Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Mexicans

The farm where I do berry picking has a crew of legal Mexicans, ones who have their seasonal work visa. There are about eight of them, and over the past week of berry picking I have been close enough to hear their banter in Spanish, though they like to throw the odd English or decipherable word in as well, e.g. "Africanos". That might have been for my benefit give the undue amount of negro gangstalkers and related stunts, but for now, I will let it go.

But as the Mexicans live on the farm, I only get to hear their banter when I get to the fields, and not before. So..., that wasn't good enough, so three Mexican students were on the bus this morning, speaking mostly in Spanish, though all had passable English abilities. And as it so happened, they were new farm workers, joining us in the fields picking strawberries. A long way of saying I was covered with extra Spanish speech, from the bus to the marshalling area and then in the fields. Naturally they conversed with the work visa Mexicans, and there was plenty of extra conversing, all in Spanish. Not that I mind, but it shows how much the perps want to cover me with the sounds of human voice in a language I don't know; catching me on a 30 minute bus ride has now been added to their "must listen" playlist. Tonight, after working at the cleaning job at the car dealership, they planted two Russian speakers outside, within 60' of the building's driveway, presumably for my benefit. That is, their benefit, for whatever they get from it.

The perps have been going a little stir crazy in the heat of late; they kept flashing me images of red strawberries on the vine, before picking after I was long gone from the farm. This occured on my way to the bus stop, at the bus stop (a 30 minute vehicular gangstalking parade), on the bus and now when I am back at my place. This is in addition to the red plasma flash stunts I get in peripherial vision all the time when not picking strawberries. The perps have also added green plasma displays as needed, transitory as usual. A full vision field green plasma was put over the street for two seconds or so, all to alarm me that there was something extremely odd as I was viewing it.

The perps have been busy laying on the dude gangstalker show of late; obesers, skinheads, big hats, and like shiftless vermin keep "erupting" in my view. The current fave of the perps is hoodies, the gangstalkers with them down while waiting, and then put them on when seated on the bus, lined up in my view, and for me to see when my attention is directed toward them. Most of the hoodies have been black or grey colored, and I haven't figured out what the hoodies are all about. As seen from the back, a common presentation, they look like a featureless alien head; the longer skull proportions being arranged for the most part. They even had a blonde woman in a black hoodie on the bus, she getting off where I could see her nose and chin (nicely proportioned), with her blonde hair covering the head portion and the hoodie the rest. On the next look, her hair was totally obscuring her face, making it just the hoodie and the hair visible. Regular readers will know that attractive blonde women are utilized for their "auric goodness", as the seeming gold standard of acceptability but usually in context with some Unfavored demographic group element; big hats, big guts, curly hair, the color of brown, etc. and of course, hoodies. Another related placement of blondes is at new locations where I will or have frequented, say at the car dealership job site. Last year, in the first three days of farm work there was an attractive blonde woman on the bulb p[icking crew, never to return again.

Yesterday when I got off the bus downtown after a day picking berries there was a three wide dude array, all of them wearing the same uniform with big belts and holsters for communication gear. Just what this dude strut was all about I will never know; if they were private security they shouldn't have been on the streets. Just plain strange, except for the gangstalker scenario. These dude flushes have been prominent of late, never have I seen so many "dude pals".

Another short post and on with the early evenings so to get sufficient sleep for the early start.

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