Friday, April 03, 2009

Intense Abuse Scenario

The perps have rage-ified me at least 30x so far, and the day has hardly started. I can expect more later as they are up for a high intervention day. Often, new or infrequent events coincide with such escalated abuse, and there has been a full slate. A new bag of cereal was started today, the peanut butter jar was finished (after daily disappearences of a small amout after each day), and a new can of shaving foam was started. Then I get the most loathsome task of hanging around at my parent's place to ostensibly babysite my father and his supposed Alzheimer's (act). Insult after injury.

The rage-ifying jerkarounds were the usual cast; crumb inundation from nowhere (cereal crumbs that magically got out from the new bag to old bag transfer (new bag is red colored)), jabbing in my feet, lips and fingertips, fake touches on my arms one side and the other immediately following with nothing closer than 12", coffee grounds that magically appear on the stove top, more crumb inundation "from" the bread, forced attention to something I had no intention to need (next to something that was the real object), and other games like screwing up the rational task order I always follow. Needless to say, I am still seething and mightily pissed that the assholes went beserk this morning, and as always, all the more so as it seems that their strategic failings have resulted in them doing this without representing themselves. The subconsciously recalled abuse and traumatization associations are a part of this, where they fouled up their ability to achieve their objectives (exemplified by the gangstalk freakshow and plasma color and combinations) as well as the plastics pollutants that are the likely cause of this seven year abusiveness protraction, and the most curious of all, attempting to achieve this all by remote means. Essentially, they fucked up royally, and are approaching the seventh year of jerking me around in attempting to recover from their strategic follies. They should of been fucking someone over 100 years ago before modern plastics manufacturing and the consequent world pollution. Even polar bears have PFOAs (teflon compounds) for crissakes. They were abusing James Tilley Mathews 200 years ago in the book The Air Loom Gang, and then dropped the ball for whatever reason.

I am back from my outing the perp abetting parents place and the city bus freakshow getting there and back. Just plain bizarre to have so many people on the city bus heading out of downtown at 1200h. Then again, heading to downtown from suburbia at 1600h. They were all over me at the outbound bus stop; at least six of them, one with freaking hideous red hair, likely a wig. The had the two tone blue dressed gangstalker in the bus shelter who then departed on another bus route, and then the red hideous haired woman sat down in her place. And got on the same bus as I did, along with at least four others, two of which "happened" to be walking together and walking to the bus stop and then boarded it. I have seen this new bizarre "just in time bus stop arrival" before, and it was a piece of masterful timing as the two "just in time" gangstalkers didn't even bother to see which bus route it was, as there are three that stop there. And too, it was all the more interesting as the bus was at least 10 minutes late. More of the blatant obvious.

When on the outbound bus I got the one seat that was looking backward; these have been "reserved" for me before where it is the only seat availible, usually with someone's foot close by, but not on it. And it was that today, the opposite seat had a gangstalker Fuckwit with his foot propped on his other leg. And then they had the "paper boys" open up their papers they had in hand, one across from me (Asian), the other an East Indian 8' away.

When there was a free seat to face the front, guess what they had lined up for me to see; a freaking blonde mohawk haircut dude, with his linear tuft of hair slicked with some kind of gel to make it stand up. They pulled him off the bus within a few minutes of seeing this hideous sight.

While at the parents place, I pulled the compost pile apart and watered it and put it all back together again. I had no end of aircraft noise, small motor noise and other suburban noise plus loud road traffic while doing this activity. The perps have a real interest in composting for whatever reason, and Ms. C of the story even took her "master composter" training in advance of the holy fuckover that came on me in 04-2002.

The above entry ended because they kept forcing typo errors on me, and that was sufficient for a screaming rage, and then they whacked my right thumb while I was putting down the earmuffs. They are continuing their beserk bullshit today, right to the bitter end, and who knows how long they will keep me up in bed. They awoke me at least once last night to hear their usual noise from the "neighbors"; an overly loud hum as if from a bathroom fan is getting lots of airtime these days, and can get through the earmuffs "somehow".

