Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blue on Blue Flashes

Stupider and stupider seems to be the order of the day, or as my tormentors would likely say, more nuanced harassment/experimentation. After a grievious delay and ignore-me customer service at the co-op, and the dude flush (one ahead, one behind, the overalls act the latter), I get outside on the street and end up behind two large women, one dressed in a blue top, and then a blue flash came from her direction. I have another look, and the assholes had arranged a mid-grey police van some 60' ahead, crossing past with its blue (only) lights flashing, doing the emergency thing again.

This lasted only a second or two, but it would seem the assholes wanted to get me fresh out of the store. And as I had purchased two stainless steel water bottles, objects of much future portent, they must of really wanted all that planning to go into one second's worth of blue garment and blue flash combination. This is only one example as to how fucking insane the perps have become of late.

The acquisition of the water bottles suggests that there are plans ahead to have me work outside again this summer, as water (or other beverage) intake, and the nature/color of the supply bottle, pipe or other source is a big deal for the assholes, as it seems they cannot yet model intake to later digestive effects (energetics). Or more likely, they cannot yet do this remotely, so they must fuck me around for another few years until they can. They have been allowing me to take in water colored with concentrated juice in the past week, red no less, so their ambitions have evolved from just tap water alone. Last year they had me use a blue polycarbonate water bottle, now banned in this country as it is a source of bisphenol A. So it would seem that last year was a bisphenol A test, and this year will be a stainless steel container test. I can hardly wait.

A Thursday yoga day, and this time they didn't fuck me out of going like last week which pissed me off. I had my usual street detritus/dudes gangstalking me there and back, and it seems they are cranking up the male skinheads more of late. If I don't like seeing bald heads, why is it that I am chased all over town with them? Same for fucking tattoos, which are getting bigger of late, or at least, as portrayed by the selected Fuckwit gangstalkers.

Another siren cascade as I composed the above paragraph; at least the fifth one today.

The perps had me sweating heavily while at yoga, even if it is tamed down because of the hot weather. The usual building pounding "workers" at the beginning of the class, along with outside yelling and later the train of freeway like road traffic, loud mufflered vehicle, motorcycles and heavy duty vehicles. Same as this apartment, even if six stories up. And plenty of red plasma games at first; 1' to 3' red splotches over the green carpet, and other beams coursing around the room. I see they roughed up the carpet around my mat, giving the carpet a pilled look which suddenly erupted since I was last there two weeks ago. And they also did some brown testing in an unusual way; they put a splotch of brown plasma over the chest of one of the women regulars, as if she had a garment on as it wasn't skin colored (in my peripherai vision). Next time I look she never did have a brown garment on, the assholes masked her normal Caucasian skin tone with their ersatz plasma version of brown color. And they also parked at least one similar brown colored vehicle in the parking lot behind me, visible through translucent glass. Then it lasted a few minutes, and later when it was time to go, a mid-grey vehicle parked in the same place for no fucking reason except to gangstalk me as I came through the doors to see the vehicle directly. Arranging a fuzzy brown appearing vehicle through translucent glass must be some kind of introductory method of having me see brown colors in a controlled or managed state. Again, if I don't like fucking brown colors, why do I have a phalanx of gutless Fuckwits chasing me all over with these colors? Why can't they get this over with by coming out of the closet?

And these same fugly skintone or puke brown tones were showing up tonight when I was transiting from the part time car dealership cleaning job back to my place, stopping in at the LD store as well. At least a third of the gangstalkers, some five or so, were wearing this fucking ugly puke brown color. Then the long haired blonde dude with the fedora was dogging me; outside LD, then at two locations in the checkout area, his first, then mine, and again when outside. Worse yet, the asshole didn't have a chin to make himself look even more Unfavored. Another example of what the assholes are up to; before all this started I might have seen a person twice in or just outside a store; now they cover me from the parking lot, to at least two locations inside and then outside. It is fucking infuriating to be stalked like this.

At the car dealership the blonde saleswoman was on posing duty dressed in white pants and a red top, making sure to be seen each time I opened the door, or looked out, or was on cleaning duty in Sales. But she must also be acting as some kind of "psychic bait" as the skinheaded male from yesterday's 5x gangstalking pursuit, was also loitering around the aforementioned blonde woman. I call this "blonde aura association", having an Unfavored (male, skinhead) hang with a Favored (attractive, blonde woman).

Taken 06-13-2009; this series of three isn't terribly incriminating for arguing about orchestration, unless all the photos of past parking adventures are put together. My rule of thumb is that three vehicles of the same color together represents configuration, where two together could be "fluke", assuming that concept even exists in my containment bubble.

A zoom in, a silver-grey vehicle behind the tree again; haven't we seen this before?

Moving to the right; a man and his dog at the bus stop. And did anyone ever tell him that dogs on a leash are not allowed on the bus? And too, the wide brimmed Tilley (or like) hat. The perps have me totally jangled ever time I see one, so there must be some kind of traumatization emulation stunt going on.

