Sunday, April 12, 2009

Short and Maser Prone

This won't be much of a posting today as I will head out for a First Feral Family stayover, and hope that I don't get their cold/flu or bullshit gambit as to what they claim they have.

I am getting more intrusive plasma and maser games, even over my paper journal that I keep, to the point that I bitch out loud, ranting or raging as per degree of intrusiveness. The assholes are making vision more of a battle as they keep pissing around with what I can see, and then also manipulate my sight perception. And they even pulled a new never-before stunt; they can now directly manipulate text in mind; I loathe the serif fonts like Times New Roman (spread into common usage by MS Word default), and use non-serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica. I am working on a spreadsheet, and this morning they pissed around with the format so that I had to reset it, and then they manipulated my sight perception directly and changed Arial back into Times New Roman. A second later, and just before I was going to yell at them, they flipped my vision back to Arial, seeing what was actually in the spreadsheet. Put that in your clinical cap and see if there is a disease that covers this degree of specificivity, any of you doubters as to who is doing what.

I was doing the same spreadsheet and bookmarking activity last night; making up a PC build and bookmarking eligible components that I would use, and putting the best priced ones into a spreadsheet to show someone what I had in mind. But of course I don't have any money to acquire squat, let alone pay off my chocolate tab each month that the perps insist I run up. Why don't they just dole them out, 100g bars at the checkout, free for me, instead of this bullshit stunt they continue with? Or teleport them from wherever into my cupboards as an alternative about being too public with giving them to me at the supermarket?

I get the sense that the perps like me to do similar things at night and then in the daytime, so all of last night's covetous games as to what components I would build the PC with could be restudied again this morning in daylight conditions, albeit overcast today. They still cannot get enough of me doing Windows select, cut and paste, and are especially interested, via noise stalking, whenever I apply this to a price on of the computer component; selecting it, putting it in the bookmark title and then saving the bookmark. Truly amazing, and I must be at a half million bookmarkings since they began this insane depraved abuse in 2002. And we are coming up to the seven year anniversary, April 15, and this is to mention it in advance, as they very often like me to forget these things, only to remind me.

And I should note that I went, or more like, was put through, an extensive process of planning my next PC build in 2005 to 2006, and had all number of components picked out and then they crashed my PC and I had to get it "repaired" with a new motherboard, CPU, memory etc. from a local computer repair shop and had my choice limited to what they sold, albeit perfectly OK choices. That was over a year of plotting which were the best boards, getting the lowest online prices, and planning it out in exhaustive detail, only to have it all nixed by a sudden emergency build in conjunction with the shop that kept jerking me around as to motherboard availibility. And to make it worse, this was in the middle of a relocation, and I had no online access, except my parent's clunker PC and a public PC place. And they made the episode worse at some parts had to be ordered from Ontario as they were too expensive here. I am under no illusions at to who really needs me to go through this exercise of detailed planning by way of bookmarks and spreadsheets, and then to have it all dispensed with in one swoop.

And that I know it is Easter even if courtesy of my mindkeepers; in 2005 they must of removed any reference to Easter in advance and then had me driving through town complaining that all the stores were closed. A week later I "happened" to find out that Easter was the weekend before, so there was a legitimate reason for store closings (Good Friday). Funny that no one I knew, including the perp abetting parents, mentioned the word "Easter". Nor were any Easter displays up in the stores I frequented. And I did get a few "happy Easters" this week from the yoga teacher and the optician, so it shows that even the mention of any event at any time is tightly governed. Designed cluelessness for ulterior reasons. I wish I knew.

An exciting moment it seems; sirens through my earmuffs, forced farts, three gangstalker dispersing in the concrete courtyard accross the street, the annoying loud muffler noise through the earmuffs that cause me to block it out with my fingertips, putting the earmuffs down and a sudden rain onset. This is about 40 minutes after lunch and might related to the perps interest in food digestion (and related color changes). It is hard for me to get much excited about their intrusions as they are pursuing some very arcane and/or pendantic events.

But slow color changes in my proximity are of significant perp interest; the steeping tea in the glass teapot is one example and flushing the toilet with pee in it, get routinely noisestalked, and even enragement provocations at the same time. A more faster color change event is changing clothes, and this is always noisestalked, and they often make me overbalance when on one leg if changing my pants.

And I am getting more sabotage on this web site I see; mispelling or typos that I know I didn't make are "happening". This is the same with my Bookmarked sites; the descriptions are getting messed with, along with the cell content in the spreadsheet I noticed. All to force more repeats in differing circumstances; daylight level/time of day, in concert with associated activities etc.

Another new stunt of the perps is to have me drool, or more like, place drool on my lips or chin with no mouth manipulations that could of aided it in its translocation. It is the second time in two days, and it is getting fucking annoying to have one's saliva plastered on one's face with no causal actions. Have I not mentioned that most, over 90%, of gangstalkers are exposing their mouth contents in my proximity in some way; tounges hanging out, open mouthing, eating food, spitting, pressing their tongue to their cheek and the like? Probably too often, but as one's mouth is an inch awy from one's brain there must be some interaction when eating foods, and it is likely that the perps need a saliva test every so often, though they could extract it directly to a lab somewhere and I wouldn't be any the wiser. And excess salivating has been going on for some six months now, and that is a cover story for making more internal mouth noises.

