Sunday, April 05, 2009

Simultaneous Mouse Click, Jaw Click and Church Bell Ringing Onset

The first mouse click of the day came with a spontaneous jaw click and the onset of Sunday Church bells. Simply amazing that all this is coordinated all day for me, down to milliseconds.

Next Day, 04-06-2009
Chirps from the smoke alarm for so seeming reason, as the batteries were replaced a few months ago. More games, although this has a putative cause. I am getting some chirps and squeaks from nowhere, and not always here in my apartment or near a smoke alarm.

Male skinheads in gangstalker form and graphic form in the daily newspaper are predominating. Today, one with his wife and young child got on the bus and he was in my peripherial vision. They got on in suburbia and then got off about five minutes later. Such a bus trip didn't make any sense from the normal suburbia to downtown routing.

Last week, red heads and fushia heads were common features of the gangstalker scence as well as male skinheads. The perps have me so I cannot stand the sight of them, a huge variance to pre-overt harassment days when I didn't care one whit.

I got my negro gangstalking when on the bus earlier today. He stood beside the driver in a ridiculous long grey coat when there were plenty of seats availible. After some ten minutes he takes his five plastic bags of groceries and finds a seat behind me. He looked like a bulked morph-over of the same fucker who tailed me at the hospital, and who also appeared last year on two of my walking commutes to the gym. (And without appearing a day older when six years had transpired). Funny he didn't have his dumbshit beret on, but maybe it was too obvious.

I got a call yesterday out of the blue from my in-town brother to go and do some garden maintenance at our parent's place, and that he could bring the chainsaw to help clear one brushy overgrown bed out. All of a sudden I was out of here in the early afternoon, and onto doing the chainsaw operation to clear out some overgrown red osier dogwoods. As usual, the actual pruning work took only a third of the time, and cleaning up and cutting firewood pieces took the remainder. As mentioned before, the perps have an inordinant interest in having me doing pruning of plants; secateurs, hand saws, lopers, etc., it doesn't matter by what means I do it, they script noises at the moment of severance, and regular readers might recall that my brother even drowned a squirrel concurrently with my pruning activities at his place earlier this year.

My in-town brother never makes mistakes about directions, and yet he screwed me around totally when he came yesterday. He told me to turn right when I got out of the apartment building, and was rather vague about where he was parked. I go outside after he called, and his white van wasn't visible anywhere. I look back in the opposite direction to where he directed me, and lo, if he wasn't sitting in his small pickup truck that he rarely uses. I ask him about why he gave me the wrong instructions and he blows me off. This is one example of the daily jerkarounds and adversity that is imposed on me, all for the perps to collect more environmental data on me from varying directions. If the number of the backtracking gangstalkers is any guide, it is an important event to have me going the wrong way and turning back. I am sure that I have done sufficient backtracking from fucked up directions to last many lifetimes, so why are the assholes continuing to engage in this form of sick minded abuse?

This time I didn't have any fuckwits appearing from nowhere and placing a chainsay in a field near the bus stop the day following using it. This happened last year about this time, and I even posted a picture of the chainsaw sitting there without a tree anywhere near it.

I had other freaks on the city bus trip today; it was the dude in the do-rag sitting in front of me that was attempting to get more face time with the back of his head/do-rag while I was looking out the window. And too, I was getting spates of mild BO smell off him, which seems to be the latest perp initiative. The disgusting hair stylist BO excess of a few weeks ago still resonates, and the perps seem to have begun a campaign of male sweat smell of late. So far, no reoccurrent smells this afternoon.

And the ambulatory gangstallker tailing is getting intense; a male fuckwit in suburbia on my ass for 8 of my 12 minute walk to the bus stop, and then he was on the cell phone until the bus came. The bus routing is arranged to have two bus routes sharing a common road between contracircular routes, and the expected bus was late, and so I took the other one after crossing the street and running to get it where they also put an oversized gutted gangstalker. One cannot go anywhere without this swarm of fuckwits around me, not even in suburbia which would of been largely vacant on weekday working hours.

