Saturday, June 20, 2009

Strawberry Fields For Now

Holding down two jobs is getting tired after the first day. First, strawberry picking for 7.5 hours plus 30 min. bus commute in each direction. And that was a short day. They have a crew of six Mexicans on a work visas, and they go for 10 hour days. Me, I copped out early to get back to downtown so I could assemble myself for the part time cleaning job at the car dealership. I do feel wiped out, but not totally. Good for another day unless I sieze up in the morning. That's 0500h to get the 0610h bus.

I had my posse around me today; they are heavy on placing male skinheads in my peripherial vision, and have also started up on their turban fixation. One in each direction no less; the first was a pseudo farmworker who wandered off and wasn't seen again, never to pick a single berry. And after getting red dyed fingers, and looking at strawberries all day, why, should it been a surprise to have the bus packed to the rafters with at least a 30% red clothing rate. And that would include another E. Indian party; two women wearing pink, and the turbaned male, seeming much like the one in the morning.

These blogs won't be long this summer unless I resort to the do-squat schedule, putzing around all day and then doing the 1.5 hour cleaning job. It is hard to say what the sickos have me lined up for; continuing farm labor or the layabout life they had scripted since 09-2008.

On the positive side the pickers, seemed personable people, unlike last year's daffodil bulb pickers. And there was a good string of pleasant nattering going, me included. There was the usual lunch and break time dispersion, all except for one E. Indian young male, in IT no less, out berry picking. We had some chats, but the breaks were too short to make much conversational headway.

The return bus trip was a holy gangstalking event; the bus was full and I had to stand, but they lined the highway bypass roads with countless greyscale color vehicles, even being so obvious as stringing five black vehicles together in one parked file. I had my freakshow all ready on board; fugly red hair dye job, skinheaded male, wheelchair case, fat ones, turban as mentioned and the rest of the red show. I reckon the gangstalk vehicle event was at least 2,000 when inbound in the afternoon. And not just vehicles, but at least five boats were trailered by as I was waiting for the bus. Funny how all the back road farm traffic erupted Saturday afternoon.

And a major jerkaround over laundering my clothes after berry picking. The assholes forced a "forget" to remove my wallet from my work pants, and so it too got laundered. More like trashed with cards and cash surviving. The button on the pocket flap was still buttoned down when I found the wallet laundering mess, so "somehow" it got out of a snap buttoned flap pocket. Amazing, not even trying to make it look like laundering caused the snap button to dislodge. Regular readers and TI's will know the perps are totally beserk about my wallet contents; color of bills, their order and orientation as well as the plastic card placement, especially if it has a magnetic stripe. My cardboard US Social Security Card also survived with frayed edges, the number still intact. Go figure, when it was freely being laundered.

Enough for tonight, as I am bushed so to speak, and want to get another day of picking red berries tomorrow.


Rachael O. said...

ahh the good old color harassment. I too had red T shirts for a long period of time. However I found out that in my case it was most likely gang connected. Wanna be bloods or people trying to get recruited. There is a peculiar signal of solidarity sent out by the red t-shirts and other bright red wearing people. It appears to be in the northeast and places like St Louis. I have not seen this in the south west..which makes me wonder if it is indeed connected to gang colors.
They have been harassing you for a very long time AJH, with color harassment.
They find whatever works then they just go with it.

AJH said...

Answer to: ahh, the good old...

There are many hues of red and they are making an effort to have me see them in all their variety. Another day of strawberry picking today, an plenty of orange-red ones, not fully ripe. And while taking the city bus back, why, a woman in an identical orange red and semi-reflective (like a strawberry's surface between the seeds) down coat and the same red beret. And too, a cyclist on the street, in the identical red outside the bus, leapfrogging back an forth. (The bus would catch up to the cyclist and pass, and then it would later stop, with the cyclist passing the bus, etc.) There were plenty of other strawberry reds on show, with the final act being the resident (faux) Fuckwit walking out of the elevator in the lobby, just before I got in, holding a red plastic bag in front of him, the same posture as the Coffee Corps. So yes, I have been highly sensitized to red of late.

Anonymous said...

I've found that a lot of these people are wanna be cops, detectives, security guards, or... actors in general. I've seen harassers get favors, such as free food, drinks, whatever their hearts desire, for coming in and harassing me. Myself, I have to work hard and pay for everything. Some wacko high school kids with no hobbies or life come in and harass me, and they get whatever they want.

When you see high school kids or recent high school grads, just remember one thing if they're partaking in your harassment: this is the fabric that they're made of; it doesn't matter what their age is... as adults, they'll be even more nothing than they are now. Can you imagine rewarding someone like that? What message is it going to send them when they reach adulthood? That it's OK to perp somebody, even if you know it's wrong, because you will get your rewards?

Anonymous said...

I've had the same theory as Rachel about the involvement in gangstalking. One of my perps conversed with me, and he sounded an aweful lot like someone in one of those "real" gangs, you know, with the "quick and dirty" English. And I'm pretty sure he wasn't just an operative... he sounded like the real deal. He said how about a nice helping of "guys with boobs", you know, guys with "moobs", as in those guys with "man boobs" that are kinda saggy. I'm sure you've been hit up with that type. It's funny, because dealing directly with an actual perp, he told me what the plan was (tormenting me with "moobs"). He and the rest of the "crew" have been doing a good job tormenting me with those types (male chests -- all types). SO I have to be exposed to shirtless guys now.