Government Thought Policing: The NSA and Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM); a post by the Kassandra Project. Though I doubt the NSA would be involved here in Canada, and nor would they tail me for four blocks with very two fast walking gangstalkers all the way into my apartment building and the elevator. I don't think any self-respecting conventional spy agency would do that. It must a shadow organization that fully understands why they are acting so obviously at times, and then pulls juvenile stunts all day like planting crumbs over the place, making noise to "go with" jeans that don't make any noise in conventional terms. Who would be that organization and why do they continue so relentlessly?

Some planted disorientation; I don't where the time went this afternoon. On with the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, said to be IBM's credo as to how to treat the customer).


Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt the NSA would do that sort of thing either. More likely: they contracted some brilliant scientists to develop the technology, and criminals used the 'favor' system to gain access to it? Or perhaps a shadow organization 'lent' some of the technology to the NSA. Anyways, that RNM tech is probably outdated by now. They apparently have moved past evoked potentials to get a read on mental processes... to me it sounds primitive compared to what they must be involved with now. Certain, magnetism and electricity are a part of it, but there must be something else going on there.

Well, Monday morning I had to sign a contract for one of two summer sessions where I teach. I've noticed the office where I'd turn the contract in, while normally unexciting and boring, all of a sudden erupted into this party-like harassment atmosphere complete with lively engaging conversations. Of course, I had to sign the contract in that office and turn it in. Something about contract signing that was a huge deal. The other harassments were scaled up by a factor of 5 at least. I got extra 'looks' and attention by the people sitting in the one room right by that office. Normally, people in there have this ho-hum appearance, not really interested in my passing.

All of sudden, my passing by there was a huge deal since signing that contract, like I'm sort of celebrity. Extra attention, harassment, gangstalking, no matter where I went... all because I had to sign a contract and turn it in. Well, it was a huge deal for me, too. Imagine what 'they' must've thought of it.

Probably one contributor is that I received my vintage open_reel recorder via parcel post earlier that morning. That had to have been a huge deal, too... Imagine what fun they will have with the brown tape moving from one reel to the next, and also the amplification circuits, knobs, magnetic fluxes, motors, indicator lights. It was probably 'owned' by a Navy Ships officer stationed somewhere in the early 1970's prior to my owning it. Otherwise, it was stored in a govt. warehouse for over 35 years, maybe never used, but probably tested. I imagine there is just a huge amount of psychic imprints embedded in it, especially if that officer isn't with us anymore.

Here is the item, although not by the same seller, billed as 'lightly used'.|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

AJH said...

Answer to: I seriously doubt the NSA...

That is interesting, the uncharacteristic office personnel ebullience as background while signing a contract. I haven't mentioned it in the blog, but even signing something is a big deal for the perps, as determined by frequent noisestalking in my case. This is probably important as the amygdala part of the brain is invoked when listening to voice (or even dog barkings it seems). And it is this brain region, per Tom Bearden's site, (albeit not always the best source for neurology) that seems to be the seat of psychic energies.

That looks to be a skookum reel to reel tape deck; I have never heard of REN Industries, so it isn't likely an home audio line. In those days, it was Revox and Ampex as the quality consumer decks before Nakamichi came along. I hope your get unfettered and enjoyable use from it.

The perps had be toss out all my magnetic media a few months ago, all of it in the form of 3.5" diskettes. It seems they need magnetic materials in one's proximity for a time, and then don't anymore.

Having multiple perp interest events in one day is common; the tape deck and the contract signing. I am aware that they will sometimes put the more difficult analytical tasks first (i.e. multiple events), and then incrementally tease these events apart (functional decomposition) in later weeks and months. An example would be having you re-sign the contracts due to a "mistake" in a few weeks, or perhaps signing the next term contracts in a few months. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It's probably not a really great reel to real deck; as you say, Ampex and, of course, Pentron, were making some pretty quality tape decks. Also, maybe Fostex was around back then? It's just something I got to mess around with, just to have one more electronic thing sitting around the house. I have an Agilent oscilloscope, made in 1980, that I bought a little more than a year ago. Model 1743A. The perps didn't seem to like that one, as they were likely afraid I could detect some of their electronic shaningans with it. I'm afraid that would require a very high frequency oscilloscope to do that. Or maybe their fear is that I may use it to build a fancy EMF detector? I'd rather not waste my time trying to figure out what they're doing. Their stuff is probably way to sophisticated anyways. I'd much rather spend my time doing my hobbies: music and computers, rather than trying to figure out what the hell they're up to. So they have nothing to worry about. :-) I'm sure all of this stuff we're experiencing is so some powerful connected criminals can 'learn' via their 'research' how to control certain key people so they can stay out of prison.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's probably not...

I don't know tape decks that well, save for those I encountered at the one stereo store of the day, 1970-72 when I was a wannabe stereophile.

It is good that you are allowed to have hobbies and are relatively free from constant sabotage. Thanks for the comments.