I had more gangstalking tails on me when I got off; the native Indian vagrant act with the shopping cart full of plastic bags, the two block follow-me dude putting on the act he was mentally compromised in some way, and then a swarm at the traffic control standing around me, and then a woman takes over once I had crossed the street to then tail me into the apartment building. And lo, if there wasn't another big hat fucker behind the mail boxes lurking there.

It was a First Feral Family gangstalk last night, dinner in front of the TV, and I got my 60 MInutes fix, though I got purged as to what was on. Morley Safer did a softball piece of Dolly Parton, and I will have to go the the CBS site to find out what got purged.

I did get a teleportation stunt when at my perp abetting parent's place. I had returned from a shopping trip to a local supermarket to get some things for my mother who was feeling under the weather from a cold and gave her back the change. I turned to exit her room and then I felt a sensation on my finger tip and then applied another finger to hold the item, and it was a dime. The perps teleported a coin onto my fingertip, had me grasp it, and all to have me backtrack and give my mother the (extra) come-lately coin.

I saw Morse last night on the TV, at least a ten year old show, and I noticed that there was plenty of strange lighting on the faces; purple, yellow, red etc., all due to the supposed church setting they were in. The strange juxtapositions of light on faces and figures seems to be of greater perp interest of late. Unnatural colors of faces, and not just the games with portraying green, grey, red, or yellowish casts of online or in-print portraits.

I cannot believe this; the smoke alarm is chirping at random moments, and it was only a few months ago when the apartment manager came to the door with a new batteries for the tenants. So it seems that I have to replace it myself; and too, although "only" four chirps so far today, they are esquisitely timed to when I might read a keyword or have a fractional thought that isn't governed and supplied by them.

I am getting hacked while doing some clean up on my boomarked web sites. This is what I get:

"This blog is open to invited readers only

It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation."

How can I contact the blog author when access to the site, and by extension, email, is denied? Just another jerkaround or is it a Blogspot blindspot as to options?

I did a Firefox upgrade tonight, so far, no indictations of sabotage that often accompanies upgrades.

I got sabotaged on a TI blog posting download tonight; one posting was all I wanted and the entire blog "somehow" was put into my Bookmarks. The clean up deletions and select, copy, cut and paste activities were especially monitored with coincident overhead rumbling noise that "somehow" made it through my earmuffs.

I did a Chicken Run at 1630h; a trip to the supermarket some 200' away, and it was worse than Christmas shopping season for the gangstalker count, in and outside the store. I suppose the set up was part of it; they fucked me into begining to cook by opening a new bottle of olive oil, pouring some in the frypan that was heating up on the stove top, and then reminding me afterward that I didn't have the cooked chicken ingredient. I had finished up on the chicken two days ago, and some asshole purged from my recall, as I would of remembered the state of my food supplies and what I was out of. This fucking bullshit of having me "forget" the basics, even long entrenched habits that go back decades is an extreme piss off.

Other action tonight was at the car dealership cleaning job, my one hour per day of employment that I am allowed. In fact, it is all about exposure to individual car parts; engines, transmissions, front ends, rear ends, cardboard boxed or wrapped parts of metal, various plastics and used parts in considerable quantity. They like to expose me to spinning parts; used brake rotors, rotary engine chambers and internal parts, etc. Another one that has been leaning on the garbage can I am to empty each day is an exhaust part; head pipe to catalytic converter and further pipework. Also, engine intake manifolds are arranged for me to walk past each day. The black Miata with the brown softop that has been in the Service garage for the past five weeks or so, is still there, never going up on the hoist or any evidence of servicing. As the perps like to have me exposed to brown colored objects, what better way than it to be attached to metal that is a standard reference color?

