Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eyeglasses Customization Screw Up Pondering

I phoned the ever helpful woman at the optician's to say that I cannot stand to wear my newly modified eyeglasses, having cable temples put on them. I had a look in the mirror last night, and the assholes put them nearly two inches in front of where the optician marked them, and she also supplied measurement distances from the lens to my ear (front, top, back). She is still doing the investigative work, and it is likely that I won't be wearing them again until I get new temples; either special order longer ones, and/or straightening out the Fuckwit who modified my glasses correctly, but in the wrong place and ignored all the supplied measurements.

Which begs the question; I wore them for a total of 9 hours yesterday, and now have my old glasses back on. So... was this fuckover stunt of customized temple cables, some four months in the making since I purchased the new eyeglasses and frames that slipped all the time with too-short stock temples, all for 9 hours of wearing too tight glasses? Probably, as they don't consider efficiencies or any other economic parameter in messing up someone's belongings/life. I recall in late 2002 they broke a hinge on my old eyeglasses, an "overnight event" just to make sure I knew it was them, and I had to get the front frame replaced which was of a slightly different color/metal finish than the temples. So it would seem that this present stunt of making my new eyeglasses unwearable by a wilfully botched modification is simply a repeat of ensuring that all original pieces of the victim's (me) eyeglasses (two temples, front frame) aren't allowed to be retained together like for anyone else, but must be sabotaged in some way to ensure some components are replaced. It is all too consistent, though the explanation as to why organized and forever meddling Fuckwits would want to do this in the first place, twice in succession, is still a mystery.

Back to the old eyeglasses again, even if they did get browned by some mysterious means in their four months of storage in my drawer. And also of interest, no one who knows the old pair has said anything about how they magically became colored brown. As in don't want to go there, because it opens up the topic of getting constantly sabotaged by malevolent entities with action-at-a-distance technologies, and we cannot have that can we? This ongoing game of pretend that keeps following me is all the more obvious.

And the perps seemed to have been especially excited this morning to get me rage-fied at breakfast; it was peanut butter and jam (itself undergoing extra rapid overnight depletion) on the first slice of bread in the plastic bag wrapped loaf. And the assholes even messed with the bread tag that pinches the plastic bag together to make for extra rage-ification and involvement of the kitchen knife to open it. I have had many similar timings of the past; the perps go beserk over the first slice of bread of a new loaf, and get me fully rage-fied with provocations. And too, they made sure the slice was extra thin today. That is how life under the Thought and Action Gestapo is these days; there is something (suspected energy interaction) they don't know about packaging plastics and they have decided that I am to be the nonconsensual human experimentation subject for determing just what it is. Not my problem, so why am I involved in this depraved bullshit, 24x7?

That won't stop the "bread stalking", the absurd gangstalkers walking around with a freaking loaf of bread and or else parking a loaf at the street corner for me to pass by. I get two of these a month, so I am wondering what is the next dumbshit stunt with bread that I am to be exposed to?

More weird dreams this morning, another form of mind invasion as the dream's complexity and realness is unlike before overt harassment began in 2002. And as mentioned in past posts, they have the ability to defeat my autonomic dream bail-out abilities, where I would awaken if the dreams got too weird. Now, they can keep me in a repulsive dream for as long as they want.

I did the cleaning job at the car dealership; no major jerkarounds, though the staff seemed extra hyper, and the friendly guy/staff member from Sales "needed" to come through the Service section when I was cleaning it up and running the vacuum cleaner on the doorway carpet, exiting a white pickup truck outside. The lingering Service guy looked especially emancipated with a close cropped haircut, though not to the level of skinhead. The boss man does his usual switcheroo, saying he needs me to do dust mopping tonight (for the first time), and then does it all himself while I was vacuuming when the coordination plan was all worked out. I have given up on attempting to understand what the perps get out of this, the promise, but not deliver stunt, even if my keeness/let down level is minimal.

I notice that the new tire sets (four) in the Service garage are getting plenty of reshuffling day to day; just sitting in a stack for weeks, often with one tire moved about each day. And too, a nice wide swath of red paint over the treads and sidewalls for one new set. I have had plenty of extra accelerated tire wear in my car ownerhip days, so the ongoing tire/rubber obsession of the perps doesn't surprise me too much.

I got screwed out of getting all the items I needed at the LD store last night, and so I went back there again, all to great numbers of gangstalkers all over the place. And always stationed at the places I go to in advance. I had my gangstalkers doing reprises, keep coming back in different store locations. Usually, if I avoid following a gangstalker and take an alternate route, the fucker goes parallel and "pops up" again at the end of the aisles. One Fuckwit gangstalker was doing this with a 10' section of white PVC in Home Depot two days ago, and then he paralleled me in the next aisle, arriving just as I was ready to scram, all to "force me" to take yet another alternate route.

