Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Late Blog Start

My first entry of the day, and I was busy at my perp abetting parents' place doing yard work, now finished. Again, more adversity; the gasoline powered string trimmer worked for a minute with the new sharp edged string, beating the ten second run time with the previous string type. Woo hoo, I am allowed to run a string trimmer for a minute, and then spend another five pulling the string out which is supposed to release with the push knob on the head, but doesn't, and not even with the aid of the pliers I had brought. Then the trimmer just stopped for no reason, and so it was arranged that the chain saw, also gasoline powered, was needed to chop down more stumps off the red osier dogwood jungle that had been there. But no, I wasn't allowed to run it for more than a minute and it just packed it in, no matter five more attempts with a suitable interim "wait time" for my tormentors. Their abiding tactic is to have me start things, stop in mid-course, and then come back in varying iterations of work, then divert. Back and forth, string trimmer and then chain saw, until it was totally hopeless. Even a post lunch time-out for the chain saw didn't revive it, and when there was other noisetalking each time I pulled on the starter, which gives a big electromagnetic kick in the process, I knew this jerkaround wasn't just for me. End of my ambitions to clean up the site to the level that I wanted to. And the perps like to create these trashed/dashed expectations, and I don't know why, except they have been highly consistent about it.

Therefore, it was manual weeding and rotten stump pulling after that with plenty of accompanying neighbor noise (lawnmowers, trimmers, and children). Another perp jerkaround is to have the victim do the same thing by various methods; using a chain saw, then loppers, then manual pulling, all for fucking around and cleaning out a plant jungle my mother let run riot. As always, the hotrod noise started up and was occuring near serially in a residential neighborhood, not to mention the lingering aircraft doing aerobatics if its noise pattern was accurate.

Back to the gasoline powered tools: I owned these items both for many decades and always kept them in good repair; I cannot abide to have a useless tool. It either gets maintained and kept useful or it gets tossed. Perhaps this is because my father was such a bumbling twit and had his tools in poor shape or even in a findable location. As my in-town brother is the owner of the above mentioned gasoline tools, I don't have direct control over their maintenance like I would if I owned them (sort of- long story). But as I gave up property ownership on account of this insane imposition, I don't expect to be able to apply my normal standard of tool repair. Needless to say, my in-town brother "forgot" to fix these tools like I told him to, so I would surmise he is doing exactly what his handler is requesting; have the victim experience more adversity in running borrowed tools because we have impoverished him so he doesn't own them any more, and would never keep them in the state of disrepair we require to piss him off with the arranged malfunctioning. And it so happened that I used the same string trimmer over a year ago at my in-town brother's place and had no problem with starting it, operating it and keeping the string long. Suddenly, this time, it has no end of problems in operating it; all because some sick asshole has decided that I haven't had enough of being jerked with by way of imposed adverse fuckery/tyrany. Something like that, and I want to be the first to take a baseball bat to the head of the perp asshole who decided this four day run of yard work with constant imposed adversity was "needed".

One also gets the impression that the perps cannot allow me to undertake any activiy with regularity and competence, as they abhor these notions, and also don't get enough fuckover "action". And of course this insane outlook precludes any kind of regular work as they need more things to go wrong more often than any fulltime employer would put up with. My ex was associated with a long list of things going wrong and generally fucking things up, especially financially, and I suppose the perp assholes want to continue to this insane agenda even now, as obviously they didn't didn't attain the desired outcome in the 47 years of covertly applied jerkarounds. All these years of being married to a constant fuckup, and when I get free, what happens?- I get sandbagged by the perps' overt program of fuckery which embraces the same precepts; constant fuckery, fuckups and imposed adversity. Now if they would just tell me why they need to apply this to me after seeming to fuck up themselves, I would be truly blessed.

For the record, or broken record perhaps, the perps seemed to have created a number of traumatization associations that they cannot yet access or defeat/modify, some stemming from giving me LSD at four years of age (what they tell me, and what they emulate with the various colors of plasma augmented on everyday objects). And another fuckup they tell me about, is that the normal ingestion of pollutants, plastics in particular, makes it very difficult for them to remotely read me, as these substances have very different properties at the quantum level than they do at the macro level. This they also tell me, and it seems to be the case with the numbers of plastic bag people, irrigation PVC pipe trucks in my proximity, and the plethora of plastics that are arranged my proximity, including above mentioned yard work where plastics of decades past are "found". Of late, the plastic bag stalkers have been parading red plastic bags about, as that seems to be a particularly bothersome color for them. So if the perps had started this scurilous life-raping rampage some 100 years ago, and followed their victims into the 1950's, they would of avoided the majority of the pollutants that the population now carries in their systems, and which presents such a huge operational problem. And I have no idea if the perps are cleaning me up of pollutants, or are somehow modelling their cellular effects; either is so improbable, but they seem to be making progress on some fronts. And don't forget, the perps were overtly life-raping victims over two hundred years ago, and that is documented in the Air Loom Gang, listed under books to the right side.

I took the city bus both ways today, and the normal freakshow was back again. After yesterday's absence, save the dude in the day-glo fushia shirt who got off after two stops with a woman wearing the same color who got on separately, I was wondering if there was a trend to decreasing the city bus freak show, but alas, no. I am getting blanked out as I type this, and cannot recall today's specifics, but suffice to say, they were there in spades along with the profusion of odd sorts at the bus stops; a one bus stop riding negro/E. Indian (couldn't figure him out and didn't want to). Then another negro near the bus stop when inbound; he was hanging with other teenagers clustered in front of the side of a white trades van in the parking lot where I got dropped off; freaking strange to have any cluster of people in a shopping center parking lot for the most part.


