Monday, April 20, 2009

A Strangely Mellow Monday

This is normally the day they go beserk and set the stage for the week, though as soon as a pattern is allowed to be detected, they can change it. But it is the day I return from the perp abetting parents place, and eating their food, staying overnight and doing yard work around there is just too exciting for my perp tormentors. It would seem that they spend the remainder of the week jerking me around in attempting to apply the gleanings of my visitation to me at my apartment downtown.

I did yard work there yesterday afternoon, and this morning, and am due to do more this week, and the perps like me to engage in this activity. From the get-go of the overt abuse onset in 04-2002, they have paraded landscaping company vehicles in my proximity, often trailering cut foliage. And then to have me doing weed whacking and chainsawing with family members about, why, that is just too much fun for sick minds, now having pursued this obscure quest for over seven years. What the quest is uncertain, but they have been highly consistent on this topic/objective to say the least. Like I mentioned in a blog posting in 01-2009, they even had my in-town brother drown a captured squirrel while I was pruning his plants only 10' away. Which of course is nothing to the perps if my read on their hand in other human activities is correct, but I won't get into that for now.

And also, they like to have me using herbicides every now and again, and today they were indeed used to quell the riot of unwanted ground cover my mother wanted removed. As usual, there was a new perp arrangement; the every effective Roundup (glyphosate) isn't "availible" here anymore, so it remains to be seen what the substitute will do. It is getting fucking tiresome to say the least; many of these initiatives over yard work and gardening have now gone on for over two years now, and it seems that they are just pissing around. And possibly lining me up for another summer of daffodil bulb picking with the loonies, all to get me out of hock from their imposed chocolate consumption habit, their brown food obsession. And if you think I made all this up, please read the Introductory Postings at the right, and the Link List too.

And it was a two event afternoon yesterday, a big day for me that is kept doing squat much of the time. My brother's garage sale purchases were some heavy tower bells, 150lb and 400lb, and he needed help in moving them into his van. We only got the smaller one in, and he gave up on the larger one as it didn't have a yoke to handle it. And he made two more garage sale stops as part of the "tour", to have me visit the Rockland area, the one that I can see from my apartment.

Afterward, it was an early visitation to the parents' place to do the first round of yard work and do battle with my in-town brother's weed whacker that he never gets repaired so it runs reliably. Ditto for his chainsaw. As part of the goings on, the goggles needed a new strap, and a white hem elastic was proffered as the solution, and it did work after a great number of stunts with the plastic googles falling off, getting tangled up with the earmuffs and other assorted fuckery, also called a litany of vexation.

It hasn't all been mellow; a screaming rage-ification erupted when they foiled my finger movements to obstruct me from grasping a teabag sachet in the box. But they did let me open and close the box OK, often another source of rage-fication. This is part of the run-up to making tea, and is often a process for which the perps want me rage-ified, while the tea is changing color, or steeping. The perps are totally beserk over any color changes I am exposed to, the more fraught and/or noisestalked events are changing clothes, having the toilet flush (contents down, clear water replacement with interim dilution), and a few others that won't come to mind.

I did the cleaning job tonight at the car dealership; and for once the "do it quick" command was met with relatively few "gone wrong" events where say, I am jerked around with extra cleaning and/or adversity. The coiled vacuum cord did fly off by itself when I picked up the vacuum cleaner; the boss man and at least two Fuckwits were closing in on me at the time, and I was 12" away from the silver-grey sports car that is parked next to the broom closet where I got it from. There is also a silver grey pickup also backed up to the broom closet.

I see in the Service garage at the car dealership the black sports car with the brown rag top is now in its eighth week of being moved around in the shop. Tonight's parking job was to have a silver grey sedan 6' up on the hoist with the black Miata parked next to it, almost encroaching to be underneath. And as the sports car was blocking egress between garage sections, the only normal course to get around it was to go under the hoisted vehicle. Naturally, extra noise broke out for the few seconds as I passed underneath the vehicle. As always, plenty of car parts are, seemingly, put on display. The most egregious is a front end that is on a frame on wheels, and is moved around to differing bay locations. Not too surprising is that no work is getting done on it, the original peripatetic repair job, now in its second week. It seems the perps not only need to "chase me" with parked vehicles in all manner of orientations, and car parts, but now sub-assemblies. And of course, I get to pass by many of the new parts, many of which are packed in cardboard material, a constant refrain in the harassment games.

I had a two party vagrant honor guard for my walk back after the cleaning job, and per usual, had to stop for shopping at the local supermarket, also duly "stalked up" with gangstalkers. Per usual Monday practice, I get many yellow dressed gangstalkers, as I don't take my yellow capsule medication when I stay at my parent's place, part of the designed "forget" bullshit I get put through. Not that the medication does anything for me, as I have found no difference when it was "forgotten" on the two travel weeks of the last two years. But it is the hook by which I get rent benefits, and I am sure it does help the perps in some way, and they don't particularly care that it is taking seven years of constant abuse to figure out.

