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A Monday, and in keeping with the usual intensified fuckery on this day of the week, it has been in full flush so far. And the day isn't done. One quantitiative endeavor was the local TI with her instruments came earlier, and we measured up to 2,000 mW/m**2, or milliWatts per sq. meter. There were many readings of 100 or greater, often 200, especially in some directions, and especially near me. The pictures are below, and I don't profess to be an expert, but my determination of maximum exposures is that the continuous exposure threshold of safe is at 7.0 mW/m**2, converting from 49 V/m from this list. And the outcome from this will be me telling me the doctor and him not writing it down, if last month's gaussmeter readings of 500gauss is anything to go by. By any measure, those readings in two different locations a month apart are way too high, by at least an order of magnitude for the magnetic flux density levels, as 0.5gauss is the normal background level. Back in late 2002 I rented an industrial grade gaussmeter and measured levels of 200gauss. Onto more ignomy, but here are the pictures from this afternoon's venture.

All pics shown are taken today, 1440h and on. This is the power flux density meter measuring in milliWatts/m**2, and the normal expectable continuous exposure maximum would be 7.0 This has a special glass bulb gigahertz frequency detection aerial on it, though most of these meter reading shots won't show the complete aerial. The readings from the photos are; 135, 219, 695, 963, 70.3, 51.5. There were plenty of readings over 1,000 and some that jammed the meter as the EMF power density was over 1999.

The variable frequency aerial was put onto the gigahertz aerial above, and the green object on the right hand component is the slider that manually changes the aerial, permitting a crude spectral analysis. The readings didn't change materially, except the higher gigahertz levels were stronger; 72.0, 113.8, 141, 228.

The lastmost aerial was a circuit board like construction, and was a megahertz aerial, though no good photos of it. The readings were generally lower. BUT, Blogspot's image uploader suddenly stopped working and so that is all the pictures I am allowed to upload today, although this is most of them.

So.... what does one do when quantifiably irradiated with above continuous exposure level limits all day long? I don't really know to be honest. If I had the scratch I could get a living environment assessment and hence, a third party report that I could take to the police who would just blow me off, given their past cursory incuriousness. Maybe a video is the next deal, though I suspect it doesn't make for much more impact among quisling community.

I had just finished having tea and chocolate when the visiting TI, per above came. So one can be sure that I was at a maximal "browness" state of ingested food and drink, and that is an exciting moment for the perps if you follow this blog. So yes, I haven't been too sure about this TI's motives, as she was the one who seemed to teleport across the street a few months ago when out with a third visiting TI. And there has been a few other curious timings that have also been divulged in past blog postings that I won't get into now. But in all likelihood the meter readings were legit, as I couldn't detect any spoofing behavior of the instruments, though the perps can now obstruct me noticing such observations, something they couldn't do in late 2002 when I recorded magnetic radiation levels of over 200 gauss. But it is nice to have some quantifiable and documented proof that there is something seriously amiss with the electromagnetic energies in this here apartment. (And at her place last week). Readings outside on the balcony were much lower, less than 10 millWatts/m**2. The floor seemed to be one predominant region the readings were highest. In a cardinal direction, it was the site of a a phone company tower one block away that had the biggest readings you see.

Earlier travails today was the First Feral Family Follies. I was all set to do gardening work at my parent's place and she decided she wanted to go downtown to get her passport application submitted. But as it unfolded, the brake light wasn't working, noticed by my in-town brother yesterday, and that became the outing's mission instead of the passport. So... I go to a local automotive supplier and see that they expanded by double since I was last there, which meant that I was rather disoriented when I got in. Anyhow, we got the bulbs, and lo, if I didn't "remember" to get new wiper blades too. Now, $28/pair, at least $10 more since I last bought good Bosch ones in 2006 (even if the perps nicked the blade on them straight out of the package).

My mother was wearing the most atrocious carmine red windbreaker today; a first in wearing something so fucking and blatant ugly. Yesterday's lunch outing would of given me a clue this was coming; my daughter was sitting beside me and had ordered a strawberry dacquari, which later got put almost underneath my nose when we had to make extra room for my in-town brother and the unexpected presence of his Thai girlfriend. The red colored dacquari was tolerable, but my mother's carmine red windbreaker takes today's Unfavored Fuckover stunt. You have read this before; if I cannot stand certain reds, oranges, browns and other Unfavoreds, why in the fuck do I have a phalanx of Fuckwits pursuing me all over town to plant them in my view? And on that note, the freaking turbans were back again, three today, and I haven't seen any for at least four months. Maybe they are "warming me up" to be working with the Punjabi farm workers this summer.