Another freak on the bus was a negro dude with his coffee cup in hand, which to me is a brown color reference along with his brown skin. They pulled him off within a few minutes of being on board, and lo, if he wasn't back on the bus at a later stop again, sans coffee, different clothes and a stand-up afro hairdo.

And again, with only a few minutes of bus travel remaining for my ride, they put on two negro women, one with a bright unnatural fushia hairdo. They kept her out of sight mostly, but I thought the timing was odd, putting them on at the end of my bus journey.

I had two of them get off with me at the bus stop, both turning to the right as I was. They cannot get enough on me anytime I board or disembark from a vehicle, or even enter or leave a building. As part of the gangstalking melange of the Unfavored, they had the building manager sitting on a large yellow Harley Davidson motorcycle in front of the front doors of the building when I got back. I assume this is part of the deal in placing any Unfavored item or demographic group member at or near the door of this building. The same set of doors has been party to no end of gangstalking fuckwits, and recent memorable stunts have been breadstalking, negro standing at the door, and a few strange hairdo acts. Funny how I cannot recall much of the beserk gangstalking acts at the doors, as it seems that combinatorial Unfavored items/persons, no matter the perversity, is required for the perp harassment scene. Thank goodness the building manager didn't start up the motorcycle. I also note that the perps are putting on more of the motorcycle noise, and I don't know why they continue to arrange the noise, and even the sight of motorcycles. I abhor the noise, but I don't think it is the whole picture, as sometimes they place them for me to see parked motorbikes.

The plasma games were also put on the bus for me to see; a 4" long x1/4" wide horizontal plasma beam kept floating around about 4' in front of me, moving around the leg of a brown pant wearing male gangstalker. He was doing the laborer returning from work act, and was doing their favorite posture of leaning forward for no seeming reason. (Spine flexing seems to be a common gangstalker act, just as yoga (with me) is a popular event for the operatives). Anyhow, this beam kept moving around, changing from a dark green to a dark red, and changing to other colors. The perps make sure I don't continue to look at it and divert my attention with the ruse of it being too strange. Not so, if there is a teleporting negro gangstalker making two boardings on the same bus from different bus stops along the route, why cannot I be allowed to track the perps' plasmic fuckery?

Another "rub it in" stunt of late is to have me apply for jobs online and then after some four weeks or so, when the job was thought to be filled, the job is reposted. More of the "look at this" again it would seem. Though they finally let me ponder the alternative, that my emails to prospective employers aren't getting through. Same difference; if they don't want me to apply, then faxing a resume won't work either. The perps' big intrigue they are creating for me is the potential circumstances of when and where I get to use my laborer work wear that I purchased at the end of last year's farm work. The safety toed boots have been sitting there since 09-2008, as has a coat and raingear. I applied for a 10 day laborer job yesterday and haven't heard back, so I assume it is a no-go. It would be nice to get my bank balance to zero again instead of being in the hole.

And I see yet another massacre, this time in New York state at an immigration facility. From the perspective of the perps, getting various nationalities from all over in one place and then conduct their "final blood sample" mayhem is just another day at the office. Many of the reasoned TI's have suspicions that the perps are behind many of the massacres and gangland shootings. Nearby Vancouver, BC has had a recent spate of gang violence, and these too might be part of the perps' murderous rampage, likely about getting a blood sample from a dying subject. Their problem is that blood is magnetic, as is their irradiation and remotely applied energy interaction and assay methods. (Over 200 Gauss on me in 2002, 400x normal). And as the perps have a considerable interest in provenance of us subjects, it isn't too much of a surprise to see these awful massacres happening. That is my conspiratorial take on this subject, and I fully understand if you don't agree with my speculations from my ringside seat on the secret sickos, the World SS.

