Friday, June 12, 2009

On The Buses

The title refers to a hilarious English comedy show of some decades past, probably dated by now. But all these strange things happened to the family with two bus personnel.

In my case, it is the city bus freakshow that "happens" to me as a passenger, as I went to suburbia to do garden maintenance work at my parent's place. I beats doing online time all day long with the forced Pseudosweats. And besides, the main aim of this week, communicating with IT industry personnel about the worth of specific evening courses that are coming in September was finally accomplished after a unbelivable six month delay. It was on my "to do" list since January, and "somehow" I never got onto it. An extreme pissoff, as normally I wouldn't have any compunction about getting on with the process of getting grant money, BUT most oddly, I did. And I find out next week if they still have the money or is this to be a jerkaround game of potential "grantor ping pong"; first federal government, then provincial, then federal etc. And a pong it is too, starting with me filing under "disabled"; yes, I am,- my entire life is scripted by an malevolent and beserk agency with action-at-a-distance technologies and concomitant capabilities in controlling me and my thoughts and actions as well as localized gravitic and material properties. Quite a disability it is too, though not quite the clinical kind as the abetting and nodding doctors will admit. [pong: noun; an unpleasant smell; stink]. And if you had told me that all this would happen to me ten years ago I would of said you were crazy; and now, bring on the teleporting crumbs, servile Fuckwits and eye-candy blondes. And pass on the noises, dogs, babies, ladders, halfwits, big hats, tattoos, geriatrics and wheelchairs.

Here is a definition of servile that I didn't know until tonight, assuming isn't spoofed.

1. slavishly submissive or obsequious; fawning: servile flatterers.
2. characteristic of, proper to, or customary for slaves; abject: servile obedience.
3. yielding slavishly; truckling (usually fol. by to).
4. extremely imitative, esp. in the arts; lacking in originality.
5. being in slavery; oppressed.
6. of, pertaining to, or involving slaves or servants.
7. of or pertaining to a condition of servitude or property ownership in which a person is held as a slave or as partially enslaved: medieval rebellions against servile laws.

Which, by definition, then all us TI's are servile, or perhaps, in servitude, though not under definition #1.

Outbound, the perps were all over me at the bus stop with some gangstalking Fuckwits; an open mouther, a halfwit with a protruding ass and two others doing their pacing around act. Anyhow, for a 0943h bus trip to suburbia it seemed to be a normal traffic load when I first boarded the bus. Some six to eight others, about what I would expect, and one of the few times that it has happened. But some four stops later they started to close in on me, and finally a trio of Fuckwits on loud vapid talk mode settled in around me. It seems they need to dilute the dude talk with a female voice, though in her case it was tending toward masculine sounding. There was the usual consorts of configured vehicles, ahead, behind and in front; heavy on black, greys of all tones, white and silver-grey vehicles often to accompany a lone red or yellow vehicle. And another halfwit came to "join me" at the back of the bus once the "vapidizers" had departed.

The garden maintenance activity was duly broken up because the string trimmer ran out of string, and lo, if we didn't need to get some more at a Home Depot, some five minutes driving distance. The perps just love to interupt events, and I suppose this was another where I had to leave the string trimmer, gloves and goggles behind, put my shoes on again, and set off in my work pants to attend to getting supplies. There was plenty of side/delay action while at Home Depot; a halfwit service dude who didn't know what Rot-it is, and who seemed to be helping find someone else but didn't, and a skunk on getting herbicide and the aforementioned Rot-it, and only blue nylon string was availible for the string trimmer. A few months ago I was at the same display, and obtained a large supply of dayglo orange ridge cut string for my in-town brother's gasoline powered string trimmer, but it wasn't availible for my mother's electric string trimmer. Anyhow, as part of the process I got jerked around on getting the electrical cords set up, and there is a dearth of outside outlets to plug in to, which made for extra trips inside the house to unlock doors, open windows and pass the cord through, all arranged by mind-fuck stunts as I know the routine well.

The usual chorus of overhead aircraft noise, hot rods and other loud mufflered vehicles also erupted in the neighborhood while I was engaging in garden maintenance activities. Nothing unusual there in noise ramp-up where I happen to be. There was also some pneumatic air guns at work in the neighborhood, and they often seemed to have a singular ability to occur (as in reverberant noise) just as I was pulling weeds from the garden beds. Later, after lunch, I worked over some garden beds for weed removal; first string trimming, then raking and then herbicide spraying (a perp favorite activity) to deal with recurrent undergrowth for an area to stay cleaned up. The notion of cleaning up an area, and actually having a forward plan to immediately re-plant with a more appropriate species never seems to happen at my parent's place. One long summer of weed abatement instead, and maybe something will get planted in the fall.