Then installing the replacement bulb became a priority and then my mother "happened" to mention that my in-town brother could help us out. After a cell phone call, and an adjacent gangstalker dithering about (the same fucker in the store as well, pissing with both new and old clutch parts in the box of his pickup), and some other dithering so that there were alternate shifts of a deep navy blue vehicle on each side of us in the parking lot, we headed out. A sudden surge of traffic in both directions kept me pinned in the parking lot for a few minutes, and when there was a break I pulled out fromt he lot onto the street, just in front of a suddenly accelerating blue colored vehicle. This was the first of two vehicles that put on sudden bursts of speed in order to reduce the spatial temporal gap between me passing over a specific location of road, and that of the Fuckwit. My mother now puts on these over-exaggerated admonitions of driving too close or such like, but "somehow" failed to notice this piece of belligerent driving, all to ensure that I did make the move when the assholes wanted me to.

When I get to my brother's place he met us at the door and then told me to go to the basement door, and as it "so happened" it was locked. The asshole didn't even bother to show up to open it. This meant another back and forth to his front door for me to give him shit, and he didn't seem any bit defensive about being seen as a jerk. It was all about getting his cat out on the front lawn, just near the vehicle, although tethered in his usual custom of cat care. Then he tells me that I know where all his tools are and I tell him that I don't, but he says to go and look anyway. More bizarre bullshit. I find a phillips driver and get to the vehicle's tailgate to access the rear tailight. I get the two screws off but it still won't come off. But my brother seemed to have an idea, all the time my mother was going on reading the instructions from the owner's manual. There were two pinching attachments that were also holding the tailight down, though it did neccessitate another back and forth to get a flat blade screwdriver. (I had already had a spell earlier of reading the instruction manual for her sprinkler system that went awry by itself, and reset it. Interesting the perps wanted a replay of the same activity, just with different players of the First Feral Family at a different location, with a house cat nearby, and the later jerkaround shenanigans that unfolded, below).

Once we had the tailight popped off he takes off and says I can fix it, though he went some 20' away to play with the house cat. I remove the tailight bulb socket and with a little difficulty/imposed jerkaround, get the bulb installed and then the bulb socket back in, and the tailight assembly in as well. I decide to to change the other side and take it apart, and then with some difficulty, remove the tailight. I replace the brake light bulb but "somehow", the bulb socket would not go back in the tailight assembly mount. There just wasn't enough length of the wires, but I could take it off so what was the problem. It was the perps pulling a major rage-ification fuckover stunt with First Feral Family presence, as well as the house cat. They had me screaming infuriated that the fucking bulb socket wouldn't re-install due to a sudden shortage in the fucking wire length. My mother calls to my brother to help out, he says he will, and then wanders off to then come back on his cell phone. The call ends in a minute or so, and when he picks up the tailight assembly, why, it just goes together no problem.

This is only one example of the fucking daily extra adversity that I face. And this insane shit has been going on for decades. I once took my air filter housing off my Volvo to replace the filter and the fucking thing had distorted in the interim so the housing wouldn't go back together as designed. I was stinking furious about that at the time, especially when the filter's effectiveness was potentially compromised at the same time. Only now do I realize that all my adversity in fixing automobiles was arranged and managed by the Fuckover Force, every last turn of the wrench. I am entering a new paradigm that my entire set of experiences, especially the adverse ones, were not those of most people. I had an extra black cloud sitting over me that was dynamically applied, and still is. I take on much less repair activities than I ever did, as there are imposed fuckarounds at every turn. They will even make my fingers shake if I attempt any kind of PC repair.

Other bullshit today was that I was wearing my green and black sports jacket, having put in on for the lunch for my daughter's 19th birthday yesterday. As I wear such garments about twice per year, this might have been the reason for the frenetic and voluminous vehicular gangstalking today. I saw at least three near accidents today, where someone was illegally turning, slipping through opposing traffic or almost having a collision. The perps are cranking up more of the red light running and tight spatialtemporal timing over occupying the same patch of pavement. I am predicting there will be assholes following me 2' from now, not just my in-town brother who was on his cell phone 1' from my ass when I was headed to the vehicle to depart. I walked past the drivers's door and he kept following me to the back of the vehicle and then he turned around to precede me toward the drivers' door. He is definitely getting more weird, or more like, more weird assignments from the perps. And I am getting fucking fed up of getting walked over; he has been acting like an asshole of late, and "somehow" I am devoid of those instincts when I see him next. FOR THE PERP ASSHOLES/SS; get the fuck out of my life and tell me how many participating heads that I can take a bat to and when.

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