Friday, April 10, 2009

Better Friday

I discovered I have two blog followers; thanks!

It is Good Friday today, and is a national holiday for the entire country; that's Canada if you have just dropped in. And the harassment level is lower, and it will likely be a shut-in day without reprieve of the part time job today. The laundry got done yesterday, and the mood state is decidedly low key, as in dysthymically dociled.

Don't worry, I am not clinically depressed as per psychological test score as of three months ago. I had a most interesting read about the current financial crisis and that it was largely promoted by the "marketeers" of the day, Greenspan, Rubin of Clinton's cabinet, and others. This piece is an in-depth about Brooksley Born who attempted to avert this disaster and was simply outgunned by the free market zealots of the day. But alas, it seems that the powers that be who hound me nonstop, and who like to test gangstalkers over where I stood, slept, sat and the like, also needed plenty of experimentation instances of the dispossessed who have walked from their foreclosed homes. And so it came to pass, a world shattering financial meltdown that might be for ulterior purposes. Just like Jack Ruby said about JFK's assassination; it was for ulterior motives, and is on YouTube.

So perhaps my tormentors are taking a day off too today, and hence this shut-in day that is less taxing on their personnel deployment and that of the shills they surely train and hire too. Though they started with the infernal crackling noise before I got out of bed, and any joint movement from any body joint may just be assigned this noise as if it were something organic, which it is not. I had some strange and vivid dreams before getting up, something about working on a powerline right of way. Not exactly my normal pre-harassment content, but as far as I can remember it was relatively benign.

The perps are playing text and font games, doing what they usually do, changing the font to be of a boxy kind after a more over florid seraphed Times Roman style. I was reading about Blanche Chavoustie, of the CKLN Mind Control interview series, #18. She is someone who has suffered many hospitalizations and was even kidnapped following her complaints about being harassed. Why is this so familiar?

From CKLN #5

"Trauma memories - I saw a recent article - are stored in a more primitive part of the brain called the amygdala. Basically what happens is if there is information to remember, and there is pain associated with the information, then the two get stored together in the brain. In order to remember the information, you also have to remember the pain. What happens with these clients is that there was so much pain from the electric shock, from the other things they did, or drug effects - because sometimes you get drug effect or very drugged kind of memory..."

So..., to engage in a little neuroscience, this does strongly suggest this is where the perps are working, at the inside of one's temporal lobes, where the amygdala is found. And are attempting to simulate what they claim are subconscious recall of traumatization. It seems from reading the CKLN serious that amnesia was do-able in a coarse way in the 1950's. I have also learned from Bearden's site that the amygdala is where psychic energies are to be found, though I wouldn't put a lot of stock in this as he doesn't have his assertion referenced.

But now that my reading is getting messed with, I will have to find a different online activity.

A popourri of links I have accumulated over the last few days.

This one is from India and in English; basic with one interesting page on a TI's settlement colony suggestion, only showing vacant land. I was hoping for something better, say like in The Prisoner, that just might be more applicable than one can know. Even my father who loathes TV watched this series; it was a must see for both victims and quislings.

High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness has an interesting rundown of some mind control research and history. A little scattered, but this was an interesting snippet from my perspective; "He (Ed Light) then cited a July 2, 1997 statement by Major General Sydney Schacknow of the Army's Special Forces (Ft. Bragg, North Carolina) that our military was "working on synthetic telepathy (the ability to read people's intentions at a distance using a magnetic laser -- a maser operating at extremely low frequencies," which can "alter behavior at a distance."" And have I not complained about constant companionship of masers in this blog often? Probably too much if I have regular readers, but suffice to say, they are always around me in my place and outside, and are getting highly intrusive and are often positioned exactly where I am looking in the mirror while shaving, and all over this LCD display as I write this. I even get metallic like beams firing off splotches in the cocrete sidewalks some 6' to 8' ahead of me and beamed in a subsecond flash directly at me.

