Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recovery Day

A busy day doing many sabotage recovery activities. More laundering after yesterday's mud fest, a new wallet after it somehow "self destructing" in the buttoned down pocket of my work pants and retrieving my hiking boots from my parent's place after the extant pair also "self destructed" (repaired 3x in last 5 years), obtaining more coins for daily bus riding. Other action was yoga, always a positive activity, and then an "inspection" by the rent subsidy people to make sure all was copesthetic. It was, and I might be able to get an increase in the subsidy to match the rent increases. But, the subsidy isn't availible any more, so I should not move as it will be deemed a new application. Another gotcha, but I am used to that, because it is the norm in this managed adversity called Life Rape, aka, nonconsensual human experimentation down to the level of even knowing the alphabet or numbers. The latter seems to be of greater interest, my mother going on about having enough $2 coins for the bus usage when in fact I had purchased a roll of $2 coins earlier in the day. Another "happened to mention it" stunt/scripted vignette, of increasing frequency of late. Two days ago it was the mention of "duct tape" at each job site by disparate parties that was the "happenchance" word of the day.

A short post as I will be getting myself off to bed early to accomodate the early start to the day. That is to say, I will be berry picking tomorrow, my "dig out from my line of credit" job for the summer. I got some extra sleep in this morning, but not enough for the errand load. Though to be fair, I actually did succeed in getting them all done. I even pre-ordered the Windows 7 Upgrade for $65CAD at when London Drugs blew me off when I was there in person. He claimed it wasn't availible and won't be until October, and went on and on, and wouldn't look up my suggested source of the information on the web connected PC he was browsing. The "don't listen to me" act; been there thousands of times, and it should not be arranged any more if the perp asshole had any fucking sense of proportion as to the abuse they have pounded me with in the last seven years of overt fuckery, not to mention a prior 47 years of covert fuckery. Fucking insane I get to have their shills rail on when they are absolutely full of it, and know it. Thats LD for you, abetting to the level of being a first order quisling. If I had a vehicle I wouldn't shop there any more after tonight's jerkaround.

Onto getting prepared for tomorrow; I am cracking the hazelnuts and soaking them in water overnight which seems to add certain qualities of being more filling, assuming I am not getting jerked with.

At the berry picking job site a new "get close" fuckaround behavior has erupted; "ass stalking". That means the sicko shill/tgangstalker takes an opportunity to swing or plant their ass as close to my head as possible, usually in compromised seating arrangements, say in the pickup box. One Punjabi, and a native Indian couple did this in various guises, the latter two being particularly rude in sitting on the picnic table top when a bench seat was there, and planting their fucking sit bones 18" away from me, backs toward me. The woman was first, and the dude lined himself up behind her, the "hide the Unfavored Fuckwit" stunt. When said dude was duly "ready" (however the perps define that, he plants his fucking ass on the table top beside my lunch, now both of them backed up to me. I got up and went elsewhere. Fucking rude, and fucking sick that this was engineered by the Life Rapists as yet another pathetic arrangement for them to decode their brown color problem at my expense.

Yesterday, in the pouring rain, the berry picking was suspended, and we hustled the berries into the boxes and then into the cooler, even if soaking wet. I was working with a native Indian and a Mexican, and they both seemed to know what to do in the way of augmenting to arrange skin touches while hefting stacked boxes in and out of the pickup. Endless permutations of the perp's brown color games, a constant theme since the initial barrage of their "coming out" in the apartment attack in 04-15-2002 in Seattle. Then, the brown plasma flash would cause me to collapse to the ground. They pulled this off a week later when I was driving; a brown plasma flash bounced off my glasses and I was sliding down the seat, past the seatbelts until they zapped me out of it so I could recover. The vehicle beside me with four dudes at 0500h on the I-5 north of Seattle might have had something to do with it, but they weren't looking at me when they passed by. Enough troving past fuckery and the ongoing perp's brown color fuckery, and onto bed.


Anonymous said...

Remember, this stunt was called "ass planting" in a previous blog. Sometimes I get the analog of large guts in the form of large, unusually large guys' asses. Sometimes they have them plant their asses as close to my face as possible. Usually, it's one of those deals where they'd "accidentally" drop something, and have to bend over to retrieve it, and lo, the "result" is some guy's big ass sticking in my face.

Then, they have all manner of shapes and sizes of thighs and calves, as you may have experienced. I'm sure you've experienced forms of favored and unfavored of that domain as well, though you don't really point them out specifically in your list.

They used to have guys with shaved legs a good bit, back in 2006. The cover story there was they were bicyclists, or general atheletes, trying to cut down on "drag". Or, just some fancy preference of theres. Of course, hairy legs are unfavored on either sex. One time they had a hirstute female with very hairy legs.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could try a Linux distro instead of getting Windows.

AJH said...

Answer to: Remember, this stunt was called "ass planting"...

Thanks for keeping my vocabulary straight. Ordinarily I do not forget new terms, but since about 2006 they can screw with my recall and then take me on their endless games of calling something by ten or more different names or variants thereof. I am getting plenty of male "gut struts" of late, male skinheads and male waddling walking. Also, at this time of year, shorts are common, and the hairy legs as part of it. Not to my taste.

AJH said...

Answer to: Maybe...

I have thought about using Linux many times, but the reality is that I am already in an adverse situation, and a new operating system would give them all kinds of excuses for things going wrong. I will stick to Windows, even if no love, as that represents the least possible jerkaround solution.