Anonymous said...

I found a nest of perps in my apartment complex, and they all seem to know each other! Dead giveaway that they are operating in unison. I had an almost unbearable morning commute riding the bus with them to our mutual destination (the above ground train) when they decided (en masse) to serenade me with a throat clearing symphony. It was unreal. They also encored me with loud, pointless conversations amongst each other, even though some were sitting rows away.

I've never heard so much hawking, rumbling, snorting, and ahem-ing as I did this morning And though I stuggled to keep my eyes on the book I luckily brought with me. I could see out of the corner of my eye a repeat offender (one of the worst) sitting next to me, turn her head every so often to see if it was getting to me.

Now I know why I always have my ipod in my ears and why I've been waking up later and later (there's less chance of meeting the demonically posesssed fuckwads who hide in every corner these days like cockroaches.)

Anonymous said...

I do get the assholes hanging out in the one particular Wal-Mart parking lot, standing around their cars. On tuesday, as I was walking around to the other entrance (I avoid more assholes that way), one woman yelled: "THERE YOU GO!!!" Followed by her yelling: "Oooooooooooohhhhhhh!". I'm sure it refers to something sexual.

Today however, I was at another Wal-Mart (a very scary place if you're a TI), I saw they had people wearing olive green.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I should also mention that I've never seen people who live in an apartment building so chummy than the perps in my building. What lets me know its not just friendly small talk is that the people who irritate me all know each other and are perversely familiar with one another to the point that they remember what one of them purchased a month ago for his cousins birthday, or that they wer late on a car note or some other such personal, family-like information. I mean !!!!!????

Then there are others in the building who don't bother me at all so its not "just me."

I'm not sure, but I think I might be dealing with a satanic coven, or some other kind of cult here. That would explain their telepathic ability to coordinate attacks in unison and the demonically clever tactics they use to do so.

AJH said...

Answer to: I found a nest...

These "chance" meetings of other in the streets at far greater frequencies than before is classic gangstaker stunt, though I cannot understand why they do it. And the coordinated coughing too; what a hoot. I suspect all those human created sounds register in the amydala part of the brain, like voice, and this is where the perps want to study our responses the most. Thanks for the comments.

AJH said...

Answer to: I do get the...

The Wal Mart thing; I avoided the place like the plague when I had my vehicle. Now I never make it there on the bus. I don't know what the deal is, but it seems to be important to the perps.

AJH said...

Answer to: Oh, and I should...

I call the "Cheers-ing" where they all seem to know each other and revel in these apparent casual encounters to lay on the chat, and for us TI's to hear human voice. I am sure there are multiple objectives in these "chance chats", but apart from the voice to be heard, I don't know why it is done. Or, it could be to get you cranked up and increase the angst level, something they like to do to me. Aka FUD; Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Anonymous said...

A lot of what they do with gangstalkers, even having one behind and one in front when on foot, seems to have the objective of getting me rage-ified.

That seems to be a common tactic to both of us, even if it is obvious they are doing it via different means: to me, the gangstalking twits; with you, it's the anti-gravity and other remote tech. fuckery.

Another is that they are using monitoring neurally to get a read on our thoughts/reactions, as a form of classical gangstalking "surveillance". For me, they use data mining of my neural data to gear gangstalking conversations/actions as well as the "actors" themselves towards pissing me off. For you, they don't do seem to do that so much. But the goal is still much the same nonetheless: to get us cranked up, probably to get us to fuck up in our tasks at hand.

Also, there is something about Wal-Mart... the people that work there as well as the "shoppers" are very much the gangstalker types, more so than any other store, I've noticed. for example, if I go into Office Depot, I don't get that creepy perp 'vibe' nearly as much as Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

I'm sure you've noticed Best Buy is another perp "incubator", just like wal-mart. Radio Shack seems to be very similar in terms of perp "energies", although on a smaller scale. For example, when I was just about to open the door to the Radio Shack, there was a woman that very hurredly pulled up to the parking space, and said something like "Wrong Way" as if talking on her cell. She was in her car for about 5 minutes while I was inquiring about something. She did come in eventually, and had that weird demeanor that made it so obvious she was a pure gangstalker, with no other purpose than to gangstalk me.

It's amazing how small most Radio Shack stores are, yet the perp energies seem very high. It seems the perp/TI energies per unit volume (the density) has to be just right. And I've noticed they have this "quota" of harassment energy they try to achieve on a given day. for example, if I am harassed a good bit on the street, I've noticed the harassment anywhere else is lighter than usual. things like that. I think they strive for some sort of 'trauma balance', where the harassment has to be at just the right amount per day.

Just now, they controlled my finger motion so that I inadvertently added an incorrectly spelled word to the dictionary. And then they had me doing a 'paste' instead of a 'copy', so extra garbage wound up in this reply.

AJH said...

Answer to: A lot of what they do with gangstalkers...

I call it "stacking", the deliberate placement of gangstalkers in file, one in front of the other. I sense they are using them in some kind of energetic interference role, and to aid in separating the effect of each and their interaction with the TI.

I haven't done a Radio Shack visit in over a decade, so I am not familiar with that store's TI "friendliness", and my Best Buy shopping has also been infrequent. I am getting severe horizontal yellow plasma bands over this web page as I type or read. Thanks.