Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Without Chocolate

I know that not having chocolate with my tea is relatively rare, but when some malevolent mind-fuck agency arranges it with demotivational slump, it must be a big deal. Bie enough that the garbage was tossed out in the chute at the other side of the building, and that I got a phone call timed exactly when I finished my first mug of tea, and before it got refilled. Regular readers and TI's will know that there is a very curious level of timing of phone calls to circumstances in this kept world I exist in, and so the call was duly answered at this seeming critical juncture for the perps. A five minute call over a request of my in-town brother to help him move some garage sale objects, and a few other details, but I suppose it was all that was needed. This little interuption and engagement with an electromagnetic device at my right ear was a highly arranged event. Pathetic, for the perps, that is.

And it is Saturday, and for most of it I have been controlled to believe it was a regular weekday. Even the notion of what day of the week it is remains a huge mind-fuck jerkaround. Then, for the latter few hours of the day I get to know, courtesy of my mind keepers, that it is in fact Saturday, and that might be why there is a paucity of web site news. Just more of the same in this dysthymic suckdown that is the current state of affairs. And I suspect there is a concerted mind-fuck/life-fuck drive on this topic, as it clicks with past employers who have had weeks of nothing to do for some strange premise.

So..., a modicum of aggravation first thing this morning that built up as soon as I left for the bathroom after breakfast, and anytime that I am offline. I get plenty of frozen screen displays and mouse clicks that don't work, and then do, but for whatever reason, the perps don't want me to scream at them while online. Or at least, so far, and not in any string of relentless enragement like elsewhere.

Back to playing PC builder with a whack of cash, as in NOT. But I have my mind keepers constantly reminding at every Windows, select, cut or copy, and paste activity they are still watching, if not interfering. Another holy battle is over spreadsheets; more commands are being inserted, and going back to even 2000, they wouldn't let me write fuctions (like SUM) to total columns up. Even today, it is a huge pain in the ass, and keeps "failing". Though, they finally did allow me to complete it, a nine year fuckover stunt that probably isn't over.

I did the cleaninjob tonight; the usual small things "happening"; sudden arrivals of debris after finishing vacuuming, an extension cord that keeps twisting and turning, a seeming Sales dude following up my asshole, and plenty of motorcycle noise while running the vacuum at the entry area carpets, and later at the same location, cleaning the door glass. As the business spans the width of a city block, and is at the end of it, it is bounded by roads on three sides. This makes for traffic noise eruptions as it follows me depending where I am in the building.

This one is done; nothing too exciting, and that is a good thing in these circumstances.


Anonymous said...

An amazing experience for me this evening: I tried going for a walk at 11:30PM instead of during the daytime. Well, it was very peaceful while it lasted. Then the streets started getting a little fuller of traffic then I would've liked. And there still was enough gangstalkers around after they were notified I was out and about.

I had been standing at this garbage can throwing trash the gangstalkers left behind. I walked up this hill, and on my return trip, saw this guy standing perfectly still to the left of the garbage can where I had been standing. I guess the idea was he was supposed to look like a statue there, as he was perfectly still for the longest time: from way up the road, and even till I passed him. Perhaps he was sucking in that aura I'd left behind?

And then there were the 'trailers' that were tailing me from a certain distance far behind. I've noticed they like to do that: a group of 2-4 people tailing me from a distance of say 1/5 of a mile from behind, a pretty far distance.

There are some other annoying things perps have been up to, such as having cyberstalkers trash up various online forums with all kinds of insipid garbage. This one thing they've been consistent with me. They also do other forms of psychological warfare, such as posting things like 'Well, people think they are so privileged and cool', basically mirroring something another stalker had left earlier on a different web site forum.

My perps have online bullying via cyberstalkers as part of my 'package'. That part I like the least. It looks like a bunch of rabid idiots posting all kinds of insane garbage-mouthed trash about various friends and acquaintances of mine. I'm not certain it's true hatred, or just a way to get me provoked again.

I guess the insipid cyberstalking garbage serves as their FUD campaign against me, to get me feeling hopeless about my life, as well as to provoke.

