Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pie Eyed

I am back from lunch with my mother as she happened to be in the neighborhood visiting her tax accountant. This restaurant is local, and where we usually dine, no more than a half dozen times per year. I am still being kept in a rather tipsy state, even if I did have only one beer with lunch. The waitress was gorgeous; blue eyes and black straight hair, and plenty of eye contact. There were at least three svelte blondes of the same height and build as wait staff flitting in the background, and another two who were larger, one with funky glasses. And two males on the wait staff as part of the background of people/gangstalkers passing by. It was heavy on the geriatric set today, with the odd suited male and skinhead male. The significance of these characters is written up in the postings to the right, the Favored and the Unfavored, and following the link to more postings.

I often wonder what all is being tested in such circumstances, as there is so much activity going on. But when one watches the action as a TI, it becomes clear. I doubt that a non-TI would pick up the gangstalking action and the deployment of the Favored and the Unfavored in today's restaurant scenario, as it was approximating normalcy. I had the red dressed hoodie babe sittting in front of the E. Indian babe some 10' away, and I suppose this red in front of brown needs to get yet more perp testing if the hijinx over the peanut butter and jam on toast at breakfast is something to go by.

There were a few foul looking dye jobs in the background as well, as it seems the perps are still working on why I loathe the sight of dyed red hair, never mind the same loathing of red hair. I get a few of these every day now, and again, I have no recollection as to why they are so prevalent as gangstalking personnel.

I am still being rendered sleepy, and having me near asleep while seated upright is always a perp cue. The earlier teatime didn't help, and I suppose the deemed cause could be the 1.5 hours of wakefulness the perps laid on last night while in bed. Another stunt I am getting less enamoured with.

Things got better once I had some food in me, in advance of heading out to the cleaning job tonight. I had at least four motor scooter gangstalkers at my first stop at the pedestrian traffic control, when headed to the car dealership job. The perps must of decided to let me in the reason for that; when driving a scooter, unlike a motorcycle, the person is in a seated position, just like I was for the prior 15 minutes before heading out the door. Even transitioning from seated to standing makes a big difference for the perps, and so it would seem that they needed to run seated persons on motorized scooters, one up from the infernal wheelchairs that keep hounding me.

I cannot think of any major work silliness tonight that transpired; I did get dithered into "forgetting" to do the mopping in my usual order, and doing it a few tasks later wasn't a problem with me and the boss man needing to use the mop bucket at the same time. The vacuum cleaner is still on the fritz and it would seem the boss man was avoiding me so he wouldn't hear more complaints about it.

I was reworking a laborer position resume tonight, and working on the cover letter which detailed my experience with various saws, and lo, if my brother didn't phone just then. And lo, if I didn't tell him that his chop saw he loaned out, and which I used at our parent's place, was now availible for him to retrieve. I got it; the operative perp word of the week is "saw"; have shills, quislings and operatives do all they can to introduce this word and all its variants into my vocabulary in all forms,- written (here), spoken and heard (my mother mentioned it at least three times at lunch today and was good for a few "what what" games over this very word.

I did see a likeness of the above mentioned waitress on the way to the car dealership cleaning job tonight. She looked much the same height and build, but did not look at me to flash her signature eyes for me to see and recognize. I got only one negro dude on the way back tonight, the whole two blocks that is the commute. Yesterday I got three, two were women and one in this funky outfit with her back exposed and her front covered. I have never seen anything so revealing downtown before. One of yesterday's negroes was a male, and here he was coming straight at me on a 12' wide sidewalk, and me walking on the right, and was coming straight at me, meaning he was in left hand drive mode. This isn't the first time that the gangstalkers are walking in my projected track, in fact it is the exception if they are in RH drive mode, as the oncoming gangstalkers keep wanting to pass me on my right side. Anyhow, some 15' in front he cuts to his right so there wasn't a confrontation incident, which has happened at least a half dozen times. One never knows if they are going to plant another stunt like this and have the shill blow up on me because he cannot figure out that we walk on the right side here in North America. But it is patently absurd to have so much sidewalk and still the asshole has me lined up.

Time to call this done and ponder if I will get to sleep quicker than last night; at least two hours of head flipping, one side to the other, sometimes no longer than a minute. And too, a barrage of planted notions that are just too repititious.


Anonymous said...

This could explain why I always see gangstalkers standing fixed in position during a light rain:


Just as expected, the presence of water molecules affects the resonant frequency of the person being measured for energy. Interesting that the best way to check for DEW's is to have actual living tissue, instead of fancy EMF meters. I'm sure there are really expensive top-secret ones that can measure DEW's; however, the perps would not be using them if they knew there was a meter on the market that could detect them.

The stuff they are using seems to have technology far beyond what the mainstream scientific world knows about. Also, the media has very controlled content so that a lot of info is kept from the public, and some words/phrases are used so that the TI's reading them feel violated.

AJH said...

Answer to: This could explain why...

I had some eight months of targeted head pain beams in 2002, and I found water to be helpful. As was driving in my vehicle. Given the state of intense intrusion that I came to later learn about, I suspect these were arranged events to further perp research. Most of my preventative measures worked for a time, and then they must of gained whatever advantage it offered, and then rendered it dysfunctional. But sometimes the pain is so intense that you have to do something like mentioned at the web link.

Anonymous said...

How nice, a scripted road-range incident. Some guy in a blue GMC was speeding behind me. When I reacted by slamming on my brakes and driving slower, the driver gets out, and says "I'm gonna beat your ass, cocksucker". And then he gets back in and drives off. He happens to be a black guy who looks like my friend who is a state trooper.

This incident: mind control to deter me from ratting on my perps to my black friend who is a state cop, who happens to look like this perp.

Or maybe it wasn't. There is a pretty good change it wasn't a coincidence.

Those a-holes got me nice and pissed off prior to the incident. Perps are sadistic a-holes who are very talented and focused when it comes to pissing TI's off.

Anonymous said...

At my dance class this week (which is open to the public) they put on three doppelgangers, who happened to choose to situate themselves beside me!!

The teacher even commented that everyone should spread out and I happily moved, which earned me a dirty look from one of the doppels. They are so disgustingly familiar!! I didn't even know them. Tellingly, there's always a core group of attendees to this class who were not there this time. They are so obvious when they try their perp tactics. 3 doppels at one time blatantly swarming me!!?

Anonymous said...

I do get groups of three a lot. It's a common theme. One time I saw this guy, and he had two girls walking beside him. The one to his immediate right was short compared to him, and the other girl (to the far right) looked identical to the first, but was shorter by the same exact height difference between the first two (the guy and first girl). So there were graduations in height from the 3 gs'ers. I'm sure they play a lot of height games with their stalkers.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get groups of three...

I notice the height variations the most among the ambulatory gangstalkers. Many taller than me (5'11") and 5' or less checkout cashiers. The perps seem to be totally wrapped up in the scale of things and people. And also, the larger differential in height may aid their remotely applied energetic studies on the differences between two individuals. Another angle on the height differences might be the common energetic reaction to flooring colors and substances and attempting to detect this difference. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny, thought, that they would have two girls that look identical (from the back, with identical physiques and hair), but one was much shorter than the other. Otherwise, they looked the same. Again this was easy enough to pull off, since I can only see them from behind. I never got a glimpse of them from the front.

I think it's an exercise in scale length, though, as you pointed out.