Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dog Bark Moment

A busy two days working two jobs, and then going online. Picking strawberries for 9.5 hours is getting less backbreaking than it was. Presently the sickos are fucking with the mouse, so I may not blog for much, despite the panalopy of gangstalking and harassment insanity they are plying me with.

The dog from nowhere, (none in this neighborhood) barked as I opened up this posting. I am also getting plenty of white plasma flashes in front of this LCD display as I type, and I have already screamed at the assholes at least four times so far. The flash, for a half second or so, is shaped like an 8" diameter iris, except in white and grey shadow, not colored.

I got screwed into thinking I would get a certain earlier bus after the picking job, but lo, if the Punjabi crew members didn't need to change and that took long enough that we missed the bus by a few minutes, and then 30 minutes of wait time with nonstop vehicular gangstalking traffic with my Punjabi "buddies" not far from me. An like yesterday, an surge of 15 or so, an huge number of bus passengers for an industrial park in the rural regions, arrived all around me, one even being a "fellow traveller" and getting off at the same bus stop as I did. The fucking asshole looks at me as if I were following him for crissakes. Bizarre.

And my shoe got sabotaged within the last hour in the strawberry patch; the sikos stripped half the right side sole off so there was plenty of flopping action and I had to walk in this hobbled form at a much slower pace to accomodate this fucking shoe games the perps dreamed up. Been there, done that. Enough of this insanity and get your asses in my face and tell me why I am not allowed to own shoes that have been repaired three times in five years for the same "problem". Last time, the cobbler begged off and said that he wouldn't be able to fix them anymore. Horsefeathers, it is the same problem; the rubber sole just "pops off" and the assholes tie my shoes up for a week or so.

I told the forman that I would have to take a day off to retrieve my hiking boots from my parent's place, and he put on the show that he really, really, needs me, and that it would be a shame to lose a day's pay over the (sabotaged) shoe, and perhaps I could fix it tonight. I said I would attempt to do so, and lo, if there wasn't Shoo Goo at the local LC store tonight, and enough tools and clamps to clean it up and make another attempt to repair the shoe. So I glued it up, but the instructions say that it reaches maximum strength in 72 hours, and I am sure that will be exploited when I wear them with some 10 hours of glue set time. I was also offered some gumboots and that maybe the real plan for tomorrow. The perps' obsession over rubber and all associated products is getting to fever pitch of late. At the part time car dealership cleaning job tonight I notice they brought in more stacks of tires, unsold ones, at least five stacks of four kinds. Some of the tire stacks have been there for a few weeks, so it would seem their rubber material fixation is getting extra intense of late.

Much typo and mouse sabotage tonight; therefore no further posting tonight, nor response comments. And I am too wiped from a day in the sun, picking strawberries. This is a huge start to red dressed gangstalkers afterward, and even one blonde babe "showed up" at the car dealership cleaning job after the boss man departed and strangely left the unattended garage door open. Said blonde babe claimed she washes cars as a staff member, the first I have even heard there was such a job there. She was in a red T-shirt and was carrying a green Nalgene water bottle. It sure beats read and green plasma games, such eye candy.

And plenty of "strawberry stalkers", ones wearing the same red and orange red as strawberries, just like two days ago. Time to get some lunch ready and send this one off.

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