I had my bus travelling gang with me on the way back; standing room only shortly after I got on, and only one seat choice. And even more strange were four Spanish speaking kids arriving at the bus stop just ahead of the bus, attempting to block me from getting on, and then when they did i moved ahead of them all, getting on first, and lo, if they all get off at the next bus stop. Freaking bizarre. And it seemed they didn't have to pay to get on either; some kind of verbal code or whatever it was.

Long lit evenings now in the final two weeks before the summer solstice. And plenty of loud mufflered vehicles out, sometimes 3 to 5 per minute, and one after the other. All noises getting through the earmuffs, per "usual". Today has been mostly free from the demolition jackhammering pecking-like noise, unlike most of the previous four working days this week. And what is a perp to do when I go to bed, say at the end of a jackhammering day, long after the demolition crew has (supposedly) gone home? Why, start up the jackhammering noise anyhow, just when I get into bed after a bath, even if 2330h. Fortuneately, it was only five minutes worth before slipping into sleep, a relative bye for the amount of time they have put that noise on this week.

I did the part time cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. They kept a Jeep in there for some reason, hoisted up with the mechanic still working on it at 1730h. I suppose it was all about having it near the entrance to the Service area I was cleaning, then bring it down in 20 minutes, and drive it off. There were three black colored vehicles in the shop, and one silver-grey. I suppose bringing down the Jeep on the hoist offers some unique vehicle movement; vertical, and without the engine running. In my days of Volvo ownership I sometimes met the mechanic underneath my vehicle, but I suppose that wasn't enough. Now, to serve whatever agenda the perps have about vehicles, they want me to be around them, their parts both new and used, for extensive durations. Hence this cleaning job and all the varying car parts, not to mention non-dealership vehicle kinds in the Service garage, including Volvos of course. And they even have new Volvo parts on the shelves no less, this being a Japanese sourced vehicle dealership.

The big deal for the perps these days is butyl rubber, and tire rubber. Not only is my mother putting on soaker hoses in the garden for the first time, but my in-town brother is too. And my mother finally relented and got new wiper blades after 8 years of vehicle ownership. There are plenty of wiper blades being thrown out in the car dealership garbages I empty six days a week. And too, those clear carbonate plastic boxes that vehicle wiper blades are typically sold in are getting more "stalk time" (strategic placement for me to handle or be near). And I see also that these same carbonate plastic boxes are also being used for the surfeit of stationary items that are stored in the admin offices, seemingly on show for me to be proximate with running vacuum cleaner in hand. There are also plenty of tire sets arranged in the Service garage for me to pass by; stacked with horizontal sidewals, or in a vertical situation, same as for a vehicle. And a very strange (new to me at least) situation today it seemed; a silver-grey vehicle on the hoist some 5' up, probably a new vehicle, and some kind of semi-transparent plastic sheet over the entire rim, and fitted so it covered only the rim and not the tire. It could be that is the way new vehicles come nowadays, with plastic protected rims. Given the feints, ruses and fuckery that is attached to anything plastic, and every kind of plastic, I suppose this is just one more of the freaking nonsense that goes on in perpland. Getting blue nylon cord for the string trimmer today was likely another example of the perps wanting to test blue nylon plastic, especially when rotating around an electric motor. Such fun for sick minds.

Another round of loud muffled vehicles heard through the earmuffs while attending to blog comments, publishing them, answering and all ancillary Windows select, copy and paste functions. No end of noise-worthy activities for the Supreme Sickos, the SS.

And I just found out that my uploaded pictures didn't make it into this posting. So where did they go? And why is this bullshit always happening to me?

Taken 05-27-2009, 1757h 22sec.. How red and white can this town get? Two dissimilar reds parked, and moving left, a silver-grey vehicle behind the tree, and a white vehicle in the lead of the parked file. On the street leading from the forground to the back, are four whites/silver-greys and a mid-grey in the lead parked in front of them, right side of the street. The facing vehicles on the left side of the street leading from foreground are nearly all in a greyscale color; mid greys, whites and the near ubiquitous ladder-mobile, a white van with a large collection of ladders on top.

Taken 05-27-2009, 1757h 32sec. And for funzies, why a mid grey vehicle passes in front of the arranged white, silver-grey (behind tree), deep red and mid-red vehicles.

Taken 05-29-2009, 1308h 03sec. How does that John Prine song go about an accident and Mrs. Brown's daughter? This has the same level of humor; no one was observed injured, there was no accident, all we wanted was more red and white vehicles next to that newly repainted red bus stop line on the curb. Plus one white pickup truck in the foreground. And we also added some more of that color theme on the left; three red vehicles, one white one among them, another white pickup truck, one white-like silver-grey vehicle an those are only the sunlit ones. And is that an ambulance driver standing on the sidewalk looking totally stupid?