Anonymous said...

The phone calls: yes, I do get phone calls (usually wrong number) after certain important events (for them) occur. That could include coming to conclusions, doing something they like or hate, etc. It seems like part of the mind control they are trying to do. They do this with spam as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't draw you in to the operating systems holy wars, e.g., Linux vs. Windows. You can really expand on this front to include a number of operating systems: Mac OS X, and then there is the plethora of open source operating systems: OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Open Solaris, as well as the many hundreds of Linux distributions. I myself can't seem to settle on which ones I want to use.

They have drawn me into the Vista vs. Open Solaris, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD 'wars'. That is, when I'd install one, they'd start planting ideations via various forms of harassment that one of the others is 'better' than what I have installed. It's a never ending battle of indecisiveness.

Right now, Open Solaris looks pretty good, as it runs very well on my laptops as well as the desktop I just built. Big surprise, Open Solaris is the one that runs without any fuss, while the others crash or require extensive tweaking. It's just the quirks of the hardware I've got, though.

AJH said...

The perps like to have "sentry" duty gangstalkers for some situations, though I have never quite figured out the specifics. The one time of two they put on an extra obvious "street theatre" where this guy struck a pose with one arm up, was when I was sitting on the steel deck of a ferry boat. And too, they often like to post gangstalkers at places where the victim stood, so it seems that the garbage can sentry might of being doing this for your return.

There are so many perp objectives and their gangstalking and harassment manifestations that I cannot keep track; but creating FUD, ineptitude (often of others who interact), and general weariness is all part of it.

AJH said...

Answer to: The phone calls...

The phone calls I get are higly coordinated with perp objective, and in my case it is all the more obvious as I get so few calls these days, part of the social isolation imperative they are keeping me in. Though, I sense it is more than mind control, these phone calls/EMF use events. One of the perps big subjects areas is "energy", in many forms. I was reading an article on the sorry state of the cleanup of the Windscale Nuclear plant in the UK, estimated to cost over $100 billion, and that is when I got one of my two phone calls of the day. By itself, that isn't a big deal, but when one is noisestalked, plasma flashed, force farted and burped, jabbed or assigned itches that need scratching, whenever this topic comes up, I get a phone call in mid read of the article.

AJH said...

Answer to: I'm surprised they didn't draw you in...

Well they did put me through O/S holy wars as a matter of fact, back in 1990 to '94 or so when I was working, and Windows 3 was a total piece of shit compared to the UNIX RISC stations of the day. It wasn't even a multitasking O/S, and we were forced into Windows coming from a multitasking VMS environment. If the newly minted Windows 3 couldn't run our needed software we had to dual boot with OS/2. It was total chaos as the Office software was useful, but much of Windows wasn't fully functional. I could never get a straight answer from our IT people selected the Windows platform when it was so clearly failing. My manager wouldn't back me up on suggesting the SPARC platform either, as I had recent experience with it. But I have a notion that the perps must of gave the IT people the roadmap of what was going to occur on the desktop, so they stuck it out with Windows, which was highly unpopular among our scientific users then. Only when Windows NT came out were we reasonably capable at running our many SAS jobs, and Oracle CASE tool.

But presently, the perps keep me only semi-literate as to O/S, client server architecture and the lastest developments of Java, Linus and what is topical. Which pisses me off intensely, as I was in IT, but the perps brought down the hammer of cognitive learning "problems", and here I sit as a wannabe. Vexing to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the SPARC was very good back in the day. I still have an Ultra 2 Enterprise that I bought off of eBay 5 years ago. I had a Sun Blade 2000, but sold that, as it was a huge energy pig. Back in 1993/94, the DECstations and later (94) the Personal Decstations were pretty good performers.

Now in light of what happens nowadays with the perps and their agendas, I wonder what really happened to Digital back in 1995... It's probably bad management that did them in, and I've heard DEC betting all their horses on Windows NT/Alpha did them in.

