Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Virulent Tuesday

From an obit on JG Ballard;

"His late novels never flinch from addressing the "elective psychopathy" that increasingly riddles the anaesthetised world we are now beginning to inhabit. It is a fate Ballard had been predicting for half a century. His fiction was perhaps too invariant for him to rank as the greatest literary figure of his generation but of all the writers of significance in the last decades of the 20th century, he was maybe the widest awake."

Maybe we are already there, and us TI's are cursed with knowing this first hand.

A very perp beserk morning; at least 50 yellings at the assholes before I was done the breakfast and shower, shave and dental hygeine routine. All manner of provocations; dithering finger control (many times), the crackling noise, fucking me out of knowing what to do next, flicking pills out of the bottle, marking the wall with a brown mark which was first noticed by a same colored plasma emanation to my eyes, countless serial traffic noise outside, the most egregious was duelling back up beepers of differing tones which alternated while eating chocolate (an imposed staple), hacking me up with surficial cuts after shaving (a new blade shouldn't cut any), impairing my speech, assignment of a new voice sound at every enragement, direct theft of peanut butter from the jar, crumb inundation, even the blatant kind of them showing up some 12" from the plate with no cover story, flicking micro droplets of milk 8" from the bowl, extra clanging of the spoon on the ceramic bowl, and a few others not allowed to be recalled.

Things did settle down, and I haven't had quite the abuse train since. I went back to my parent's place to continue with the yard work from yesterday for much of the day, though I did get more adversity. The gasoline powered string trimmer kept losing string length, about five seconds into running it on soft plants even, and then later, the electric shears motor burned out. Back to using the loppers to cut the woody stubs that remained, and generally cleaning up. Plenty of noise events erupted each time I applied the loppers to cutting stems and branches, either directly off the shrup to thin it out, or else cutting the ones that had been pruned to enable them to be packed tighter in the refuse bags. Plastic bags are never very far from the harassment action, and of course having a part time cleaning job makes for plenty of "plastic action" for the perps, as if the irrigation service trucks packing 20' PVC lengths wasn't enough, and the surge of "plastic bag (packing) people", aka ambulatory gangstalkers I get everywhere in public.

When I arrived at my parents' place my mother was attempting to type a letter, and I ended up helping her while attempting to understand the nature of the content. It seems that she is getting contradicting advice on how to transfer monies from the UK in my father's name. He is on the dementia act/path (haven't figured it out for sure), and hence my mother has a power of attorney here. But in the UK, after first being amenable, then changed their minds as to the documentation requirements, and she was attempting to appeal this phone call decision that contradicted an earlier letter.

I took the city bus in both directions, and I got my dude posse arranged around me with a few large females just beyond them. It was decidedly light gangstalker load, perhaps only 15 on board at any one time, though I had hordes of streetside gangstalkers on me for the two block walk to the bus stop. And the delivery trucks were even set up to be parked along the streets as ersatz large colored panels. I got plenty of red plastic bag action/packing gangstalkers, as this seems to be a hot color for the perps of late.

What was more surprising was the bus ride back into downtown. For the first time since being a public transportation rider (06-2006), I would have to admit there was no city bus freakshow. I should qualify that; there were freaks, but they stayed at the bus stop and did not board the bus even if it is the only one on that route! For the record, at least five walkers, wheelchairs, mongoloid types were assembled at the bus stops, and the rapid rotation of the gangstalkers only going one bus stop along the route also occured. There was about 8 passengers on board at any one time, which is about what I would expect at 1530h heading into downtown from the suburbs. Often I get raucous high school students at that time, but there were only about three muted ones. Mighty curious indeed. There was a full-on vehicular gangstalking going on all around the bus though, it wasn't like there was any reduction of the formations of silver-grey vehicles, mid-greys, blacks and whites with later reds and dark greens. And more of the light metallic tan colored vehicles now; the perps are getting very "brave" (or progressive, or whatever) as to putting two or three of these together in a same direction cluster.

I played PC builder tonight, and it is always interesting to see how this unfolds; sudden "inspiration" to check out prices elsewhere makes for a total gamechanger when I put these proposed builds together on a spreadsheet, a nexus of the Windows select, cut and paste activities the perps so like to monitor and noisestalk.

This one is done for now, hopefully not too many typos.


Anonymous said...

How about the people wearing dirty clothes trick, or pants that have spots all over them? I do get that a lot. For example, pants that appear to have dirt stains, but upon asking the person, I was told 'it was bleach' that made the spots. I get some gangstalkers that are completely dirty and soiled (clothes and body). I had a few that have portable respirators, as well as colostomy bags. And I get the ones that smell very strongly of cigarette smoke and sometimes very cheap offensive cologne.

AJH said...

Answer to: How about...

I get plenty of vagrants stalking me, and that covers plenty of dirty clothes etc. It is the faux painters that I find hilarious; these Fuckwits with paint dappled on their whites, often color coordinated to be a certain color group or tone. Having a personal smell is a big deal for the perps; they even introduced a person into my proximity by having me smell them before I saw them. That little set-up seemed to be a big deal for the perps. The colostomy bags; I have encountered a few of them in the past seven years, and before, and given the perp's obsession over shit and all things brown, it wasn't a coincidence. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I do see the faux painters, as you say... the ones that come in with their pants looking like they've got done painting a room or something. I had one young dude with jeans on that had paint streaks all over them, and I know for sure he wasn't doing any painting... he's too lazy for painting, but not for stalking.

That's probably why so many of these people engage in this activity... it doesn't require any special ability or energy levels. They're probably too lazy to be doing anything other than standing around for minutes at a time. I guess it gives them an excuse to stand around and loiter (when they could be working or doing something useful).

AJH said...

Answer to: I do see the faux painters...

The portable paint sample dude show was also used in variant form a few years ago when they parked a painter's vehicle, with paint splats inside, next to my vehicle at the very empty apartment complex. No one but me seemed to live there, and it had 140 suites. It was there, in 2006 that I gave up my vehicle to my daughter who sold it a year later. Thanks for the comments.