Saturday, April 25, 2009

Self Flipping Tortilla

Its that silly time again when I get treated to gratuitous extra-conventional gravitic fuckery, and a new one erupted while making the usual lunch; sprouted wheat tortillas with a tapenade base, chopped chicken and melted cheddar cheese on top. (In a rare instance of variation, they let me add fresh garlic from the Similkameen Valley region last fall (2008), but they stole at least one garlic bulb from the fridge). The first tortilla gets put on last, and it gets flipped over, cooked on the other side, and then placed on a dinner plate until the rest of it has been cooked and assembled. So... while attempting to use the spatua I got my motor control frozen before I could put the spatula blade under the tortilla and lo, if half of the tortilla didn't flip and fold on itself. It was all over in a second or less, but normally the perps would make me fumble and involve my actions as a putative cause. Not this time, I couldn't move my hand or the spatula and had to wait until the stunt was over. And still they wouldn't let me use the spatula so I had to use my fingers to re-arrange the folded tortilla, and pull it out of the frypan. So it would seem that someone did not want the black nylon spatula be applied to extricating the tortilla. Not my problem, so why am I being put into this Fellini freakshow?

That was the most blatant provocation when making lunch, but it wasn't the only one, and they do like me to vocalize and get highly annoyed while engaged in regular tasks. Though it was interesting that they spaced out the provocations and didn't let the annoyance level build too much.

The noise through the earmuffs continues unabated; often causing me to take them off and plug my fingers to eliminate these protracted trail offs. Never had I had such a variable level of noise abatement in all the pairs of earmuffs that I have worn. Many of them "fell apart" or got lost, hastening more purchases to fulfil whatever color games the perps have in mind. The last pair was black colored with a little red band of trim, and after some six months or so, the connector of the headband ball to the socket of the earmuff just twisted off, all by itself. Onto another pair, deep metallic green colored, which is still being worn some four years later.

I did my 1.5 hour cleaning job at the car dealership tonight. Saturdays are best for me as the place has been vacated since 1500h or so. I still get weirds coming to the door, and the perps even sometimes make sure the door is unlocked for them, all to get direct line of sight visibility. I got a major fugly baby faced adult yesterday wanting in, thankfully the door was locked then. And it seems that Saturdays are arranged for the boss man to come a half hour later than me, which gives me more time to attend to the once/week jobs that never seem to get done. I did more window sill cleaning, and then dusting which hadn't been done in weeks. The vacuum cleaner is acting up again, having just been fixed as the upright pedal had been broken for the past four weeks. The boss man doesn't seem too moved by that, so I suppose it is all part of the ongoing beserkness that many of my associates subscribe to.

And the perps are still going strong on the topological jerkaround games with the vacuum cleaner extension cord. I don't know how they do it, but they twist the cord up in all manner of contortions that were not present when I last handled it. Another of those "I give up" jerkarounds.

And I see that the negro count is up in public for me again; one was doing "just stand there" sentry duty, and the second of three was doing this absurd running in street clothes act that erupts in my proximity with almost predictable regularity. It is a Saturday for crissakes; who would be running for an appointment then. Or a bus for that matter. I still haven't figured out the wherefores of the perps' racial interests, though I am getting to suspicious that skin color is a core part of their objectives, or has a major bearing on it. Perhaps, that extends to the Whitehouse, just to be speculative and irreverent. You can be sure I am the last to know anything about the entire spectrum of harassment games.

I had an old codger doing his ambling and gangstalking on my way back from the car dealership, and the instant I looked at his face, and his eyes in particular, a percussive noise went off. Yesterday's stop at the LD store was graced with a woman cashier who had the same light blue eye color as this codger. And she was doing her look-away act so I could look at her eyes but not have her look at me. It would seem that she was putting them on for display. I suspect the perps think they are on the cusp of whatever they gain from eye contact, and have been ramping up the eye contact and avoidance games of late. Eye color seems to be part of it, though again, I have no idea why. What seems to be consistent with the alien abductions is that they can look at someone's eyes close in, which they do, and make a determination as to their intelligence and behavioral inclinations. Just what is transpiring exactly isn't known to us earthlings, but it would seem to be some kind of interaction which the alien can read for themselves. All very curious to say the least.

Some acid reflux while I was editing above, adding in the color of the earmuffs, hastening me to take them off so I could swallow without a holy noise barrage in my mouth. Perhaps that was the arrangement; write about the very thing that one is handling, or more like, forced to handle owing to a rather rare, and imposed IMHO, event.