Enough of red and white, lets go for silver-grey and teal green. Taken 06-05-2009, 1754h 33sec. Get this, three silver grey vehicles parked in file with one teal green vehicle inserted behind the second one. One of the silver-greys is behind the tree. And a mid-grey vehicle seems to be passing in front of the parked vehicles in some kind of grey variance testing.

Taken 06-05-2009, 1754h 58sec. A mobile white vehicle is also behind the tree, obviously there for some kind of green vegetation testing along with the teal green vehicle and the foliage green of the tree. Seven years of insane and deranged life rape and this is where the SS is at; dorking around with color vehicle combinations, mobile and parked, and their respective distances, and very likely, their electromagnetic signatures. Fucking pissing around in other words. All for the lack of gumption in showing themselves and their agenda. Never mind the legacy follies of plastics pollution, traumatization games and the rest of the emulatory gangstalker freakshow.

I better be off to bed before I really start this tired rant up again.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you mentioned the cowboy hat. It's odd also that I saw a guy with unfavored features wearing one too. It looks like yet another one of those benchmarking incidents. See, you loathed his hat, it seems; but this guy, I don't really have a thing about hats, though he had features that I strongly dislike and makes me severely uncomfortable. So you can see how it was a similar gangstalker, yet "modified" or varied just enough to produce the same effect.

For some reason, they love doing that -- making us feel ugh, like you see this person, and the way he looks makes you feel very distressed. I think of it as extreme psychological discomfort. Maybe there is a purpose of inflicting such psychological pain on a person. I see that when I meet people I like, immediately the perps will set about sending in the jerkos that makes me want to not want to associate with those people ever again. It's an obvious isolation tactic: remember, we aren't supposed to be around people that are going to be friendly to us or make us feel comfortable in anyway. It's a side-effect of the experimentation: the social isolation, possibly as some sort of experimental "control". We are nothing more than lab rats to them.

Anonymous said...

Funny how yesterday I saw some obvious shills come in to where I was eating, and in their car, they had this strange-looking dog, with a long skinny tail, kinda like a lemur or meerkat. I do get images of dogs presented to me that have weird foreheads and other features. Yesterday, it was the one with the long, skinny, curled tail, like a possum's tail (or lemur/meerkat).

AJH said...

Answer to: It's interesting that you mentioned the cowboy hat...

I hate all kinds of hats, but I didn't know it until they planted me with the "ugh" response to those I get. The perps want to get at what we like and dislike, and will decompose it down to its visual elements of lines, spaces, points, and colors and color gradations. We are lab rats essentially as we never gave permission for this insane abuse.

AJH said...

Answer to: Funny how yesterday...

The perps are seeming to feature various dog component appearances to get your subconscious reaction to each of them; forehead angles, tail variants; skinny tail, flag-like tail etc. I like big dogs, but most often the perps put on small ugly ones. As the stunts go, dog appearance games are low on the harassment angst level thankfully. I suspect pets are also arranged to be proximate for other purposes like psychic energy interactions as they are more sensitive to them.

Anonymous said...

Myself, I don't trust perps at all. In fact, in one forum where I was posting, I had one pseudo-ti ask me a series of questions, one being "Do you trust your perps?" When being set up for this monstrosity, I found myself being constantly questioned about my family, where I live, where I work, my interests. At that point, my perps were gathering info and doing profiling. And they are still at it, albeit at a lesser level than they were before. It's one of those things where the targeting is like one big long investigation that never ends.

I had a dream that I was completely lost, not knowing where I was at. I was on a long road, with not Route no., no north/south etc. designation. I was trying to find my position in terms of lat./long. coordinates with something like a cell phone GPS/compass application. I figured it may be important to determine my lat./long. coordinates for the future. I've already had guys "invite me to get high with them", and it sounds like a precursor to me being drugged, abducted, and taken away somewhere to an unknown part of the world. In case that should ever happen, knowing the coordinates of where I came from should help me find my way back.

Funny how I had that dream... I don't think it was perp influenced. I'm thinking there is some instinctive fear of what my perps are truly capable of. I really don't know where I'm at in this thing. Since they seem to be able to pull off any crime at will and get away with it, that dream made me very suspicious of them and what they may be planning.

AJH said...

Answer to: Myself, I don't trust perps at all...

I look on the dreams as adjunctive harassment games; having one in an REM sleep and then going over familiar ground like PC components, something I have been doing for at least three months.