Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seven Years to the Day

It is seven years exactly since the perps began their overt assault and life trashing. The US income tax return submission deadline, and I remember the day in scattered details as it seems that my normal recall was messed with at the time. This was the high tech invasion of my apartment, prepared with planted stories that someone was out to get me, and indeed, I was being followed. In fact, they made it plainly obvious at 0200h at 24Hr Fitness. There were masers flitting about, there were plasma beams when flashed would cause me to drop to the floor, and all manner of dazzling stoboscopic flashes and events. The next morning when I departed my apartment, my very first gangstalker was sitting in the never-used seat in the hallway. I remember that specifically as it was so odd. It was a business day, April 15, 2002, and no one at work asked where I was for the entire day, as I hadn't phoned in. I even told someone at work that I had "a very interesting day yesterday" and he didn't say squat. When I came into work at 1000h, two of the women were standing at the lunch fridge, my first stop when I arrived. There were made up as if they were going out on a date, it was most odd to say the least when it was a business casual place to work.

I am not sure that I want to recount the story, and it is posted on the right, though not the definitive version of it. I do recall that no one came, but later there were personnel in my apartment, and one teleported through the bathroom wall. I was in some kind of altered state at the time, and it did not surprise in the usual way. But then again, the surprise level has been significant, and still continues to this day. And of course, one'e world view gets a major workover and is never the same. Or at least, that it the way they run me. I reckon the assholes run me mostly like I would operate, though the differences are when they apply rage-ifying events.

The perps were cranking me up this morning bigtime; it began while eating breakfast, kept up through washing the dishes, was diminished for the shower, and then re-applied while I was shaving. Some of the provocations were sending me to the wrong drawer, making me "forget" to pour the hot water into the charged coffee pot to make coffee (never forgetten before), create crumbs on my plate when the bread was on it, stealing more jam and peanut butter (both are a lower levels than yesterday), pulling objects from my grasp, and a few others that don't come to mind. Lateral flicking of water; the drop arrives from nowhere, and then flies sideways at total odds to conventional gravitional understanding.

In essence, they kept me rage-fied or ranting for the entire time of getting up, breakfast, shower, and shave. I have seen them do this before, often seeming to be systematic about it and keeping their results the same or similar in place to place.

And how long do I think this harassment and abuse will continue? My mantra is "another year", which deals with eliminating the hope component. I sense that it may be even two years for all the putzing around they do. They have yet to figure out their brown color problem, and having stalker dudes in brown shirts means that it is a long way off. They have still to get into color combinations, beside, one in front of the other, and then reversed. The more I reflect on it, it seems that they knew this was going to happen, and it would be a long term pull. I suspect that fucking me out of owning a vehicle in mid-2006 is a major subplot/objective, hence having me work as a partime cleaner in a car dealership, and presenting me with all manner of vehicles in various stages of teardown as well as the parts nicely boxed in brown cardboard. And of course, having new vehicles inside a building. Not that I have ever been able to afford a new vehicle, but, hey, they only want me to loiter around them, and likely test out my exposure to the car parts in the Parts Section to the actual vehicle the part is installed. Another case of juxtapostions and combinations, this time of physical car parts such that they want to build up to a whole vehicle situation. Anyhow, it isn't going to change anytime soon, and I might as well be consigned to the fact. The perps are as sick as they are relentless.

Which always leaves one to wonder what is the next gig. More daffodil bulb picking with the wackos this summer, or perhaps some real work, per todat's interest in my online resume. Seeing that they have this town aerialed at every block, it seems that I won't be going anywhere.

Like yesterday, an afternoon of hotrod noise and motocycle noise that somehow gets through my earmuffs, and has now been altered to run on longer. It makes me wonder what I am wearing the earmuffs for. One can be sure that there are plenty of gangstalkers or arranged vehicles that are the same color as the earmuffs, a deep metallic green.

They like to descend on me when I first go outside, neaded for the partime cleaning job at the car dealership. I get my shopping cart gang who are packing plenty of plastic bags, and one even said hello to me. Not the usual vagrant.

Another screaming rage show when I got back from the cleaning job; pulling things from my grasp, fucking with the hot water while showering, jumping the soap out of my hands while doing the same, making me go to the wrong cupboard, fucking me out of turning the burner on for heating the kettle, fake touches (nothing near me to possibly cause it), and a few other events. They like to nail me for rage shows when I have just arrived from outside.

Another forced crap, then a plunging and a shower, per above, to clean up. This preceded having tea and chocolate, which likely represents some kind of color coordination on the part of the perps, given their preoccupation with all things brown.

