Friday, June 19, 2009

Weather Games

It is most odd that I was ready to work in the farm fields this morning and that the rain came on before deciding to call it off. Funny how I had intended to retrieve my rain gear from my parent's place and "forgot". As in, it never happened before, all these timely "forgets" and so why now? And while up at 0500h makes for an interesting perp variance, something they crave in controlled and managed amounts, I am sure that having much of my gear readied for a berry picking day (not stored) is also part of it. And maybe tomorrow I will get to toil in the fields. A pissoff to be sure, getting ready to start work and then sandbagged at the gate by more orchestrated fuckups, that only a malevolent Fuckwit could dream up.

And owing to this rare Fuckover event, all ready to go save the rain gear, the assholes duly got me rage-ifed at 0500h by sending me to the wrong drawer or cupboard at least three times, also a case of never-before behavior. I never forget the location of anything in the kitchen after the first day of move-in, and here we are, over two years later, it "somehow" keeps happening, especially for one-off days, like today, weather fucked at 0500h.

Back after retrieving said rain gear, and I see that there is rain for three more days, a 30% chance eah day. Enough to scare me into packing it to the berry picking job. That the raingear is in dayglo orange with reflector material on it is likely a bonus, given the preponderence of this color (constructive matter-wave interference, per J K Harms) among the gangstalker populations. I see they had extra roadworks on today when on the city bus, perhaps it was about the seeing more dayglo colors.

An earlier forced near-sleeping state in my seat and then a 40 minute nap afterward, and this strange zoned-out sensation afterward. That was the lead-up to dinner, and then it was onto the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. I have never seen anything quite like it before, but in the harassment business (as victim), there is always a first time. One of the putative male Sales staff was leaning against the wall in the hallway, some 40' distant, and stayed there in this state of apparent intense languor as I walked toward him and then past him to get to the broom closet to start my cleaning. I had to retrace some of my steps with the vaccum cleaner in hand, and here he was at least motivated in having backed up to be closer to the exit hallway I would take, and now leaning on the other side of the hallway as when I walked behind him. This dude has the most strangest and slovenly postures, and doesn't mind everyone knowing about it, as these weren't the first. He also ill-disposed to move out of his seat at the front door when I am vacuuming there. Any kind of social pleasantries aren't permitted either, as this dude has been assigned a supercilious persona and makes sure I know about it. Anyhow, it is most odd that all these behavioral irregularities erupt around me, totally unbidden.

I did 2.5 hours of garden maintenance at my parent's place earlier. Regular readers will know that the perps get no end of mileage out of "foliage stalking", be it lawn cutting, hedge trimming, plant pruning and general garden maintenance. It seemed that the Asian contingent was a high gangstalker race priority today. I was working at the front yard and there were an inordinant number (6 parties) of them walking or cycling by, up to and including me backing the vehicle out of the driveway. There was the usual aircraft noise that ramped up, and the even of me digging out a blackberry bush and placing it on the concrete driveway was a highly noisestalked event; motorcycle noise, aircraft and a vehicle roaring past. I was driven to the bus stop to take it back into downtown, replete with another round of the freakshow of the Unfavored.

The outbound city bus freakshow started with two loopy gangstalkers and one normal one at the bus stop. I got the "man from Glad" white hairdo dude in the seat in front of me, and he got off in five stops to then have a thuggy dude in shades and holding a coffee in front of him as the Coffee Corps replacement. And the pong that came off this latter dude was the BO from a bender the night before, seething from his pores even if he looked presentable. Maybe he was the reference gangstalker, wearing a black T-shirt, much like mine under my blue fleece pullover. Anyhow, on the other side of the aisle there was a changing freakshow; one dark haired fat woman in shades was replaced in the same seat by another fat woman of the same height and comportment but in different colored hair and clothes within a few minutes of the first one getting off. I couldn't be sure it was the same woman, but it is exceptionally rare to see someone of the identical size, shape and comportment in the same day, let alone within minutes on the same bus trip and same seat. I had a red haired male gangstalker on the bus, and lo, if he didn't want off at the same stop as me, and lo, if the sidewalks weren't half littered with orange red colored Douglas-fir pollen cone husks, very much like his hair color. All to keep me color referenced between his hair and the new locale, the street rather than on the bus it would seem.

Picture time, the last of a recent upload.

Taken 06-12-2009, 0855h, 37sec. And even in surburbia one isn't free from vehicle color arrangements. Three houses in a row, and all have the same deep metallic red colored vehicle color in their driveways. These are two houses away from my parent's place and are on my 3 minute walk from the bus stop to their place.

