Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ATM Excitement

I don't find any excitement in putting two checks in an envelope and feeding it to the ATM machine, but is of profound interest to my tormentors, who find any financial transaction in any form or location to be of intense interest. I went the two blocks downtown at about 0900h and should of been fairly quiet then; office workers inside, and too early for shopping. Not so as it turned out; I would suggest at least 200 to 400 extra gangstalkers were on duty, and the usual freakshow components; vagrants, red hair, red clothed, and the odd dressed. Today's 15 minute round trip sortie's premier nutty dresser was a younger woman in blue stockings and brown mid-calf socks over them. Although this is a hikey-bikey town, it is amazing to see the numbers of the strangely dressed increase. But no ATM line-up, even if it is the one by the front window, and I was done in no time.

I always examine the prepatory events that lead up to a big gangstalking profusion; rage-fying me with various provocations over breakfast, spending five minutes on the phone (an electromagnetic device at one's ear), a full frontal shave with a new razor (significance described below), a blood letting eruption at my left lip area "found out" just before I departed and swabbed with the still damp face cloth I used for shaving earlier, trimming all my fingernails, and a few others that don't come to mind. All these events have occured in excessive spates almost every week or two, and most often before heading out to the gangstalking gauntlet.

The provocations are various; adding extra and gratuitous noise to every move I make, foiling my finger motion so I don't achieve what I intended, flicking water around laterally, pulling items from my grasp, foiling me turning on a lightswitch, and a few others. All to get me intensely pissed off, which in fact, is a governed "reaction".

The perps interest in metals and how they interact with cut objects and surfaces has been detailed in past blogs, but it does extend to shaving most notably and also includes kitchen use of knives. They got me to do full-frontal shaving since 10-2007, and when I replace the blade after a week, it is a big deal for them. Especially following a Monday where I just do a face shave when staying at my parent's place. They also haven't allowed me to iron any clothing since 08-2006 which might be a related case of metals application they have decided complicates matters too much. In lieu of ironing, I acquired more clothes that didn't need it, even the cottons with a modicum of lycra can go without ironing it seems. I suspect the plastic mount of the disposable razor blades is also an attraction for the perps, as there must be some skin/body interaction with it as well as the blades. Anyhow, suffice to say, the perps are also increasing the adversity and provocational stunts while shaving to ensure plenty of vocalizations while doing so, aka rage-ification.

I was fed some strange dreams just before getting up, and I don't want to get in to them here, but as a faux residual "effect", they also planted some ideations about a certain once public figure that I won't get into now. This figure, named by the perps back in 2003, is often referenced by name in their stunts and planted ideations, and has even been witnessed at least twice unequivocally, and at least four more times with lesser certainty. The perps might play up these ideations a few times per day, but starting with a strong dose of ideations first thing in the morning is a new escalation. As usual, the planted notions are total nonsense, and are even worse on that account this morning. Perhaps it was another prepatory event before walking two blocks downtown to the ATM.

I did my one block jaunt to the optician's to get my new glasses, the ones purchased in 12-2008 and sent out for cable temple modification over a week ago. And a very reasonable $56, with a nice cable join, save the fact they cut the temples a tad short to then make them stretch all the more, and suck hard onto my face. They were measured out for them and marked, and they still put the join an inch ahead of where they needed to. That is, if the sickos weren't lurking at every breath I take, and dictated the results for their agenda. So, after having glasses that slid off too easily for 3.5 months, I get them modified only to have them sucked on hard to my face, causing my eyelashes to contact the inside lenses. One cannot win for managed adversity at every fucking turn.