It interesting to ponder how the perps organize and coordinate all the different facets of their organization. They must have some sickos plotting massacres, and the swim club members who disappeared for a year and then came back, presumably to train up for being an operative, strike me as regular folk, and not as murderous assholes. Somewhere in perpland there must be a master spreadsheet of all the sub-objectives, and they fill them in as they are attained. I am just riffing here, as I have no idea as to how all this is coordinated, from minute by minute TI abuse, and not just mine, to the big scenarios where they may plant some premonitions of some kind, and then have me realize that there was likely some coordination with advance knowledge. I am sure that there are many arms of the perp abuse operations, and they don't always know what exactly is coming down the pipe, save some needed items/mentions in the script they write up for me. But they must coordinate at a higher level, making a generalized request for, say, "we need a beheading on a bus in Western Canada" or something equally macabre. More of my ponderings, though as always, it is very likely this is scripted to every last typo, about five per sentence written here.

Enough blathering, and time to post this one, and I am hoping you won't find this too gruesome or objectionable. Let me know if this, or any blog postings are getting too speculative, dull or otherwise uninteresting. The hardest line to keep is to appeal to both casual blog browsers and the TI community for whom most of the strange goings on are uneventful.


Anonymous said...

I can already spot the leaning forward gangstalkers in the photo. One has her elbow out. They have their favorite poses for pictures that I come across.

Anyhow, that's the 5th deadly shooting/massacre in the US, in one month. There is also sometime significant about the number 5 as well as numbers containing that number, such as 50, 500, 5000, etc. I'm starting to think the perps set a goal of 5 deadly massacres in the same month, just so I can get exposure to the number 5. I started getting the jist of that number when I saw a billboard for a hospital, with a doctor showing his hand, indicating the number 5. The caption said they have a '5 star rating'. Later I would see the same doctor's picture, but he's holding up his index finger this time, exemplifying the number '1'. They used to make this huge fuss over the number 7 back in 2006, and there was something significant about that number the perps wanted me to be aware of. The number 6 is another popular one, but not nearly as much as 4, 5, and 7.

Anonymous said...

I get the same deal with the job postings: a recruiter will send me info about a job op, I'll send back my resume, and I won't hear back from him again. It seems that I am allowed to apply for jobs, except I never hear back from them, or they inexplicably pass me by. Well, I suppose that was better than their previous game of calling me in to an interview, and then telling me I won't be getting the job. I suppose it was worth it for them to have me drive about 45 minutes to the interview location, where I'd at be in contact with 2-4 interviewers at once, sometimes in multiple sessions with different interviewers. Now I realize that the contact and communication with interviewers was enough for them.

I know what's happening there: the perps have to 'approve' of the job before I will be allowed to see it, let alone actually get the job. I feel the perps somehow want me institutionalized for whatever reason, possibly a mental ward, so they can be watched very closely and kept on an even shorter leash. They also have suggestions that they 'predict' that I will be going to jail. They love throwing that one out, putting ideas out that the cops are after me, or I'm going to jail. I don't know what that's all about. Probably just some of their FUD.

AJH said...

Answer to: I can already spot...

The massacres aren't really something that I want to talk about regularly unless there is an obvious perp link. It is tragic to say the least, and will be for the survivors as well, traumatized as they will be.

I did a blog posting on numbers, though again it was something that I am reluctant to get into as it seems to get silly at times. In the posting I remarked on "155" in this blog posting:

I agree though, the assignment of numbers to street adresses, phone numbers and the like seems to be not random, but it is the least of my concerns. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I get the same deal with the job postings...

The perps like to scare me too; they put on the prison ideations back in 2003 or so, and have since relented. It is highly likely that they want you to stay in your present job, as they have an strong interest in what your job is, discernable by the machinations to get you into the position you have as a part time college instructor. (Hoping you are the same Anonymous person I have been communicating with in past comments).

