Thursday, April 09, 2009

Extra Adversity

My entire life is cursed with extra imposed adversity, and has been since 04-2002. But today, the assholes jacked it up some more to make sure I was rage-ified at the right moment. They dumped the lid of the tapenade tub on the floor, messy side down, and wouldn't let me grasp it while attempting to catch it on the bounce beforehand. That was worth a rage-fied "response" and they made that the general tone of lunch making and eating. Extremely pissed-off while making lunch.

I don't know what the excitement for the perps is today; yoga before lunch with the usual noise ambience, getting my laundry done before that with both pairs of jeans (now wearing one pair) in the same load and wearing my yoga pants all morning (dressed entirely in black), or whatever. It doesn't take much to get them going, and perhaps they have an Easter break tomorrow, as it is a holiday here.

I have another meeting with the optician to take yet more measurements on my glasses, so no doubt that fits into the plans that have unfolded so far. Nothing like getting someone enraged before having them step into public. One book I read about auras, where the author could see them, indicated that it trailed out much longer when the person was emotionally distraught. Hence, pissing me off is the number one remote assay diagnostic enhancement technique, and has been going on in excessive orchestrations for nearly seven years.

I am back to eveningtime schlepping online, having gone to the cleaning job at the car dealership, and a protracted customer interaction in Service meant that I was unable to either mop or vacuum clean. With tomorrow being a statutory holiday here, it would seem the perps wanted two days of no floor maintenance. Then Saturdays are light too, closing early in the afternoon.

I was cleaning the coffee bar the entire time the billing conversation was taking place between the woman and the guy in Service, and oddly, the entry door was open the entire time. I suppose I was meant to overhear the technical aspects, the mention of a dollar amount, and the rest of the conversation. I don't know what the perps' purpose is, but my experience is that most stunts have many objectives behind them, and it wasn't all about lingering customers to prevent me doing the usual cleaning job.

And I almost did a double take when walking through the Parts section and I see the familiar blue and white Volvo packaging on a boxed part on the shelves. This is a Mazda dealership, though one section was the Volvo dealership until it moved in 2006. I owned Volvos for some twenty three years, and I suppose this was some kind of re-enactment in some way. I note there has been Cadillacs, Buicks, Jeeps, Ford trucks and a Hyundai in the Service garage, so I am sure there is all kinds of machinations about these seeming anomalies. I even saw a Volvo in the Service garage in the former Volvo dealership side of the building. And of course, with the hoists in place, nine in total, they can raise or lower the vehicles to their heart's content, presumably for juxtapositions and energetic interactions they could not otherwise achieve on the public roads. Too, many of the vehicles are in mid-teardown, with parts on the bench or beneath them, and presumably the perps are also building up a profile of my energetic interactions with the parts. Ditto for the parts in the Parts section, both new and used. About six weeks ago they even had a rotary engined sports car with the engine pulled out and partially opened.

I also stopped at the local supermarket on the way back from the part time job; what a holy gangstalking it was, they were on me at every planned stop in the store. And they had some 10 "customers" lined up at the deli section with the fourth negro (male) of my outing standing about 3' from this line. This is at 1845h on a weekday, though holiday before. I have never seen so many gangstalkers lined up at this time of day before. And it is all the more abusurd as most apartment buildings seem to be empty in this neighborhood.

As usual, they fucked my recall so one item didn't get purchased, and they also decided I "needed" extra adversity in using the coffee grinding machine in the supermarket. The perps cannot get enough of their assholes buzzing around me while the coffee grinder was going. Regular readers will know that the perps are obsessed by all things brown, and this is one situation that they want to get gangstalkers around. They also fucked the opening of one package of coffee which I abandoned and started another that was immediately in front of me. The perps seem to want to get more organic food into me, even if packaged in some kind of plastic.

And getting out of the supermarket was another scam; they parked a broadsided motorized wheelchair act with large plastic bags dangling over the back, and the asshole woman operating it "decided" to move, only to reveal blue plastic bags for me to squeak by touching them, instead of the red ones that were hanging off the other side. And once I was past that obstacle, why another Unfavored demographic group specimen, a redhead got in front of me who then dilly dallied the next 12' to the door. Once out, she crossed my path again, and lo, next there was a flush of some 10 dudes, and the sound of the boss man's scooter sounded off, he in traffic, some 40' away. Like I have said, building egress is one of the most gangstalked and noisestalked events going, and also gets accompanying gangstalkers from the Unfavored demographic groups. As part of the dude flush they even put on a motorcycle policeman sitting astride and putting on his gloves. I suppose that was an excuse for yet another yellow jacket, as they are popular of late. The supermarket has recently taken to having "security" wandering around with a yellow jacket, mostly being an E. Indian dude/clown.