The yellow jackets are out in more numbers today; these are the twits that decide to wear yellow as some kind of "safety" concern or the security Fuckwits who continue to loiter around on public property. The latter has erupted in the supermarket and LD store complex since two months ago, and it seems to be custom designed to have brown skinned individuals loiter around with a plausible rationale. But they should get the fuck out of public property loafing and stay in the stores instead IMHO.

Another big perp event was that I wore the work pants I bought in 09-2008 and put away in my drawer since then. Note, that means they were sitting on plywood, containing phenolic resins, a big interest of the perps. And too, the pants were a very light tan brown with plenty of black portions on it, presumably as some kind of color reference that they seem to need. And another likely perp challenge was that I was scripted to wear them while doing yard work yesterday and today, and then changed out of them with my extra faded light blue color jeans, also seeming to be a favorite perp color after introductory greyscale colors. So... the big plan in 09-2008 was for me to get these work pants, in the very lightest tan brown, with about equal areas of black panels on them, and then have them sit in a fucking drawer with a plywood bottom for six months. (bottom drawer, over the grey carpet and the concrete below). It is another major clue as to the methods of the Fuckwits and that the entire notion at the time of getting laboring work in 2008 and 2009 was total planted bullshit. I never did get any calls back from the "sure leads" I got from my farming co-workers, and now I know why. Chances are that I am being groomed for another summer of farm work picking daffodil bulbs, which at least gets me out of hock. Hopefully I won't get sucked into getting any more work clothing, which was where my money was spent. Bu tthe perps are pestering me over getting tan-through shirts, and for the record, I don't need them and cannot afford them for all the chocolate I am forced to buy.

More PC building reveries and all the itemizing of components on a spreadsheet with plenty of Windows select, cut and copy action for my tormentors.


Anonymous said...

Do you get the black-jeans wearing people with the solid red shirts? Just saw one of these today. He was on lunch break from the local cable company where he works. He was fudging around the pop machine (that's soda fountain in other regions), kind of dilly-dallying all over the place, trying to slow me down.

Perps are always trying to get me to slow my pace with a lot of things. I move too quickly sometimes, and I think it gives them troubles. They've had gangstalkers come out and 'greet' me and outright tell me to slow my pace.

Then there was the moment where I awakened suddenly, and it seemed unnatural for me to do so. What followed when I did fall back asleep was a semi-bizarre dream, where the plot involved me running away from a place that I sabotaged, as in I messed up somebody's yard, and now I was running away before I got caught. I never do such things in real life, and I think the perps imposed this dream on me to give me a guilt complex.

There were more sounds that awakened me, like "talking in your sleep" type sounds that were bizarrae, that I'm sure were perp-generated to make me think I was actually talking in my sleep. Some other sounds were a sort of high-pitched snoring/groaning type sound that occured as I attempted to lapse into a sleep.

These occurrenes give me the impression that their remote sensing is 'tuned' to or is only effective in certain altered states of consciousness. I only seem to hear these 'sounds' (which are repetitive) as I'm going into a sleep, not when I'm fully conscious.

Anonymous said...

Those people wearing yellow vest type things like a crossing guard? I get those types, going for a 'jog' on the side of the road. I'm sure you've seen both walkers and joggers strategically placed. I assumed when I saw a person jogging, that meant I was in a particular emotional state, like in a hurry type state.

Then there are the types with the pitted crater faces, like extensively marred by pockmarks. On top of it, the person having these (undesirable to me) traits also have other ways of their dress that drives me crazy. I think it as because I posted that they knew what Beethoven looked like, and they say he had a heavily cratered pockmarked face.

AJH said...

Answer to: Do you get the black-jeans wearing...

I get plenty of males in red shirts, and it is most loathesome to see these clowns in such frequency. (I don't like red colors is what the perps taught me, I wasn't aware of this before). And slowing down any activity or prematurely abandoning it (due to some contrived imperative) are both perp classics. Today, at the part time cleaning job the boss man made friendly and conveyed recent news as to the goings on with his contract, nothing serious. But all to hold me up from taking my coat off, lingering with the nitrile gloves on with the sun streaming through the open garage door. Given the extreme importance to the perps as to where and how I place my coats and jackets, and the color energy changes that must take place, I am not too surprised that I got slowed down on this. I also get plenty of gangstalkers changing coats in mid sidewalk, and even some weirds walking around with their coat half on, pretending not to notice. Like I say, color changes of clothing are of intense interest to the perps, much like other events such as the tea steeping, changing color by slow infusion. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: Those people wearing...

The dayglo colors thing; all the time, and even dayglo fushia with dayglo orange just to give me sore eyes from the red color rash. The perps interests in dayglo colors might stem from the fact that the colors are in an "constructive interference" mode, per JK Harms' deliberations, this one on colors:

quote from above link "Day-glow colors appear to be the one exception in the context of colors to the axiom above, since radiation is not canceling matter waves, but reinforcing them"

I have had a recent pockmarked faced dude do his posing act at the car dealership, the location of my part time job. First day standing still in the building, 10' from me, the next day, standing outside, visible through the glass door I was cleaning, again posing, never to be seen since. I don't know what this is about exactly, and if it has any traumatization associations for me. It may not, and be only a "benchmarking" of me on another victim's trauma profile. That has been the only instance, and was about 4 weeks ago. Thanks for the comments.