This posting is a mess tonight; I haven't been allowed the usual discipline of an orderly description of the imposed anomalous events in their entirety, especially for a Monday after a stay at the perp abetting parent's place. The harassment abuse has had its moments today; getting me rage-ified many times, and without the usual trick of sucking the air out of my lungs to govern down my voice volume. They now allow me, or more like, make me, "react" to their provocations without constraining my voice. A different voice each time of course, per usual. And endless motorcycle noise today; even at the car dealership cleaning job, they kept on running that noise even if there were no such vehicles when I was looking. The perps have given up on presenting plausible sources of noise it seems, but not in all instances. I can't figure this one out.

Time to post this, just to get past this imposed melange.


Anonymous said...

I got the usual 'production' today. One unusual event is the one guy, driving a tan vehicle (seems to be one of the predominant vehicle colors today), who insisted I crossed his path while he stopped his car and waited. I was on foot at the time, going for my usual walk. That was odd, because I really didn't have a reason to cross the street at all, which should've been obvious, as I was about 20 feet from the intersection. There must've been something about having me cross his path that was important.

Now I'm starting to see why vehicle colors are important. While at my usual place eating out (Subway), as each car parked (customers stopping to get food), I've noticed there were initially predominantly very white cars. Each time a customer came, the cars got darker in tone, finally ending in a dark grey color. All along the street, I've noticed that parking file you pointed out... 4 tan vehicles in a row. On the other side, a light grey, and finally a white Subaru. The white Subaru made a point to make a U-turn in the parking lot, plainly visible to where I could see out the window. Of course, there were the usual ambulatory gangstalkers, walking with their heads down to the ground. I'm not sure why they do that. Maybe they need their necks exposed towards the sky for their remote sensing?

There was an emphasis on the colors red and blue today. AFAIK, red is a more 'sleepy' color, while blue is a more 'high energy' color. That's according to the frequencies of the light itself. The brain may interpret the colors differently. There was a girl walking on foot with an all-red outfit, and she made sure she crossed my path. She lives down the street from me, and she made sure to stop and stand for a while with her back towards me until she got into her house.

There was a short, stocky Italian guy wearing green. I think it was a Free Mason lodge jacket, and the perps think it's important for me to see that Free Mason emblem.

I guess that's because I was reading about Free Masons on Mark Rich's site the night before. Something about Free Masons being involved in this game, which I at this time doubt.

Then there were guys and women wearing shades between purple and blue jackets with black sweatpants, and they had unfavorable physiques.

AJH said...

Answer to: I got the usual...

Yes, it seems like you are being included in the perps color games, and supporting greyscale tones as well. And vehicle egress is another, with the person partially outside of their vehicle or hanging over the trunk. Today, (04-07-2009) I had one dude with his parked white truck door open for both my outbound and homebound legs of my downtown outing, for at least 8 intervening minutes. I don't profess to know exactly what they are testing, but it would seem there is color interaction with the vehicle when in it, and when partially outside of it the interaction should be also partial. Just more beserk public behavior.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of open car doors, too. And there are variations on that theme: usually it's the driver side door, and it could be the driver holding the door inside, outside, inside not holding the door. Sometimes they are somewhere outside the car with their door(s) open. I remember in the online newspaper sites, if there was a horrific accident, they'd make sure the photo included an open car door or two. I figured it was supposed to be simple classical conditioning: anchoring the open car door to a tragic scene or accident. And when I saw open car doors on my walk or while driving, it was supposed to evoke the scene of the tragic accidents I saw in the papers.

AJH said...

Answer to: I see a lot of open car doors...

I haven't figured out the car doors "thing", except to surmise that they need extended time to analyse the energetic interactions at every millimeter of car door opening and egress lingering. It takes only some five seconds to get out of vehicle, or in it, and yet they put these Fuckwit gangstalkers positioned at great length lingering half out of the vehicle for 30 to 60 seconds, and then repeat the exercise at the trunk. Which might be why they like to have me work part time in a car dealership; no end of exposure to open doors, hoods and tailgates. Thanks for the comments.