And given that these are the variable lens type, or blended for near and far sightedness, I get the strange distortions and focus dead spots that the perps seem to be managing for. And too, while without any glasses on at the opticians, I had a background parade of the strange, almost perfunctory E. Indian dude loitering behind the ever gushing blonde woman who is the main contact for my glasses purchases and repairs, but also one of the female staff was in a strange sleeveless outfit with way too fat arms. But because she was out of focus, and my glasses getting cleaned at that moment, I got to see her big arms in blurry form. I don't know what this means for the perps, but they are very dedicated in showing off the freaks and the Unfavored in partial form. I also got suckered into looking at a large red motorcycle parked across the street in the same out-of-focus state. And too, it was the second large motorcycle, as the big yellow one was returned to the courtyard in front of this apartment, both outgoing and incoming. And not too strangely, a bright red and yellow DHL plastic mailer was lying on the surface I was to sit at and get the new glasses fitted. The perps know I loathe the sight of these two colors alone, never mind together, and yet they persist in making sure I get a plenty big dose of it anytime I am out. How the loathed colors fit in with motorcycles of one color each ends of my jaunt I have no idea. The motorcycle noise is about the most loathed noise of all, but the "motorcycle stalking" also extends to using them as silent parked props. I don't know why this is, but there seems to be more than one reason.

I did my month end accounting tonight, while wearing my earmuffs and no major rage-ification stunts. I suppose doing some in the late afternoon 1600h to 1700h and then again from 1900h to 2000h was also interesting for my tormentors, as they have an obsession over dusk onset. The chocolate tab for March was $316, all because the sickos need me to put brown food in my mouth, hence all the coincident noise while eating it. When is this collossal bullshit ever going to end?

I went to the cleaning job tonight, and the absurd yellow motorcycle was still parked in the courtyard at the front of the building. Then a 10 dude gangstalker flush only a half block away, the bullshit bonhomie act again. It seems they need to surround me with more of the male jocularity, feigned as it is. Then a four times gangstalker when I was at the car dealership; once when outside, then when 10' inside the fucker asks me in a Scottish accent for a screwdriver when all the mechanics have gone for the day. Then five minutes later he stands around so he can be seen from the open garage door, I was 40' inside the building, and he was 30' outdside. I finish up and start work and then the boss man wants in the closed garage door (I have seen it close by itself, no one there), and the same Fuckwit was doing his standing around when I was at the building's door. Naturally, the boss man slowed up his entry, partially complicated by an SUV parked 2' from the door, all to get me more face time with this Scottish weirdo loitering in the car lot.

Ditto for a suited dude who shows up outside while I was inside cleaning the glass door, then he "happens" to be walking around a corner some 40 minutes later while I was getting set to leave, and then he "shows up" again outside when I was leaving, managing to step in between the boss man on his scooter and me. And no less, he has a Mercedes, and presumably doesn't need the cover of a Mazda at a Mazda dealership. Hard to believe they let someone "important" cruise around the car dealership by themselves, and then he later saunters out to his vehicle as I am leaving. This would be another example of the perps not bothering with cover stories any more. So many more things just don't make any sense from the public behavior perspective.

I stopped at the LD store and they were all over me; six Fuckwits at the chocolate eggs section, but they did let me get through the Rx soon enough, and then again at the checkout. While in the Rx lineup I got to peruse some wandering large gutted Fuckwits doing the open mouthed guppy act; crossing each others' path while doing their back and forths. Then the ponytailed dude in the parking lot was chasing me with 10' of shopping carts, most strange as hardly anyone takes them outside. Then more gangstalkers at the bakery, and then another flush of five dudes at the liquor store, and then after crossing the street with my posse, why two faux vagrants lying on the sidewalk outside the adjacent store to this apartment block. Then in the immediate courtyard in front of the building the yellow motorcycle was gone, and seemingly in its place was a negro woman riding around on a yellow bicycle, circling the pillars as well as crossing the courtyard behind me. Just another day, though perhaps the assholes are pumped up over the return to wearing my new glasses again.

After working at the cleaning job, I am getting pissed of with the eyeglasses customization job as they put the cable temples one inch ahead of where the eyeglasses temples were marked, and much of the horizontal temple is made up of the sprung part, and it changes the entire geometry of the lenses on my face, tipping them forward. Never mind the pinching action, which also gets augmented when I have the earmuffs on. I suspect this managed fuckup of muffing the job and not putting the cable temples where asked for isn't the mistake it is made out to be, but part of an ongoing jerkaround for more weeks, and getting the job done again, likely with new frames. There goes another $250 or whatever this jerkaround is going to get settled at. Just one more example of the perps fucking every last thing I do, all to incurr repeats, sending items back and the rest of the insane bullshit. I suspect they are also pulling this kind of crap on an industrial scale; new aircraft designs that don't work or take extra rework, and once, a new cruise ship I saw on TV in 2005 had to be taken back into port to get a new engine as the warning light indicated that its oil pressure was low. obviously it was tested out before launch, but somehow, it failed enroute to the customer, and had to be drydocked for a new engine. The new ferries in this region have engines that sit too high in the water, and are terribly inefficient, and now present a major problem to sort out. Of course these endeavors such as the Hadron Collider are enormously complex, but it just seems to happen too often, my existence seeming to be a microcosm of the larger picture of too many fuckups going on. Just my take on things, and I suppose the perps led me to this conclusion by showing various endeavors going wrong in the TV days of 2004 to 2005.