An unabashed feed from my tormentors, telling me about immune system cells also having a key role in the brain to do with memory and learning. So what do I care about their operational harassment difficulties? Not one whit; why in the fuck am I being abused and why isn't any so-called professional clinician acting on my behalf? Because they wouldn't be involved unless they were first comprimised and await payoff.


The perps have created an extra linefeed character that I cannot get rid of. Only seven years of this kind of juvenile bullshit, and they are still at it.

Another link that is also likely a perp feed, telling me about their operational difficulties; disinfectants in water cause byproducts that can be taken in. Swimming pools are called "disinfectant byproduct reactors". Lets see; the perps had me swimming regularly for 15 years with the cooperation of the swim club and team members, and here they are at seven more years of putzing around and attempting to solve this operational difficulty without cooperation. Talk about obdurate insanity, they have it nailed.


What is with this embedded linefeed character I cannot get out? More listening to bookmarked videos and even some music. Red plasma flashes in peripherial vision are getting annoying; as if I don't get enough when close my eyes, put a towel to my face etc., I get red flashes everytime. Enough of dulldom and calling this one done.


Anonymous said...

My mom will acknowledge this stuff is happening to me, but she swears it's just those 'assholes' at this one place I go to all the time doing all the harassment. she tells if if I would just 'stay out of there', it will stop, and
my life 'would be so much easier'.

But it happens everywhere I go, and is all-pervasive. It seemed to be happening a lot time, but the perps really were doing the study/surveillance period from 1998-2001, maybe?

Most of the perps setting me up for this harassment were at that particular place I used to go to every night to eat out, and I still go there pretty regularly. I doubt if going there is going to help me much. :( I don't see any masers, but I've seen strong first-hand evidence that I've been subjected to synthetic telepathy since 2006, and even way before that. At least early 2006 is when they've made it know to me they have a strong notion of what my thoughts are. someone about a month ago confirmed to me (privately) that I've been targetted specifically for synthetic telepathy, though I do have much of the same stuff going on around me as you. Thanks to your blog, I have a better understanding of what they are doing with their 'research'. They really do love to play around with favored/unfavored fuckwits as gangstalkers. This is their number one game with me.

I guess special low-frequency masers are being used for their mind-reading operations. They do the other stuff, such as the making me lose my grasp on objects, and disguising it as just other unfortunate accident. They've done the leg jerking thing, too, but disguised that as one of those pre-sleep 'jerk' reactions. Except, I could tell it was 'forced' as it seemed too unnatural to be a 'normal' pre-sleep reflex, and there was a sharp pain accompanying it.

So, many of these stunts are at sleeptime. My perps do get mad when I don't sleep at certain times. Presumably, it's because they have all kinds of stunts planned to keep me awake, or to alter my sleep patterns. One of their stunts is to make it sound like I've been talking in my sleep... and while convincing, I can tell it's perp fuckery. The one favorite of there is that fake clogged nasal passages 'whistling' that occurs when you breath in. To test this, I held my breath, and I could still hear the breathing-in 'whistling' as though I were breathing in.

sometimes, they do this thing while sleeping that sounds like a woman's voice saying 'uhh', or part of a word, over and over again, while still in my dream. As I'm waking out of the dream, I'll still hear the 'voice', and sometimes they'll let it persist for about a minute or less after awakening. The 'cover story' for this is it must've been a 'hypnogogic hallucination' (or is that hypnapompic)? They like to do this thing with loud, scary sounds that occur when I'm just falling asleep, that forces me awake. Same deal -- it was the usual pre-sleep hallucination (cover story). There again, I can tell it wasn't a natural hallucination, as it was too loud and frightening, and sometimes I hear these two police officers calling my name in sequential order (sounding like seagulls in the process).

Anonymous said...

Here are some good links if you don't already have them:

Anonymous said...

Note - It's probably better to search for "John St. Clair Akwei", and his lawsuit to find some of this info.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I've already posted this link:

Interesting that it uses some sort of EMF radiation/detection to read/insert thoughts.

AJH said...

Answer to: My mom will acknowledge...