In your case I don't know what they might be doing to engage your employer; they might not do anything, but manipulate all the players without their knowledge. In my case it seems the assholes have arranged the personnel everywhere I go and have worked, so there is a lot more investment in preparing my script and future situations. And it seems there are plenty of rehearsals for family members in advance of engaging with me. It is difficult to know if they apply the same intense effort for all TI's, though I am sure they don't. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it definitely does seem like they want me to stay there, as it is only a part time position. It does seem like they've worked very hard at getting the pieces in place to get me there. Also, it seems of utmost importance of them for us to be underfunded/overworked as possible.

I also just bought one of those analog reel-to-reel tape recorders off of ebay. I know they will be interested in that as well, as it has everything they could ask for: brown tape, moving plastics, and tiny emfs being giving off by the record/playback heads.

AJH said...

Answer to: Yeah, it definitely does seem...

I spent many years working in the provincial government here in underfunded duress. They like to have TI's under strain to produce without the neccessary resources. And too, contracting out work when it could of been done at a tenth of the cost in-house, but they wouldn't hire someone because of a hiring freeze. It never ended until I left to work in Everett and Seattle.
The reel to reel tape player should be a perp plaything; they like having magnetic fields varying as well as the incremental movement of the (brown) tape from one reel to the other. It is the same as paper towels which they are nuts over; the core is brown, and its covering of (white) paper towel it is incrementally being removed, and presumably, revealling brown energies from the core in a slow incremental way. The lingering dudes at the part time job I have really like to get close when I am using a paper towel roll for cleaning, taking a bit off each time, and with less thickness around the brown core. Last year they had me on carpet auction jobs; rolling them up and unfurling them; again, incremental thickness building or revealing with their carpet colors as part of the energetic contribution. Hopefully the perps can get over their brown color obsession with your reel to reel. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I think the one thing they will be looking for with the reel-to-reel will be how the magnetic fields interact with my own. Also, the noise from the tape itself (a form of white noise) may be of some interest in some form or other.

I see they still have the old-fashioned analog cassette recorders at Radio Shack. I think they're pretty invaluable, because the newer kind of digital voice recorder with flash memory have a limited write lifespan. The old-fashioned magnetic media seems to be more reliable in certain situations. That's why I prefer those little mini analog tape recorders to record perps and their planted 'conversations' with gangstalkers. I've noticed they ratchet up the insult component of these conversations, so that I'm forced to listen to them upon playing them back. My personal guess is that they are trying to deter me from recording the gangstalkers, preventing me from posting their conversations on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Also, those analog devices can be more useful for targets for the simple reason that they are very basic electromechanical devices, which the perps can't hack into. The newer digital devices have microprocessors and digital circuits, which can be hacked into, which the perps can then control and monitor more easily. So TI's may want to consider old-fashioned analog equipment for their intel gathering, and transer the contents to computer later. The electromechanical devices are more hack-proof, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Here's another thing I found interesting:

Makes me wonder if the scripts to movies such as these were made by people 'in the know' about this type of research? It's been suggested that 'consultants' to the type of research we TI's are experiencing have provided ideas to Hollywood script writers.

I found the one quote by the computer interesting:

"When will you let me out of this box?" Sounds like a clear reference to organized stalking.

Note the computer may actually be a metaphor for a TI, instead of an actual computer. Or maybe there are some ideas and metaphors that are jumbled and mixed throughout the movie. It's interesting that the computer wants to 'study man'. Scary almost.

AJH said...

Answer to: I think the one thing...

The magnetic flux of the moving tape and its interaction with you will be surely studied. I have never had much interest in audio recording perps as they don't really tip their hand as to some deeper purpose in my case. But if it works for you, use it, and hope the perps don't change their methods. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Also, those analog devices...

I think they can hack any equipment they want to at any time. That has been my experience including a PC motherboard in real time.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here's another thing...

The movie industry and film content is an endless conspiratorial playpen. I am positive there in perp meddling in that industry, but I won't go there in this blog as the evidence is sketchy at best.