Taken 06-15-2009, one block after getting of the bus. And do we have enough fugly orange in this picture? The copper-orange vehicle colors are getting plenty of action of late, and often are arranged with red colors, e.g. the vehicle on the left. Having a silver-grey vehicle in the show seems to be mandatory for the perps color games. I have a highly illustrative picture of that tomorrow.

I am off to do berry picking tomorrow, starting a job for the summer, assuming I last. Presently, they are picking strawberries and so I will be getting plenty of red color contact for the perps to play yet more dumbshit games. If this gig lasts the summer, I will be exposed to a number of different color of fruits at this one orchard. And these postings will become more sparse as the sickos like to play up the tiredness angle as well. I just may get to pay off my line of credit this year, and too, there is less chocolate consumption as I don't take any with me as it gets too hot for it.

I got a tip from the local TI to look up "radionics". And lo, if it doesn't line up with the perps' beserk insanity. Attempting to heal someone from afar with the aid of a hair or a blood sample or even their signature. And it is true that the assholes noisestalk me (or other fuckery) at the moment I sign something, so perhaps these "biophysical energy fields" do exist, and that they also do a decent job of repressing any valid research. As well as enjoining the chorus of detractors and quite possible arranging the experiments seeking proof to fail. And this might also explain why the perps chase me with a septic services tanker truck every two months or so, often "arriving" at street corners or driving by in the evening. And I am quite sure just who's shit is they are packing. And this might also explain why they like to visit the septic services pipes in the street when I came back from a week away last year. (And they did script me for a shit within the first hour of getting back). Hmmm, nothing provable, but certainly interesting.

More radionics sites; a big mystery has finally being solved; the methods of the perps are entirely consistent with this body of work.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your previous blog entry, that it's very frustrating to have gangstalkers glued to you at every turn. I've also noticed that one blog entry kept disappearing and re-appearing. It's odd that the perps would let TI's keep blogs in the first place, though not sure why. Maybe it's a way for them to see how their "experimentation" is progressing.

LOL, the picture with the guy dressed in white with the hat and dog on leash. It looks like he's trying to be Indiana Jones or something, or maybe one of those "explorers" on an expedition. Also LOL at his high socks. What a strange getup. Tonight, someone brought in a backpack exactly like the one that guy is holding.

I'm wondering if Canada is any worse than the US for gangstalking? For me, I live near Pittsburgh, which is sufficiently close to Canada. I still have to get passports to get into Canada.

Anonymous said...

Also, I get gangstalkers holding their noses for some reason, whether in cars or on foot. Not sure why they do that. I see them doing hand gestures all the time, like they're pretending to do Stasi signals. The only thing is there is nobody to signal to, which makes this particular act odd.

Anonymous said...

Here's another "trait" I despite, which I believe was forced on me by my tormentors: guys (and sometimes gals) with really straight pointy noses. I also have an "unfavored" nose type, which the perps got me sensitized to and now torment me sometimes with.

AJH said...

Answer to: I agree with your previous blog entry...

LOL, the high socks. The "big hat" act is common, at least four a day of late. One on the city bus today, seated some 10' away, and out of my purview as I was looking out mostly. Then the seat in front, and two steps down, became availible and the hat act moved seats and sat in front of me. I raised up my pack in my lap so I wouldn't see the fucker and his hat and then he got off at the next stop. Canada is just as bad as the US for gangstalking and organized harassment. I was working in Seattle, WA in 2002 when this first started, and they totally fucked me out of having a job there, so I had to move back here and get harassed while jobless (and still am). It may well be that they sent me to Seattle for 3.5 years to get this city, Victoiria, BC, Canada ready for total city-wide involvement in gangstalking, life-rape and the rest of the relentless abuse stream I am subject to. In other words, the perps can switch countries like they can socks, even knee high ones.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also, I get gangstalkers holding their noses...

I get the perps rubbing their noses, not holding them. I suspect this has to do with face/nose energy differentials with that of the fingers, hence the contact between the two in the TI victim's proximity. Sometimes on the bus I will see three Fuckwits at a time doing this; stupid for sure, but highly consistent.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here's another "trait"...

The pointy noses doesn't ring a bell, or at least until now. It is the chinless ones, (recessed chin) that I cannot tolerate the sight of. (A new, intolerance the perps bait and then jangle me with). They do like me to see noses in profile though; the large hooked (Roman?) nose was featured recently for a few days.

Anonymous said...

They say they have laws in European countries against organized stalking, but I seriously doubt it would stop the perps one bit. Consider that stalking and harassment is illegal here in the US as well as Canada, yet gangstalkers routinely get away with it, and sometimes flaunt it right in my face, knowing the cops will deny I'm being harassed/stalked. Until someone powerful enough cracks down on these perps/stalkers, it will continue everywhere.