I don't get any acknowledgement, and the few times I am allowed to engage in a reasonable self defence (e.g. doctor recanting his diagnosis), I get the "blank response". By this I mean that there is a preplanned moment when I say something, likely scripted, and then the other party stops talking, often for no reason. This has "happened" since long ago, decades, when people would immediately cease conversation for no reason. As I wrote once, I don't have conversations, but ellicitations.

The woman's "uhh" sound is very familiar to me, although I have never mentioned it in this blog. This has been going on for at least four years, and is now coming through my earmuffs which I wear most of the time, likely for other color/substance/proximity reasons.

Most of my harassment is while awakened, though I suspect they have done plenty of things in the night in past awakefulness games to have a full coverage. That is, they play certain noises at least every quarter hour through the night, but have done this over many years. I am getting more vivid and nonsensical dreams of late, though nothing of substance. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Here are some good links...

Thanks, I will have a look. Remote Neural Monitoring is a reality, and has been for centuries. Remote Neural Manipulation is more like it, and is nearly 100% complete, now on the last major brain region, my brain stem. (Masers through the neck is one clue). Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I found interesting on that site is that the mind controllers possibly get paid well, and get a good pension to boot. No wonder they're so persistent. I'm certain they're in it for more than just mere pay, though...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there were other ways other than tech to gauge emotions. For example, studying facial expressions for reactions to certain stimuli is a good indicator... that's why I try to 'trap' certain stimuli being fed to me from the perps, and to give a different reaction than expected just to piss them off. For example, when I know they're trying to enrage me, I can remain very calm instead, and I know it pisses them off greatly. remember, these people desperately want to succeed, and they're probably getting paid well in the form of money or favors, and they never stop.

Also, I did get a 'jaw clack' event when I came to the realization that I've just been handled by a perp (duped).

AJH said...

Answer to: The one thing I found...

There is a huge trail of beneficence that follows me wherever I go; new jobs, houses, holidays, vehicles and for institutions and businesses, building, remodelling, relocation etc. I think there is a lot of wannabes as well that are attempting to ingratiate themselves to attempt to get in. It is the biggest gravy train in the city as far as I can tell for the multitudes that are in on it.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm sure there were other ways...

As far as I can tell, the perps can read just about everything neurally. And they put me through contrary resistance a few years ago and can defeat it too. Every new capability that I had was defeated to complete their quest of total MC. They should be at 100% MC sometime this year; I only get noisestalked when I confound them with an opposite and negative opinion when the planted thoughts get too silly.

Anonymous said...

I've experienced some occurrences that demonstrate that they can not only read one's thoughts, but also tell what the person is thinking some points in the future as well. I've noticed they can tell what I will be doing one or two days in advance, and 'show' this 'event' to me in the 'present'.

It makes sense, though, because if they can access one's thoughts via some quantum physics, then they should also be able to permeate the space-time continuum and 'see' those thoughts in the future as well.

They've fed me some info (probably misinfo) that they know what someone famous in the past was thinking, dreaming about... say Ludwig van Beethoven. But they 'claim' to know a lot about his physical appearance. probably it could be more misinfo on their part. Supposedly, they can see into the past and the future somehow, like peeling apart a space-time curtain.

it makes sense they would be playing mind games based on this, planting incorrect notions about their true capabilities.

AJH said...

Answer to: I've experienced some occurrences...

The perps can certainly read one's thoughts remotely, and I surmise that they create a script for them, and including interactions such that this same thought meme will re-occur later, and maybe even acted upon.

The book, "The Air Loom Gang" (link in book list to the right) strongly suggests that the perps were actively harassing individuals and forcing them into mental hospitals over 200 years ago. When one starts looking at the "flukes" of past history, say, Columbus in America just when there was a solar eclipse which spooked the natives, one has to wonder how much of our history is orchestrated in some way. And I am sure that they would of recorded the events as well, hence, possibly in some kind of direct etheric means, rather than a physical medium like tape or CD. As always, some of the perps claims, when they let one in on it, are often correct and often totally wrong. They put on all manner of stunts for me to be mistaken, and then when I realize the real version, start the noisestalking at that very instant. Thanks for the comments.