Saturday, April 11, 2009

Degrees of Green

One clue that the perps give is when they arrange for a change after some years of the imposed and entrenched habit. By eating nearly the same foods a lunch and dinner, except when elsewhere, they can continue to make dat to day comparisons. So.. after using an olive tapenade as the base for my tortillas, the same kind, make and tub size, they screwed me out of getting more at the supermarket by an arranged shortage. And now, it is a dark green dill pesto instead of the olive green color after at least 6 months of nonstop olive tapenade. I wonder what this portends to shift me to a slightly different green pesto. I shall likely find out later on the gangstalk gauntlet when out. The cooked chicken that I purchased last week was heavily doused with paprika, and orange colored spice, and when I ate it for the first time, why, an same orange shirted Fuckwit was gangstalking with his dark green coat wide open.

And it is the trend of late for gangstalkers to wear their coats wide open, half on or if a hoodie, having the hoodie on their head and the rest of the coat dangling down their back. One of the four negro acts of three days ago had a black and white hoodie coat in this style, with the coat seeming to offer the typical greyscale referencing the perps seem to so desparately need.

After writing that, the sirens have come on. The number of siren cascades per day, over 10, is totally absurd for this city of 300,000; I have lived in Seattle and Vancouver and never heard this many in any given day. Rarely does a emergency vehicle come by, so I assume this is all projected sound.

A post from Gangstalking World on the Bingingham NY massacre at the immigration center, translating the last messages from the perpetrator, Jiverly Wong. Call it the "TI lens" or the new perspective TI's bring to viewing world events and the human nonconsensual experimentation agenda; for the most part I agree with the author. There is something fundamentally wrong with how often these events are occuring, and author's interpretation is reasonably accurate in my perpsective.

The particular conspiratorial issue that I gripe about is helicopter crashes; two oilfield service helicopters of different makes in different regions (Newfoundland and North Sea) crashing into the ocean with nearly all lost within a week of each other. Tragic to say the least; if I had the statistical smarts I would arrive at a probability, but it just doesn't seem to make any sense from the visceral random events perspective.

I have skipped a whole evening, begining with the part time job at the car dealership. Nothing too spectacular, except on my way back. I needed three grocery items and was skunked on all three. In two cases there were gangstalker and/or stocking carts in front of where I needed to access in the aisles, and was skunked on tapenade; still none "availible". Then the boss man from the job "happened" to be right behind me at the checkout. Amazing coincidences; like every time I go there.

An evening of playing computer builder and putting all my coveted components together on a spreadsheet. The perps just love all that select, copy and paste action, and now I know why my spreadsheet formatting came undone for the past decades; why there is a malevolent saboteur, and is still at it today.

Time to call this done.

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