I suppose the perp agenda would suggest Windows to become the dominant OS, as it not only is capable enough to be adopted widely, but is very prone to viruses compared to other platforms. Having viruses handy to take out various key computing clusters at will seems to be something the perps want.

And also note that the SPARC has all but fizzled out. Sun seems to have put too much stock/interest in the 'commodity' processor market (Intel x86/AMD64), and the SPARC has been left in the dust. Again, very important to perps' agendas, because the SPARC has protection against running malicious code at arbitrary addresses, something the Intel (used too anyways) lacks.

Again, perps seem to have a powerful influence on whom they want in positions of power, like management positions. And Sun's decision to go with commodity instead of SPARC processors seems very much like a 'beancounter' decision. Or maybe Intel and AMD simply had more manpower behind them.

Open Solaris though seems on par with the others (Linux, BSD's), and even better in some respects. I'm really surprised at that.

One obvious influence of perps is the widespread adoption of Flash and the marginalization of other technologies, such as Silverlight, Java, C#, Mono, etc. Most heavily perp-influenced sites run Flash, I've noticed. Again, I suspect it's inherently less secure than Java and C#/Mono, so it's something they can target with viruses and malicious code if they wanted.

AJH said...

Answer to; Yeah, the SPARC was very good back in the day...

The RISC chips were superlative, and I am still wondering why they didn't take over the market. Who knows, save the Wintel gang. Open Solaris, which I haven't used for a long time, must be fairly mature for business applications, as its UNIX base had a long head start compared to the Window' single tasking O/S home PC origins. I am constantly amazed at how much effort was spent re-doing what had been accomplished, which includes Windows instead of X-Windows or Mac Windows. I have long wondered, but it is all water under the bridge now.

I still cannot understand, and perhaps it is because I am not up-to-date, how the SPARC platform couldn't get any respect in the business community. HP has HP-UX, surely more obscure, and IBM's AIX the same. But as I live in a constrained bubble, which includes my perceptions of the IT industry, I suppose it just might be part of the managed FUD and general cluelessness that seems to be scripted for me.

Anonymous said...

I think it all boils down to marketing, really. Microsoft had a superb marketing (as well as FUD) campaign, whereas Sun probably didn't advertise for their products as well as MS. Most corporate types, they only see the hype and the PR campaign; they know little about technical details.

And then there is OpenBSD, which actually has songs for their product (open source):

I especially liked song45.mp3. Interesting that the lyrics say "Intel is controlling you".

Anonymous said...

And here are the lyrics (Song 4.5 "Games"):

I have to say, I think it's a fantastic song. I knew about openbsd and their 'songs', but I figured they were going to be cheesy jingles. I seems like the composer was kind enough to work in some lyrics that pertain to our situation as TI's. In fact, all the lyrics seem to 'fit'.

The link to the song should be at:

Anonymous said...

Funny thing at noon: I was at another place eating out, and the song 'International Harvester' came on, and the girls working there kept saying that they couldn't stand 'this song'. I believe they were making a reference to the song I posted earlier here. I believe they also could have been referring to my constant bitching about perps' doings, as though my bitching and posting about perps is the 'song' they were talking about. This was followed by discussions about how they "can't stand the sight of it" as I was walking out the door/preparing to leave.

Before I left, a young hottie came in and ordered food (a morph of her and another) that resembled the girl that worked at the other place I eat out at a lot.

AJH said...

Answer to: Funny thing at noon...

The music coincidences; how I could go on about it, though for me now, they don't let me listen to much music at all, which is vexing to say the least. Because my taste in music is folk, roots, folk blues, and alt country (terrible name), (not to your taste Rachael O., sorry), the perps don't really have commercial radio/muzak source that they play for me. That is OK; I checked out on most rock music a very long time ago.

The doppelgangers thing; creating like beings you know from somewhere else. It makes perfect sense to do this if they are studying us victims as intensely as it seems; change the location, keep the lunchtime meal rationale the same, and add someone much like a person you know at your regular lunch place. Here is a song theme to work on; Under the Microscope, something like Under the Boardwalk.