Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Late Afternoon Sleeps

I am writing this to stay awake as vertical sleepiness has arrived, right on schedule before eating dinner at 1700h. The perps like me to be sleepy at this LCd for some reason and even sabotaged my alarm setting yesterday so I dare not nap, lest I sleep past work start time. One feels so bedraggled in this state, losing pace with one's usual sense of dispatch.

Now the yawns have come on, very much a perp forced event of late, especially while taking a piss and other never-before timings. This is another dull day, kept in until I head out to the car dealership at 1715h. Now more forced yawnings. I never could figure out why my yawning was so inopportune all these years, but now I know; a malevolent party controls it for their purposes, revealing the contents of one's mouth. Hence the plethora of gangstalkers tailing me with their tongues hanging out, eating food, pressing their tongue to the inside of their mouth and like games. It is all about the mouth contents of late.

I was then forced into taking a crap, having to shower to clean up, and then have dinner before heading out for the part time cleaning job. This is the third day in succession they have caused me the same inconvenience in taking a shit this week. Often I won't even get three shits in for a week.

Other action has been dead dull today, the usual shut-in until 1715h when I go out to do the part time job. No doubt a holy gangstalking will be scripted among the street folk, as they like to jump on me within the first 5 minutes of exiting the building. Red dressed Caucasian males seem to be featured all of a sudden, even from this chair when viewing the concrete expanse seen in past pictures.

My shirt is soaked from another round of the Pseudosweats "from" having tea to drink. There is no direct sun in this E. facing apartment but one would never know from the profuse sweating. I even towelled my face and arms and the sweat came on again within five minutes. And I wasn't even hot.

And knee torquing torture tonight; an unbidden force slowly rotates the lower portion of my leg, usually one at a time, to then create pain in my knee and to have me lift my foot to relieve the pain, only to start again inside of a minute or less.

Finally my shirt has dried out and the chair armrests too. And just for added comfort, why, the horrid two cycle motorcycle noise has started up, one per minute or so, through the earmuffs.

Not too much strange stuff at the part time car dealership cleaning job tonight. Four black vehicles where clustered together on the S. side in various orientations, and then a mid-grey vehicle outside of the cluster, an white one due W. of the mid-grey, and a vile yellow vehicle in the most N. of this group. The latter vehicle has been in all this week, three nights now, and is now on the ground after being on the hoist for two nights. The entire Sales staff bailed early tonight, leaving by 1840h when they normally stay until 1900h. The blonde saleswoman did some posing for me to see, at least twice, and by herself. No idea why though, but she has been consistently doing this all week so far.

The worksite building was hot tonight, and I was duly Pseudosweated there as well. The perps have taken to putting water in my nitrile disposable gloves, keeping a little supply in the fingers to then have it run out of the glove later in the course of cleaning, sometimes in mission critical situations, e.g. cleaning the Sales Manager's windows. They also had some of this in-glove "resevoir" leak out into the mop bucket tonight. What began a a mild nuisance in the first five months of the job has become a total fucking pain now that more water is "arriving" earlier in the cleaning routine. It is now arriving before I have even got the gloves wet, dispensing with the excuse that the gloves "somehow" leak water while under the running faucet. Stupider and stupider it goes.

And I was duly directed to see a septic services tanker truck outside the car dealership tonight. There are at least three differing trucks that make these "appearances", read, vehicular gangstalking, but tonight it was the play-on-the-name turn; it has "John's" on the side of it as the business owner, the same as my called name. Funny how they were out at 1750h, as it would be unlikely they are on a service call where there is sewage services for miles around.

More coveting PC build parts and prices as well as updating my bookmarked prices. No end of loud mufflered vehicles heard through the earmuffs while updating bookmarks, always of intense perp interest.

This one is done for the day, and time to ponder what noise mix might accompany me when in the bath tonight.

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