There is supposed to be an election in this province May 12, and no election signs have been erected. This is another WTF; all those colors and plastics erected all over town, and yet the perps seem to be deferring on this front. I have mentioned in past blogs that the perps have an all consuming obsession over presenting plastics to me, or in my proximity, and especially different kinds together, say, polyethelyne and carbonates. So... it stands to reason that they would like the plastic (usually) election signs to be out, especially with all those colors, and not a one yet. I see that I didn't get a voters card, so no doubt they don't want me to vote, not unlike the last election where I "forgot" to vote on the last day.

Here is a new term, which describes my orchestrated life in succint terms; Lame Idiotic Explanation (L.I.E.).

Time to call this one done for the day, dull as it has been.


Anonymous said...

They do love leaving pieces or slices of bread for me at various places along my path, for whatever reason. The other day, I saw a half-eaten pastry. One time last year, they left an opened jar full of jelly along the sidewalk. Usually, they settle for having dog turds on the sidewalk along my walking path.

They've actually left a baby's soiled diapers right in the middle of the road I sometimes walk, too. Disgusting. I've been seeing a lot of dirty dishes left in my path as well.

Oh they 'treats' they leave for me... I don't know what they get out of these lame-o stunts.

AJH said...

Answer to: They do love...

There is something about gluten in bread that is causing the perps much investigative angst, hence all the bread stalking and crumb stunts. The reason for these oddities and trash that are left on our walking beats is that they are hoping to detect some kind of energy interaction between it and you, or part of you that they cannot obtain when you are normally eating bread, say, in your kitchen. In other words, they are changing the environment totally in the expectation they can pick up a unique bread/victim energy interaction free from the typical environment.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they try to piss you off by saying rude things in your vicinity... A lot of these 'rude things' are untrue things about me, designed to get my blood pumping faster and a little closer to going into a full-blown rage.

They love to do that to me. They love to take me down a couple of notches with people sitting or standing on the walls when I'm passing them, saying stupid stuff. I guess they try to piss us off anyways they can.

AJH said...

Answer to: I don't know if...

I don't get too much rude or untrue commentary from the perps, or much directed thought-only verbalizations that are definitively theirs. I get plenty of thoughts planted in mind, and I am sure most of them are planted, but for the most part, they seem as if they came from me. Though often, they don't always use the same vocabulary as I do, and so I know for sure it was planted. I assume everything I do or say is planted by them, owing to their encroaching learning of how I choose words and thought associations.

With very few exceptions, thankfully, they don't have me get enraged except in the privacy of my own apartment. Or, if they want to crank me up at someone else's place, e.g. in-town brother, they make sure I am alone. With the exception of my recall, they mostly run me the way I would if it were myself. My recall is totally different now; much more associations that "occur", many of which were long forgotten, but are correct. Nothing terribly important is recalled either, so it is not like I have gained any intelligence unfortuneately.

I don't get them talking about me to be overhead very often. Only a few times in 2002-3, but I do overhear plenty, and invariably it is a topic or word that is in vogue by them (aka, featured words/theme), often related to the Unfavored.
But pissing me off is the #1 method to get me to a more enhanced state. Enhanced, it would seem, for remote detection of one's energetic fields (electromagnetic and/or other). I read in a book by an author that could see auras, and if the subject was in a state of duress, their auras would trail behind them for much longer. I sense the perps are reading other energetic fields that are partially related to electromagnetic ones, hence their preoccupation with the cardinality and color of objects/clothing etc.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, because I do seem to get the teleportation thing going with objects along the road. For example, where an alley joins a main road, if I see some of the 'things' they left behind, I'll take it to the dumpster just beyond the alley. When I return, I'll see a black glove there lying on the road I didn't see before. And I may have missed it; however, I'm pretty sure I would've seen it if it were there in the first place. Same with empty milk cartons, or bottles of softdrink that are full.

AJH said...

Answer to: It's funny, because...

That is very familiar especially for the past year; busy attending to one mess, and get it dealt with, and lo, something else "arrived" while you weren't looking. That is the most consistent part; one glance away, and poof, something arrived you didn't see before. Thanks for the comments.

eagledove9 said...

Hey, about eyeglasses changing color: Do you have that Chinese drywall that gives off sulfurous fumes? I just read a news article about that. It said that copper things change color when the sulfur fumes hit them. Just a thought.

About the teleportation phenomenon: I haven't seen it happen (and I don't want to), but this is worrisome because if it does happen, then it could defeat my last resort communication method: giving people notes on paper. I have seen interference and hacking in all the government-monopoly communication systems, and giving people handwritten notes is the last resort.

I haven't had enough time to do more research, and I probably won't get to read much, but do you have any technical websites that mention the teleportation phenomenon, anything that has a theory about how it's done?

AJH said...

Answer to: Hey, about eyeglasses...

No Chinese drywall made it into Canada as far as I know, and this place was built in the late 1960's.

I have some links on some postings to the quantum level teleportation and swapping, up to 25km as I recall. Search on the teleportation keyword/label in this blog for a start, and if not enough, I will look for some links. This activity of the perps goes on all the time; water droplets, crumbs, vehicles, personnel etc. And even ME! The event of somehow slipping down in one's seat and no experienced slipping sensations; guess what, it is teleportation by small increments so you don't even notice. Thanks for the comments.