I did some employment looking tonight; the situation is that this seems to be an activity for which the perps want to have me go through, endless job looking. But the real piss off is that I am getting sapped of motivation and interest in applying for the few jobs that have matching skill sets and/or experience. As part of this, my assigned research for the grant grovelling is also sandbagged by the same demotivated malaise that "just happens" every day to prevent this moving forward. It sits on my to do list which never seems to get read any more. Very vexing, and my arguement is why don't they just give me the script instead of this protracted exercise of pretend while all these noises, acid reflux, and the rest of the impositions. Am I to be full time cleaner, farm worker, or resume the IT track I was on? I would really like to know. When one adds up the jerkarounds at the part time job and the mindfuck games in changing up my routines, it really does seem to be that I am in a long haul research program, and seven years later without 100% mind control accomplished demonstrates how insanely dedicated my tormentors are. And how they manipulate every last detail and nuance, especially in the latter category. Things like deleting trailing blanks, typing the "Answer to" in the comments, the order of placement of the text in the comments, just a relentless grind over every last detail of written expression, grammar, editing, Windows select, copy/cut and paste and the rest of it. Needless to say it is fucking tiresome to be ground down for this long on such a plethora of details.

My perp abetting mother was going on about faxing a letter to the UK, and the leading zero in the fax/phone number, whether to use it or not as is differs as to whether one is faxing from out of the country or not. I cannot recall which it is, but this rambling on about things she never seemed to have knowledge of is mighty curious. I spent at least a year doing all manner of software program writing and fussing over functions that trimmed, formatted, zero filled and the rest of this highly technical character representation that is neccessary for software. Once I was onto another job, the perps wiped this software knowledge from me, rendering this activity to be too cognitively demanding. Needless to say, the imposed uncertainty and motivational sandbagging over this entire life area of career and related training is very unsettling. Only with hindsight does one have a notion as to what the assholes are up to. Yesterday's big perp event of me laundering my very light tan colored work pants that have sat new and unused in the bottom drawer of my dresser for the past seven months gives me some perspective as to what they are dealing with; phenolic resins of the plywood drawer bottom in this case, which suggests that this life-rape iteration insanity has at least another three years to go. Despair isn't the word; how about hopelessness?

I am not always allowed to type or write the word I want, or sometimes the wrong ending "happens" and that I re-edit it. An example would be a word ending in "ion" gets written/typed when I clearly thought and intended an "ed" or "ing" ending. (And even having access to the grammatical term for this is getting blocked). So, it is clear to me that the perps are at the level of evaluating my grammatical syntax, yet another clue the assholes have a long way to go.

A news item for some relief; the US Navy admits in writing that they are the overseer of mind control research. Kind of suspicious isn't it, when one is born and raised in Canada and yet was surveilled and controlled from the get-go with some possible visits to the CIA sponsored Dr. Ewen Cameron in Montreal in the 1950's? I could not get my Windows copy/paste to work, but the referenced PDF document does say if the human research subject is from another country, they must get permission of the host country. Sweet of them. And too, the document emphasizes consent of the test subject as an essential first step and also a continuing process as part of their involvement. Very proper, and it couldn't be my tormentors by a long shot; they don't even subscribe to civil law, consent, democratic freedoms or the rest of that nonsense we think we operate under in the enlightened (har, har) western world. Now that the US Navy is eliminated as a culprit, how many other agencies are there and do we even know their names? I doubt the Surrepticious Sickos (SS) even have an established name. Though it is interesting that politicians seem to know of them, going by my and other TI's experiences, including one TI who was rebuffed in person by Kucinich, mentioned in a blog posting last year. Jesse Ventura, as governor of Minnesota, also mentioned a spook group who operated in the basement of the state capitol building, and they would not divulge what their mission was. (On Youtube).

Enough rambling and riffing; time to call this one done.


Anonymous said...

Interesting story about the reflux. It seems my perps can make me do "throat noises", you know, those noises that are similar to a "growling stomach", but occur in the throat. They can manipulate my esophagus so that various vowel sounds are produced, or sometimes monosyllabic words (such as my name, for example). It's those sounds that normally would sound like "ohhh", like a hollow robot-type sound, or like a tracheotomy patient would make.

Anonymous said...

David Icke seemed to be on the right track. I saw a program on History last week where he appeared. Probably the only time I watched a TV show and didn't have the "perp controlled" feel to it.

Anonymous said...

AJH said...

Answer to: Interesting story about the reflux...

I don't get the reflux often, but I get unbidden throat and mouth noises all the time, and often timed with externally sourced noises. I routinely get changes to my voice, often in mid-rant even, which won't be longer than some 10 to 20 seconds. I also get some accent changes, though mostly voice changes, and no one says anything about it.

AJH said...

Answer to: David Icke seemed to be on the right track...

He has done credible historical research, and reports some very strange things which are becoming almost routine in my circumstances, eg. teleportation. The shape-shifting he mentions, what I call morph-overs, is always difficult to prove, save the odd time when they might only change skin tone. Or the same height and build (not face) gangstalker comes back some minutes later dressed differently. He claims that shape shifting has even gone on behind him while lecturing with the audience witnessing it in full view. I don't doubt this happened, but I find it curious as to why the perps would be so blatant in his case. Perhaps the audience were all operatives. Who knows, the perps seem to have a well ordered protocol as to who gets exposed to what extra-conventional phenomenon and at a presecribed introductory rate.