko perps do, a new public behavior that has erupted in the past two years. So it would seem that the perps are calibrating or testing me in some way by emulating conditions prior to departing on the street in short order, no less than 80' from the entrance to this apartment. I suppose I could call this "paper stalking", not unlike the "envelope stalking" where a yellow paper product is carried around in public, again for me to see, usually when proximate. The paper cups of brown coffee might also qualify under this name, but I think I will keep the latter as the "coffee corps". I get to explore the wonderous inanity of the perps freakshow again later when I head to part time job at the car dealership tonight.

I am being kept in some kind of dysthymic trashed state, the post-nap heaviness that has now gone on for over seven hours. I was getting napped while online, so I shut down the PC and laid down for a 40 minute nap, and although the optimum nap duration, I have been feeling "nap-impaired" the rest of the evening.
Which likely means some neural activities have been turned off, and they run me instead. That seemed to be the arrangement when at the part time cleaning job tonight, making me "forget" to force backtracking when doing the menial tasks that I know well. The boss man was doing his usual terse and vague act again; I don't get it why the perps need to provide vague instructions to me, often using terms like "over there", "from here" and "back end" and the rest of the bullshit that goes on to create more FUD.

It is sweltering hot here and it was all more so at the car dealership while cleaning tonight. The Pseudosweats were on all the time, my shirt soaked yet again. The Sales staff bailed out 30 minutes early when they had been doing the loitering thing for so long for weeks. Then suddenly they all take off early.

The perps set me up to visit the LD store on the way back after the job, repleted with my usual gangstalkers and freakshow. There was a dire need of refreshing drinks of some kind, but lo, if all of the kinds that I like weren't availible. As usual, they like to noisestalk me the instant that I give up on these feints. I got at two party, three negro women swarm around me when exiting the building. Two of them were together in the store and had proceeded me out by a few seconds, and lo, if they didn't change their route to converge on me when exiting the store with an additonal negro woman coming from her vehicle. And for some kind of referential stunt, they put an Asian woman on some 6' outside this swarm. Very curious as to why these erupt when negroes are rare here. Then when at the apartment lobby, the negro and Caucasian dude talk act was on again, the former holding court propped up on the couch in the apartment lobby. This is at least the fifth time this act has been set up for me to encounter, with the latter doing elevator egress blocking. I don't fucking get it why they need to show me these same staged acts over and over.

Enough of playing pretend PC builder tonight; I don't get it as to why the perps need me to expend so much activity time on something they know to be unrealizable; i.e. insufficient cash/income.

Plenty of two cycle motorcycle noise tonight; here at the apartment and when at the car dealership cleaning job. The Parts guy is a biker as it "so happens"; leather jacket, the HOG when he heads home, and the cigarette dangling from his lips. Perhaps this is an inculcation of nice guy (which he is) as a biker (which he becomes when he leaves work).

I had a super grotesque tattoo job on a woman in the elevator tonight when outbound. Three chummy dudes were packed together on one side of the elevator, and this grotesquerie full frontal tattoo show on this woman. Fugly, and I was glad enough that I could turn my back on it while the elevator descended. Perhaps these fugly tattoo shows that the perps arrange to be close to me are again some kind of inculcation by proximity attempt. If I don't like fucking tattoos, why do I have a phalanx of Fuckwits chasing me for over seven years with relentless abusive intent? Not my problem, so why am I placed front and central in it?

That won't get answered for a long time yet, but it is interesting that the perps are working tattoos of late, and have backed off on the skinheads just a little.


Anonymous said...

They do seem to mess with my REM dreams. Their favorite with me, is creating these "waking dream" episodes, where I'm interacting with a ghostly presence in my room (I can see the surroundings in this state, and they keep me in this state for while).

I'm sure they love to experiment with various a-holes blocking your path to whatever you need to go. For example, they ALWAYS have to have some schmuck blocking my path to the soda fountain, forcing me to go around him. It's always someone with size, too. My favorite is when they have this person sitting at the window, and then have the person get up and walk to the soda fountain just as I am about to walk in the door.

Another classic: making sure I encounter nothing but red lights while doing my 20 mile commute. That one really used to piss me off.

One I find most annoying is having unfavored wearing clothes that look like those I just threw out. Are they perhaps trying to say "good riddance", making me feel good about throwing out those worn-out clothes by having unfavored wear clothes just like them? I don't understand this one.

They were very much all over me tonight. I couldn't go anywhere without a convoy of vehicular, ambulatory, or "just standing there" gangstalkers. The perps were well rested, I see, and were very good at having me covered. You might say it was a busy night for them.