I had plasma spatter in my vision for the latter half of work, when coming home, and when back in this apartment. These are sharply delineated blocks, stripes and general spatter arranged in front of me, no matter which way I turn, and alternate in colors; blue, white, red, yellow and are often color coordinated to the colors of objects around me. They have all the appearance of a temporary retina burn from the sun or its reflection, but having no such cause.

I got paid for the half month today, and again, in strange circumstances. I was in the Service area cleaning up the coffee bar and then the Service guy and the boss man come in together and and the boss man says, I need to see you at my scooter". Then they leave together as if there was a reason for them to be so coordinated. I go to the boss man's scooter and the Service guy is 8' away and getting ready to leave on his bicycle but doing his prior stretches. On the seat of the scooter the boss man has the check and the papers for me to sign for my half month's pay. No big deal, and nothing different, save signing my name with his scooter seat underneath. He could of used the 12' counter in the Service area, but it seems that the faux disciplinary intonation was part of the set up. This has been at least the second time he has done this summoning as if there was something weighty to discuss, and it is all over paying me. Go figure.

Here is an interesting discovery, and it might well relate to the perps ongoing games of timing the same events for morning, afternoon, dusk and evening, though not all in the same day. "Healing Stones for the Vital Organs: 83 Crystals with Traditional Chinese Medicine" makes mention of healing stones for the stomach are best used from 0700h to 0900h. I don't know why, but what I do know is that the concepts of chakras, chi and energy meridians seems to fit the perps' agenda. Funny how all this knowledge is cast as "alternate" medicine when in fact the most advanced and abusive covert agency uses this all the time to remotely apply to harass and even kill victims.

I have never seen sonic weapons before, but they are deployed as seen in this posting. On a navy ship no less, and with references to microwave beaming. All I know is that I am contained in a densified magnetic field which was 400x normal in late 2002, and is likely much higher strength, and that it serves as the medium to control the plasma and maser games I see all the time. Never mind the harassment, mind control and the rest of the imposed adversity.

And what is all this media fluff over teabags? About two months ago at the cleaning job at the car dealership I get this strange dude arriving behind me asking me for a teabag from the coffee and tea area when I am cleaning it. His timing was identical over two successive days, and I assigned his name as the Teabag Dude. He has done other strange walkthroughs as well, and while intially making himself out to be on the Sales staff, he wasn't after all. And now, all this media nonsense over teabags, and harkening back to the Boston Tea Party.

More web surfing playing pretend PC builder with buckets of dough. As in, Not! It keeps me occupied and the perps just love all that Windows select, copy, paste action in the planning spreadsheet. I would not call it "action" myself, but for those who are obessed over everything I do, it is a big deal for them. And no, I am not obsessed over all things I do, especially when I know it is a unrealizable outcome. This would be the second time they put me through this activity, which can go on for a year or more. I have been getting plenty of vision impairments tonight, often timed to the above mentioned Windows activities.


Anonymous said...

They say that gangstalking tactics vary from region to region. In my experience, that is true, but maybe that has more to do with the fact that the people are different, so the perps are using them differently? For example, in another college town, while at Arby's, these college kids were doing a 'skit':

There was this 'nerd' type, very annoying, surrounded by hot babes (the girls). He was kind of loud and annoying. I guess the point was that the 'nerd' was supposed to be me, surrounded by 'my girls'. :-)

Now in this town I'm at now, there are mostly older people, so I mostly get the 'older theme', or people that look like an 'aged' version of me. I guess it has to do with the 'material' the perps have to work with, how the themes are run. Otherwise, I agree that they are very consistent with their tactics wherever I go. Nothing changes at all, I've noticed.

AJH said...

Answer to: They say that gangstalking tactics vary...

I suspect the perps adapt to the local demographics for the most part. There are certain Unfavored demographic groups who get featured at certain locations more than others. I don't know how they go about balancing old and young gangstalkers, or even the broader classification of the Favored and the Unfavored. There must be a massive spreadsheet online in the perp system, and they display the accretion of their successes, however they measure it. (Or at least, that is the planted notion they have put into my mind for the past two months).

The nerd amongst the babes is interesting. I had one similar experience at a bead shop my perp abetting mother needed me to drive her to. I was in the store for some ten minutes, and the three women staff were in the central counter area and they were each blonde, though in differing tones. And while I happened to be looking away, suddenly an older man appears in the midst of them. There was accompanying noise and and movement of a bead curtain in conjuction with his arrival, so am uncertain as to if he teleported in there or not. But it was interesting that this fugly grey faced man, about 60 or so, arrived among the women, all keeping their heads down while I was evaluating the method of arrival and the look of this man. It was as if he polluted the place almost. Thanks for the comments.