I went to the optician's today in as second attempt to get the lab to put on the cable temples at the requested location. This time the ruse was to have me put down my old eyeglasses temple portion and trace it on a piece of paper so the lab will hopefully get their instructions correct. I didn't get much of an answer as to how the lab fucked up so grandly the first time, or what they were going to do to improve their instruction reading skills, so I assume it was all part of the jerkaround show. Nor did I get any understanding as to how the lab was going to replace 30mm (1 1/4") of missing eyeglasses temple portion that they cut out. Room for more fuckups it would seem, say, making it doglegged, so I will find out in a week or so.

I had my now-usual flushes and clusters of dude gangstalkers for the five minute/next city block trip to the opticians. One was a bread stalker with a loaf in his backpack that was arranged to be exactly down his spine. I have covered "bread stalking" before, but this was the french loaf in white paper bag variant today. I also noted that they put on the E. Indian dude in the optician's to be putzing around for only 30 seconds when I came in, and then he told a staff member he was leaving. I don't know why the perps do this, but they like to invoke the statement that a certain Unfavored demographic group member/shill is leaving or might come back. It seems they need to suggest this as a meme, because after all, he could of slithered out and I wouldn't be the wiser. The last time I was there, the E. Indian was putzing around, and placing himself in the penumbra of the ever attentive and pleasant blonde woman who dotes on me.

I got my yellow detail after yoga earlier today; a Yellow Cab taxi, then a yellow motorized bike was doing circles in an adjacent parking lot and then crossed behind me, at least two vagrants in yellow jackets splayed open at the front, a yellow and red DHL truck outside my apartment block, and once back, another Yellow Cab to be seen from my window when making lunch. I haven't quite figured out what the perps' yellow problem is, but they also like to combine bright yellow with bright red, and it is a combination I totally loathe. The fact that McDonalds and DHL couriers use these colors in their livery just adds to my loathing.

I am attempting to contact Lynne Moss Sharman who was at Dr. Ewen Cameron's office in the 1950's and has plenty of traumatizations that she can recollect. I was there in Montreal in 1956 to 57, and have no recollections, and very few of Montreal for that matter. I discovered in this rape support site that she recalls visiting some military camps in upstate New York. She also has some pictures of her recollections, some of them a little disturbing. She mentions sexual abuse as part of the "treatment" she was given. If anyone can direct me to survivors of Dr. Cameron and other child traumatizing victims of the 1950's who are willing to talk about it, I would be obliged.

I mentioned in a posting (Lynne Moss-Sharman – CHRW Radio Interview) two days ago that Lynne Moss-Sharman's recollections have answered one question I have about the preponderance of skinheaded males that are constantly on gangstalking duty, and that was because the victims were shaved of their head when being tested. Bingo! Now it is onto motorcycles, Scottish accents (should be easy to figure out), male crotch grasping, LSD-like coloring of seen shapes and on-screen, zappings, shiftless dude loitering, tatoos, white clinical clothing, military personnel and the rest of the Unfavored freakshow in my view. Now the freaky sirens are coming through the earmuffs that I have on.

Now having read the CKLN-FM Mind Control Series -- Part 16 interview of Lynn Moss Sharman, and being fucked out of getting on with it two nights ago, I have a far better appreciation of the horrific abuse she suffered, even begining with her own father, a military member of the day. It seems there there was a considerable amount of institutional abuse, and that includes the native Indians and the residential schools that are a huge body of shame, or should be, in this country. And too, there is the Dupplessis Orphans in the 1950's and 1960's who were abused and experimented upon, some of them terminally.

More reading of the CKLN series but my reading ability is highly impaired tonight because of severe maser obstructions that can track the very location I am looking and stay with my focus as it moves, all to obscure the text. Enough for one day, and a full statutory holiday of loafing tomorrow.

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