Taken 06-12-2009, 0856h, 47sec. The swooping skateboarder also erupts in suburbia as I was about to take a turn into my parent's driveway. Not only on the very familiar perp prop, the skateboard, but also on "paper packing" duty, gangstalkers with papers in their hands and usually erupt soon after I egress into public space. Five vehicles are in view, and two are the identical red to those pictured below, only 150' away. One red vehicle is on each side of the road that the skateboarder will pass between.

Taken 06-16-2009, 1225h, 19sec. Apart from the lead Vespa scooter in turquoise (rider in red jacket), find me a vehicle that isn't silver-grey or red. And tell me how there would be three red stopped vehicles in file on the street facing the camera, except by orchestration. And let's not forget the wheelchair act with red hat, the gut strut on the left, and one normal dude in front.

Taken 06-16-2009, 1227h, 43sec. Eating and driving; a near everytime event of late. And having a string of four grey vehicles parked in file isn't enough; one must test for distance dependent interaction by running another silver-grey vehicle in front of the parked file, seen in full below. The very tail of the passing pickup on the left looks to be black, but there is an odd amount of reflectivity off the vehicles that are supposedly evenly lit on a clouded day.

Taken 06-16-2009, 1227h, 46sec. An nice string of greyscale colors parked in file; on the left a white Volvo, two silver-greys, one mid-grey and back to silver-grey at the end of the file. As best as I can count when zoomed in (double click on picture) there are 28 vehicles in the picture, and most are in greyscale colors (white, silver grey (predominating all over as well as in the foreground in the parked file), mid-greys and black), with some reds (5) and one of yellow and blue. Maybe one silver-grey is a little on the light brown coloration. How in the fuck could this be anything but arranged?

Some good material on workplace bullying, seeming to be only one locale of harassment abuse at this link, Workplace Bullying. And a recent award by someone who convinced the judge of its legitimacy at this subordinate link; Helen Green Wins Court Victory - UK, awarded $1.5 million. And she got her legal fees paid, "beginning with an interim payment of $650,000". And rightly so, this is organized harassment courtesy of Deutsche Bank, and only at her work. I deal with organized harassment all the time, and not only during work hours. She was there for four years, say $1.5 million/4 = $400,000 per year roughly. Not good enough IMHO, but a decent start in having employer's organized harassment made publicly known and bringing this to the public eye. And the deal I don't yet know is, did the Deutsche Bank overtly orchestrate to harass this person in their work, or was it via mind fuck of the various players? Or both? Thanks to Gangstalking World for this one; read the whole posting as the perps won't let me due to dynamically applied dithering of my reading.

Time to call this one done and go through the early morning routine to start work as a berry picker. Who knew that this would be high excitement for the shadow clowns? All those fruit juices on my fingers is indeed the stuff of perp insanity.


Anonymous said...

Funny how you mention that they sent you to Seattle to work for 3-5 years, possibly laying the ground for city-wide gangstalking. I've had one operative ask me more "interview" questions, like what are my top 3 countries I'd like to live in, and what cities? Right there, looks like the perps are busy laying the groundwork for more bullshit, should I decide to move to those countries. One choice was St. Petersburg, Russia. I can't imagine living there, although I'm sure perps are hard at work training operatives and getting shills ready there. Since that conversation took place in 2008, I'm sure the operatives are trained and everything is "go" over there, as well as the other countries I mentioned.

Anonymous said...

I can see clear evidence of gangstalking. The guy with his hands in his pockets, as if trying to keep his hands warm, is one hint. I'm sure it's too warm for that over there, yet he needs to keep his hands warm. The other guy wearing a gray shirt behind him, carrying a stick, is an obvious gangstalker. I have no idea what that guy's sweatshirt says, but it looks like one of those "Pittsburgh Steelers" shirts. I'm sure my perps have operatives ready for me over there, too, just "in case" I decide to move there. I've even seen evidence of gangstalking in 3rd-world countries, such as India, as well. I'm sure they would be well-prepared for me, should I decide to ever visit India. Just a hypothetical.

AJH said...

Answer to: Funny how you mention...

And even more odd that the perps asked me the same question, about six years ago. Which country would I go to get away from all the gangstalking and harassment? I said Sweden, and lo, if I don't get quite a few references to the country, Swedish athletes and so on. I still get plenty of "Swedish content" planted on me now. I don't think Sweden factors into any future plans but it is interesting that they have used our chosen alternate countries as a means to focus the harassment games; planted thoughts to planted stories and like exposure.