One particular thing they did really stands out: they had a very grotesquely intensely unfavored gangstalker come in, and stand right in front of me. Of course! There were so many other places to stand, but, hey, why not plant your ass right next to my face when you can be standing closer to the register? That was very painful to me. This unfavored caused me to react by rolling my eyes sharply to the right, and keep them there, because I had a strongly unfavored gangstalker's rear end right in my face. For some reason only they know, they thought it was important to have me roll my eyes to the right and keep them fixed there. I'm sure you've seen the later Beethoven portraits, where his eyes are rolling sharply to the side and upward (almost a "back of the head" look). They wanted me to replicate that very gaze with the eyes, the up and sharply to the right. Maybe it's to connect with the man's past energies when he was posing for his portraits.

Of course, that unfavored's ass in my face served to build up some serious ragifications. I really wanted to go after them after that stunt. That was brutal. Worse still, wearing jeans like I threw out. I really pissed (as well as scarred somewhat) from this stunt.

Anonymous said...

During that rage-building stunt, I even heard people who were "in on it" in the store saying "look at his eyes!!! hahaha!", like they knew the goal was to have me look to the right by sharply rolling me eyes, and fixing them there for 2 minutes. I could've turned my head, but that would've been obvious that the unfavored's ass in my face was causing me great discomfort.

AJH said...

Answer to: They do seem to mess... and During that rage-building stunt...

I am not sure that I follow the logistics of the ass planting episode entirely, but it is very common in my experience to have a shill or operative on "bend over" duty in my proximity. This would be a spinal flexing and more importantly, having a horizontal (and a known collaborator's) spine next to the victim's vertical spine for more localized differentiation, and hence, potential detection of certain spinal energy interactions they wish to remotely detect. They seem to know what they are looking for in advance of these pranks, and have at times, put on a plasma firework show for some 10 seconds to announce some kind of accomplishment milestone. It is odd to me that you get a running derisive commentary from abbetting shills while the gangstalking stunts are in progress. Thankfully, it is rare that I get this extra "play by play commentary", as I don't need any more provocations that I presently get. It was bad enough getting the female tattoo show in the elevator with the three clustered dudes babbling away, though not making any kind of relevant remarks. This would seem that the perps are putting on Unfavored skin adornments (tattoos) on a Favored demographic group member (attractive female). Thankfully, I was the last to get in the elevator and have this at my back rather than in my face.

Anonymous said...

The link you have for the CATCH Website is now an advertising site for contractors...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I do get a lot of derisive commentary from the abetting shills. I'm not sure I understand why that is. I believe it could be to add to my misery and just compound the harassment further.

Well, they are sick bastards, and ruining lives is one thing they excel at, so I'm not surprised one bit.

Anonymous said...

When I logged onto Yahoo mail, here was the page the greeted me:

"With companies in no mood to hire, the unemployment rate jumped to 9.4 percent in May, the highest in more than 25 years."

Ah, so my perps are trying to dissuade me from looking for a job? For some reason, they do not want me to have a full-time. Interestingly, they keep pressuring me to get a life insurance policy. That sounds kind of disjunct: they don't want me to work, yet want me to have life insurance. Hmmm...

AJH said...

Answer to:
the CATCH Website is now an advertising site...
When I logged onto...

I will attempt to fix the link; my Google search isn't getting any results and an alternative site was blanked out.

I sometimes get some strange hateful glares which I think (or more like a planted notion) is hilarious as I don't even know the person so how could they come to that conclusion? (By false information of course). It seems to be insult after injury to have some asshole make derisive comments on your predicament which was scripted and without your choice of being involved. I get especially enraged when the perps do their equivalent, say, preventing me from attending to a mess they created.

And if the perps don't want you to have a job, they have many methods. The most basic is to have me "forget" about bookmarking the job link and leaving it until it is too late to apply. Another is sucking the motivational juice out of me to even bother sending off a resume. In the latter example they have fucked me out of applying for training grants for over six months, something I was keen to do and still am. It is incredibly frustrating to be jerked around like this.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems they have multiple means of acheiving the same effect, the one being the "adding insult to injury", which they are very good at. I've noticed they let up on the other harassments if I get sufficiently provoked and enraged throughout the day. For example, people who normally harass me backing off, which seems out of place, if I get harassed enough somewhere else by someone else.

It's like they have a certain level of harassment, a quota if you will, they are trying to acheive. If they acheive enough earlier in the day, I've noticed they provide gangstalkers doing something that doesn't piss me off normally as much. They've told me the goal of the street theatre skits is to get me mad enough "to want to punch someone in the face". So obviously, they know how to push all the right buttons.

AJH said...

Answer to: Well, it seems...

I would tend to agree with you assessment of a "rage quotient" attainment and then they back off. Also, it seems they need to attain this at varying times of the day; after breakfast, making lunch etc., often depending on where one is and if seated or standing. So far, thankfully, they don't mess with me too bad in public, at the "punch someone" rage-fication level.