Picture time.

Taken 03-24-2009, 1109h 30 sec. A nice arrangement of photo bait in the rain, almost a checkerboard for symmetry. Three silver-grey vehicles in all, two in file in the through lane, either side of the parked silver-grey vehicle. In the parked stallls; a navy blue lead pickup, the aforementioned silver-grey vehicle, a mid-grey and a white one at the right end.

Taken 03-24-2009, 1109h 39 sec. Further to the right, this strange habit of parking vehicles outside of the parking lot, never mind in the rain, which can make for mud. I also see the jaywalker has continued down the road surface, the sidewalk isn't good enough for him; jaywalking gangstalkers abound, as well as stupid road walking, not unlike the sidewalk cycling that has also erupted since 2002.

I was doing some Bookmark link looking and came up with this nice little gem about the real story of the infamous Dr. Cameron's "treatments", and a survivor Lynn Moss-Sharman testifies "all the children and adults had shaved heads". Well isn't this interesting; could it be that is the reason for all these male skinhead gangstalkers to be posted around me to attempt to stimulate some kind of subconscious reminder as to being among this patient group when I was in Montreal, aged 2 to 5, 1956 to 1959? And should I consider myself fortunate to have all this purged from recall, rather than the traumatizations that Lynn is still working through, fifty years later? I don't know about that; the idea that some fucking asshole has pissed with my recall at any stage of my life for any reason makes me exceeding angry. And too, per above mentioned gangstalker, Dr. Ewen Cameron was Scottish, and the perps ply me with Scottish accented gangstalkers frequently. I also had a military gangstalker earlier today, looking like a total goof, and hiding behind a cluster of about ten dudes at this one intersection, and leaving behind one Down's syndrome looking gangstalker leaning against the building at the corner. Very odd to say the least.

I see the labels got lopped off by some saboteur at the last blog posting save.

Anyhow, that is all for today, now to ponder the strategy over the eyeglasses that have become a fucking nightmare problem, all for some jerk who has prescribed it. No doubt, they are getting ready for another round of alternating my eyeglasses.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the jaywalking guy with the envelope in hand. I used to get a lot of those in the past -- the 'walkers' with something like an envelope, or a sheet of paper folded in half. One time, as I was driving towards the intersection, I saw this guy walking towards the intersection carrying a sheet of paper folded in half. After he reached the intersection, he turned around, and started walking at a very past pace, like he changed his mind or something. I'm not sure what that was about, but the point must've been for me to observe his two contrasting walking speeds: slow toward the intersection, fast away. I haven't see that one since. I also would get passengers in cars holding up a blank white sheet of paper as they passed me while I was walking on foot. I still see blank white pieces of paper left in various places, of different sizes.

AJH said...

Answer to: I noticed the jaywalking guy...

I get the "envelope people" and the "paper packers" plenty enough too. These seem to be portable color and material references they need to parade in the victim's proxmity. Paper is made of wood of course, which likely fits in with the "wood stalkers" I get; packing wood pallets or wood in their pickups, and twice, a tractor trailer load of 12" timbers passing by within 40'.

I sleep on a wood framed bed with a futon mattress and it is very likely the perps want to replicate a wood energetic interaction in other locations, hence the wood stalking, and the paper stalking might be derivative substitute. The perps often will stalk with larger props, like yesterday's yellow motorcycle parked in the courtyard in front of this apartment building, three times (two outings), and on the fourth time, have person on a yellow bicycle instead at the same location. Thanks for the comments.